"An audience, with Serene, why?" Priam asked once they had reached his throne.

"Because she is the only one here worth talking to" Achilles replied.

Paris started to rise but Hector spoke up first. "Such disrespect is unnecessary" he said.

"Why should we let you see her when you kidnapped her and branded her?" Priam asked. At the mention of branding the entire hall, which consisted of family and guards, gasped.

"You marked her! How dare you stand here-"Serene cut Paris off. "Do not pretend to care Paris, it does not suit you" I replied from behind a pillar. As I stepped out Patroclus ran to me but was stopped by guards.

"Serene you should not be here" Priam said.

"He wishes an audience with me should I not be here?" I asked while only looking at Patroclus. I moved towards Patroclus and raised my hand so the guards would move.

"Patroclus I am happy you are well and healed properly" I said as I reached him.

"I'm sorry I put you in harm's way Serene" Patroclus responded as he reached over and hugged Serene, moved but not outwardly showing it she replied "I am fine Patroclus, all is well".

"He should have listened" Achilles replied.

"What is this, how are you so friendly to those that hurt you?" Paris exclaimed.

"They did not hurt me, they saved me. Achilles and his men had nothing to do with my branding" I said loudly so everyone would know their innocence.

"Well then thank them and they can leave" Priam said after Serene's outburst. Silence rained while everyone waited for the men to leave but they did not leave and Serene walked towards Priam and laid her hand upon his arm.

"They won't leave father…not without me" I replied, this sent the room into an uproar.

"They have Brises and you want us to hand you over as well" Hector shouted.

"No need for shouting brother, I want to go. This way I can be with Brises and explore being a free maiden again" she replied with a smile.

"Do not be foolish" Paris shouted to her.

"Am I" for the first time in my life am I being foolish? If so I welcome it" she said as she stepped down from the dais and walked toward Achilles.

"Take me with you Myrmidon" I said and then the guards drew their swords.

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