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"Bella, I honestly don't know how you're so calm about this. He's finally here for good and you guys aren't even making any steps in your relationship. He's good for you B, but he's being an idiot."

Bella sighed and laid her head back on the headrest. Her and Rose were driving back from the grocery store in Rose's red convertible, while Emmett and Edward were in Emmett's jeep.

"I don't want to sound clingy," the brunette finely murmured to herself after a few quiet moments.

"Isabella Marie Fucking Swan. Clingy my ass. The boys been hung up on you for how many years now? It's not clingy to want a defined relationship, it'd be shitty not to want one. I know you think about it, I can tell." Rose's bright blue eyes rolled and she flipped her hair over her shoulder angrily. "I'm tired of you not taking what you want, B. You know damn well he's yours, it shouldn't be that hard for you guys to come out and say it."

"Ugh." Bella's eyes closed in frustration and she absentmindedly began pulling at the loose string on the hem of her t shirt. "It's not a big deal." She knew it was the wrong thing to say the second Rose's eyes snapped up at her from the road.

Rosalie remained quiet for the rest of the drive. Both girls knew Rose had a tendency to get upset at Bella for being a people please. Bella never wanted to go after anything she wanted if she wasn't completely sure everyone else would be happy too. Rose always encouraged her to be herself and strive for her own happiness sometimes, but she never listened.

There was a thick tension in the air as the two pulled up to the driveway before a muttered, "fuck" broke through it.

Bella looked up at her best friend in question before the same realization hit her. "We didn't get the gummy bears!"

Overly hysterical laughter met the Edward and Emmett when they pulled behind Rose's car in the drive way.


"You look upset, bro."

"How insightful, Emmett," Edward sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. The boys were sitting in his new room at Renee's house and listening to some music. After the group got back home from the supermarket, Bella decided she should go back to her Dad's house for a while to appease him, and of course Rose went with her.

"You know she'll probably be back tonight, right?" Emmett rambled unnecessarily. "You're acting like you still live with Mom and Dad." Emmett looked at Edward seriously as he took a bight of some s'mores poptarts.

"That has nothing to do with anything, Em." Bright green eyes rolled furiously. "What she said at the store..." he trailed off, not even knowing how to finish and Emmett's stare turned confused for a moment.

Edward let out an unamused chuckle at Emmett's still lost face and explained. "You know, about us not being officially together, or some shit like that," he urged, "I mean, I thought it was obvious. It's always only been her..." He trailed off, looking like a puppy who lost his favorite toy and Emmett nodded at him.

"You didn't ask her out, did you? Or ask her to be your girlfriend." When Edward shook his head, Emmett let out a disgustingly loud snort. "Then there's your fuckin problem bro. Girls a insecure n' shit. You have to, like, spell things out or whatever." Edward raised his eyebrows at his brother, wondering when he managed to pick up any knowledge on any subject matter ever. "Makes sense."

"Of course it makes sense! I'm Emmett fucking Cullen." He puffed up his chest all proud-like and Edward grimaced, shaking his head in exasperation. Again.


Bella stared up at the Cheif's house in horror. How was she going to tell him she wanted to stay at Renee's house again? She knew she was being selfish by spending all her time there, but she didn't want to sound like it.

She glanced back at Rose's car and raised an eyebrow at her before muttering a quiet, "come on, bitch" for no one but herself to hear. Rose was chatting away steadily into her phone and Bella was getting more and more ansty by the minute.

Just when Bella's foot started tapping angrily on the pavement, a blonde head of hair smacked her in the face as it passed.

"Calm down, B. I was calling reinforcements." Rose shot over her shoulder without turning around before letting herself into the chief's house. Bella's face squished up in confusion as she followed one of her best friends into her own house.

When Rose finished making herself comfortable, she glanced up at Bella and noted her somewhat lost expression. "Alice." she said boredly, as if she was stating Fork's was rainy. When Bella understood, she nodded her head enthusiastically, inwardly giving herself a pep talk. Good, Alice is good. Charlie loves Alice. There's no way he could be upset if she's here. Right?

Rose watched her friend argue with herself and laughed quietly. Bella always made a huge deal of the little things, even though she seemed to let more important events fly over her head.

Ten minutes of nervous fidgeting later, and Alice was bouncing her way into the small living room. "Rosie! Bellyboo! I missed you guys! I can't believe you guys let me be so ridiculous for so long, next time that happens smack me, okay?" Alice chatted away continuously through her hug with Rose but stopped short when she reached Bella. "God B, you look like you trying to eat your lip off."

Bella shook her head and looked up at Alice, "Oh! You're here!" Rose laughed obnoxiously and Bella glared back. "Good, Charlie loves you."

Alice scrunched her nose and plopped herself down on Bella's lap. "Good to know that's all I'm good for, Babe," she winked slyly. "Besides, its not even a big deal. I doubt Charlie will even care."

Bella, finally starting to relax, nodded thoughtfully and hugged her friend. "I miss you. You can't leave me alone with that bad influence for that long ever again, I'll go crazy." Rose glared playfully and Alice continued on with her previous train of thought.

"Besides, Charlie will probably only want Edward to come introduce himself as your boyfriend, then everything will be dandy. Even he knows how close you guys are."

Bella's eyes immediately widened and she tensed up under Alice. Rose groaned and shook her head, still frustrated at the fact that Bella wouldn't just man up and do something about the whole not-boyfriend situation.

"I said something wrong?" Alice's eyebrows knitted together before a shocked look crossed her eyes. "He's not your boyfriend?" Bella shook her head slowly, ready to feel sorry for herself when Alice swiftly smacked her on the arm. "Hey!"

"Don't hey me Bella Swan, you need to grow some fucking balls and tell Edward you want him. You guys have been dancing around this for years, now that he's here for good there's no excuse why this shouldn't have been done the second you found out!"

Rose smirked at Bella before high fiving Alice. "I knew there was a reason I missed you Alley Cat, you always did have the brains here."

Bella rolled her eyes, temporarily forgetting her predicament and pushed Alice off her onto the couch. "Traitor."

The three girls laughed happily, more due to the fact that they were finally all together again then anything.

When Charlie walked in he let out a quick "Hey" before realizing Bella wasn't alone. "Hey Rose," the man almost did a double take and all the girls laughed again when he spotted Alice. "Hey, uh, Alice, where ya been? We missed ya."

Charlie made rounds hugging the girls as Alice filled him in on all the details of her time with Jasper and how much she regretted not making time for friends. "Well, ya know for next time." Charlie mumbled quickly, blushing at the fact that he had any input at all and sitting down in his recliner across from the girls.

After it was decided that the four of them would order pizza and watch the game together, well Charlie would watch the game with the three friends chatted, Alice got a mischievous glint in her eye and Bella's nerves were back tenfold.

"Hey Charlie," she asked sweetly, waiting for his nod to continue, "do you remember Edward?"