"Serene, Serene. I am so sorry about what happened with Agamemnon" Briseis said.

"Why, you did nothing; you should not be apologizing, Agamemnon should but that is not going to happen anytime soon". Serene looked up from her cot to Briseis. She saw that Briseis was looking at the brand on her cheek.

"I let them brand me so I could go and see the Gods. I had to do it they would not answer my prayers and my visions were getting hazy."

"So you did this! That is madness Serene, madness! You could have-" Briseis was cut off by Serene's loud voice.

"I could have done what? They would not listen so anyway I would have been in that situation. They were mad at me for I was to let Troy fall. I have changed my mind and I wish to help Troy" Serene said calmly, though crisply.

"You would let Troy fall?" Briseis asked.

"Truly Briseis I would. I owe nothing to Paris" Serene turned her head and spat when she said her husband's name.

"But Paris isn't Troy!" Briseis countered.

"It is either Troy or Paris and Hector will not let Paris die; so Troy must die for Paris" Serene finished looking almost sad.

"That is what you meant when Hector killed Menelaus".

"Yes Briseis that is what I meant" Serene got up from the bed and went to the flap of the tent. She opened it to reveal a soldier. The soldier was listening to them talk; he had a certain look of terror on his face.

"Yes?" Serene asked.

"My name-" Serene cut him off.

"Is irrelevant. What are you doing and who sent you?" the soldier then stood up straight putting on his brave face and stood up to his full height. For a second he looked as if e would strike her but a voice came from behind him that froze him in place.

"Answer her question" Achilles commanded.

"Agamemnon told me to listen to what she said to the priestess. So as to determine if she was telling the truth about Troy" the soldier replied.

"Tell him nothing you have heard. Tell him they just spoke of female concerns" Achilles said.

"Let him go" she said as soon as she finished her sentence the soldier left.

"Agamemnon will be on his way son" Achilles said.

"Are you now telling me the future?" Serene smiled for the first time in a long time. Achilles and Briseis were equally surprised. Suddenly she stopped and her head tilted to the side.

"Achilles where is Patroclus?" Serene asked.