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Naru Uzumaki was screwed.

Not screwed in the sense that she could fix the problem easily or she would have to bat her eyelashes and they will say that all is forgiven. Oh no, she was in trouble because she didn't have any idea on where the hell she is.

You are probably wondering how the hell can't she not know where she is, right?

It all started with that damn bastard Sasuke.

The damn idiot had shoved the chidori right through her chest. She will never forgive him for that. It wasn't because the fact that he tried to kill her. Never mind the fact that it felt like he shoved a knife through her heart when he said that she will never bring him back. Never mind the fact her best friend was an asshole. She won't forgive him for sending her to a place that she doesn't know.

The very least the bastard could do was give her some kind of warning.

But of course, Sasuke wouldn't be Sasuke without being some kind of bastard to her and to think she thought they were friends.

She run her hand through her hair and looked at the scenery around her with weariness. This wasn't Konoha and it was definitely not her home because she's certain that her home wasn't a forest. Hell, some of the plants in here look strange and that's saying something since she doesn't notice these things.

She pushed herself up from the ground, ignoring the burst of pain from her chest as she tried to stand up. She needed to get back to her village to show them she was fine before leaving to find Sasuke. She'll kill that bastard for sending her this far before, bringing him back home.

Still it was her fault…

"Next time, I'll just have to break every bone in his body before knocking him out and then bring him back from Konoha." The blonde muttered, gazing at the forest with curiosity. It escaped her notice but this wasn't anything like the forest in Konoha or anything from this world.

She shook her head and sniffed the air, hoping for any clues of human life. The strong scent of cooking was beginning to rid her of any pain, and memories of her waiting for ramen with Sasuke and Sakura soon started to fill her head. For a brief second, she feels like she was with them but, the sound of birds chirping broke the spell. Her body was still and for a moment she wanted to yell her heart out. Yell for the loss of her best friend and the unfairness of the world.

He didn't need to do his revenge alone! He had us! He didn't need to leave us, didn't need to leave me! Naru thought as she forced back the tears. The ache in her heart was agonizing, like everything within her was collapsing in on itself.

Slowly and reluctantly, she forced herself to walk in the direction of the town. The urge to sob her heart out was strong but she forced herself not to, reminding herself she wasn't like this. Trying to remind herself of how much a bastard her teammate was but it didn't stop the pain she felt.

It certainly didn't stop the rage she felt.

She bit her lips, tasting the metallic ting of her blood and pressed her hand against the wound her best friend had inflicted on her. She could feel drips of her blood seeping into her hand and memories of what her best friend did rushed through her mind. The pain was no-longer excruciating but there was still unbearable pain. A part of her wonders if it ever heals, if the pain of loosing a friend will ever stop.

She waited for the pain to dull down for her to continue moving. Her eyes fell towards the smoke and she found herself licking her dry lips at the scent of cooking. Her stomach rumbled at the delicious scent.

She stayed there for some stolen seconds, trying to regain control of her emotions as she numbly rock back and forth. The waves of smoke rubbed against her nose and Naru reluctantly opened her eyes and headed towards the direction of the smoke. She knew there was no point of staying here. She knew she needed to know where she was so that she can make a plan of her next course of action.

Sucking in a breath that felt so deep it stretched her ribs, she gritted her teeth and forced tension into her muscles to stop them shaking. She continues to walk; clutching her chest in hopes of the throbbing pain will fade.

With one last glimpse at the direction of the forest, she starts to walk with hope of people who can tell her the fastest way back to her home.

After the trek down the mountains as well as another hour walk along the path through the forest coupled with following the path towards the nearest town. Naru was starting to feel rather weary and annoyed. She stopped walking when she saw that she reach a city.

She could see that a whole crowd was surrounding something. Naru frowned and walked closer, trying to figure out what was happening. She moved quietly through the crowd to have a closer look of what was happening.

A fish was thrown casually in the ground and it had to be one of the biggest fish Naru had ever seen in her whole life. Who caught this huge fish? She wondered as she scanned the crowd for the person who caught it. All of them looked shock so it couldn't be any of them and the people in front of her also appeared awe, only the boy appeared to be happy. Naru frowned. Could it be? No, it is impossible.

Then again, she is a ninja and things like this shouldn't surprise her.

"Even with five men, we weren't able to catch the pond's master…" A man said, gazing at the boy with wonder.

"I've fished here for 10 years, and I thought we'd never see it!" The old man exclaimed.

"Very strong, this boy…" The old man, who stood beside her, muttered.

"I fished the pond's master like I promised!" The boy said, grinning at them. "Your turn to keep your promise, Mito-san!"

"Come on! Accept! Let him pass this exam!" A man said, smiling to a young woman in front of him. She was quite pretty with her orange-coloured hair and the blonde wonder how she can get that hair colour. It will be so cool to have orange-coloured hair.

"Yeah! I'm sure Gon will be a very good hunter!" Another man said.

Mito growled. "How careless! Pay attention to what you say!"

Naru stifled a laugh as the two men turned their backs away from the woman. A few other people were grinning at this while the others were simply laughing at the two men's misfortune for being in the receiving end of the woman's wrath.

The boy beamed at them. "She's right! Words are important!" he said. "And wasn't it you, Mito-san, that taught me to always keep my promises? Wasn't it?"

The young woman sighed and took the card before taking the boy to their house. Naru watched quietly as the boy grinned, wondering what the big deal is. Why didn't the woman want him to do the exams? In fact, what is the hunter exam? No, she shouldn't think of these things. She needs to find a way back home but how does she get back home? Should she ask these people how to get back home or should she figure out by herself? Maybe, the first. It will take a while for her to figure out and she didn't have that much time. There was no doubt in her mind that Kakashi and Sakura will be probably worried about her, along with an angry Tsunade who will yell at her when she gets back.

She sighed and tugged at the man's arm. The man turned around and was taken back to see her. He stared at her for a few minutes, looking at her whisker cheeks with interest. The blonde sighed, wishing she didn't have the stupid reminder of the fact that the Kyuubi was inside of her.

"Can I help you, young lady?" The man asked her, smiling warmly at her.

The blonde shifted in her spot, feeling uncomfortable with his smile, before asking. "Yes, can you tell me how to get to Konoha?"

"Konoha? I don't know a place called Konoha." The man answered, frowning at her.

Naru smile dropped. "Then do you know how to get to the country called Hi no Kuni?"

"No, I'm sorry but I've never heard of a country called Hi no Kuni." The man answered, smiling sadly at the frowning girl.

Naru rubbed her chin and took a seat on the floor, ignoring the gawking looks from the others at the state of her clothes. Hi no Kuni is famous for so many things so how can they not know where it is? Sakura and the Sandaime Hokage always told her that their village and their country was well-known to the whole world! How can this man not know where it is? This was peculiar.

She shook her head and decided to continue asking people about how to get Konoha. Maybe, it was only the old man who didn't know about Konoha or Hi no Kuni.

After all, many people know about Hi no Kuni or Konoha! It isn't like those two places weren't well known to them because it doesn't exist! Naru thought, chuckling at her silliness.

For the next three days, the blonde continued asking people about the fastest way to get to Konoha but each time the response was the same. All of them would look confuse before apologizing to her, giving her a sad smile before continuing on with their business. In some cases, she didn't get that response but was called crazy or annoying. Like now with the grumpy old man, who had now accused her of being insane.

Naru scowled at the old man, ready to punch the old man in the face for the insult, but decided against it. This wasn't the time for her to fight with some lousy old man. It was the time for her to figure out a way back home.

"I can't believe the gaki is finally going to become a hunter." A fisherman said to one of his friends as the blue-eyed girl walked towards the closest restaurant. She stopped walking and listened in to their conversation, curious about what the big deal is. The other men bobbed their heads in agreement.

"What exactly is a hunter?" Naru asked, interrupting the men from their discussion.

They stared at her, gazing intently at her whisker marks and then to her eyes before finally looking at her clothes. Their eyes widen and Naru wonder if she should have listened to the old woman in the hostel and changed her clothes. Her clothes were e slightly torn but at least there was no longer any blood in it.

"A h-hunter is a p-profession where you hunt for things, people, or information. They hunt, practically anything and hunters are usually a bunch of powerful people." One of the fishermen answered.

Naru frowned. "Anything? Like information, perhaps?"

"Yes, information even. Hunters are allowed to go anywhere and are allowed to do things that most humans can't do." The other answered. "There are countries that are so well-hidden and dangerous that only hunters knows where to go!"

The blonde licked her lips as a plan started to formulate in her mind. Maybe, these hunters know about Konoha and they may have information about how to get back home. The question is how can she find a hunter? They mustn't be that easy to find or common or else, these people won't speak so much awe about them.

She yawned and started to mull over what to do. Finding a hunter will be hard and asking them to give her the information will be even harder. She doubt that any sane person will give anyone information that will kill someone, especially not to a girl who doesn't look strong. This may mean she might have to convince them or become a hunter.

The question is what will she do?

She's good in convincing people but she doubts her ability will allow her convince them to give up valuable information. Not only this, she doesn't even know if she can find a hunter. This leaves her no choice but to become a hunter to get the information but the problem is she didn't know where to go.

How the hell is she going to get to the exams? She cursed under her breath before slapping herself on the head. At this rate, she has no chance of getting back home.

Wait a second, maybe the man knew of a way to get to the exams.

"…Kid, are you alright?" The man asked, snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Yes, I'm great!" The blonde answered, grinning at the man. "In fact, do you know where the Hunter Exams is going to take place?"

The man nodded and answered. "Rumours have it that the exams are going to take place in Zaban City."

"How do you get there?"

"There's a boat going to Dolle Harbour." The man answered and it wasn't long before he gave her a description of the boat to her and other important details.

The blonde nodded her head and gave the man her thanks before running towards the port. She scanned the port for any signs of the boat and cried out in happiness when she saw a huge boat that had been described by the man. She didn't know whether to cry out of happiness or kiss the floor.

She quickly climbed onto the boat and stood against the rail, breathing in the fresh air. Closing her eyes, the blonde started to think about her friends and of her plans as soon as she get back home. She was definitely going to bring back Sasuke before murdering him, of course. He would be forgiven if he had left her in the same place but of course Sasuke had to prove to her that he was a bastard. She grinned as she thought of the many ways to kill him.

When she finally get back home, she is going to kill Sasuke.

She's going to kill that bastard or else her name isn't Naru Uzumaki.

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