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Naru looked in awed at the tall building in front of her. The Heavens Arena was way taller then the building near where the first phrase Hunter Exams had been used. She couldn't tell how many floors this building had but it had to be even more then fifty, maybe even more then a hundred.

She continued to gaze at the building as she, Gon and Killua moved along with the queue, which seemed to stretch from the building to fifty meters away from it. She turned her head back at the queue and gawked at the scene behind her. Naru glanced at her friends and said, "I can't believe we've got to wait this long. Are they all here to participate?"

"The answer is quite obvious Naru. Of course they're here to participate," Killua said dryly as they continued to walk in the queue. He gave them a wide smile. "Contrary to the Hunter Exam, there's no special required condition. You knock out your opponent and that's okay. The higher you are in the tower, the stronger your opponents are…you could say this is a paradise for barbarians."

She looked up at the gleaming tower and tilted her head. The higher the tower, the stronger her opponents were going to be, huh? How far would she be able to reach then? Would this tower push her to her limits? She grinned. The idea seemed nice; it had been awhile since she had been pushed to her limits. The training with Killua's father didn't count in her opinion.

The man had been training her, not actually fighting her.

Naru blinked her eyes when she saw she was now standing in front of the automatic doors of the tower. It felt like she had been standing in the queue for such a long time, which she had. Killua and Gon had insisted they came here immediately instead of exploring the huge city and like the good friend she was, she agreed.

Now she was starting to regret agreeing to do as they had wished.

The blonde grinned when she saw that she and the others were now only a few inches away from the receptionist. They were only a few inches away from setting out to do what they came here to do and a few inches away from doing training, which could make them stronger. Naru smiled wider at the thought. She couldn't wait to get stronger and fight.

She missed getting into fights.

"Welcome to the Celestial Tournament," said the receptionist, handing them three forms. "Please fill out the forms with the required information."

They nodded their heads, took the forms and went to the nearby table, ready to fill out the forms. Naru scratched her head as she clicked the pen. Some of the questions seemed to be a little bit personal like how long have you been fighting or relationship status. Why would they be interested in that? Shaking her head, she quickly wrote whatever came to her before handing it back to the receptionist.

The receptionist skimmed read through the three sheets, occasionally glancing at her and then Killua before looking back at the sheets. Nodding her head, the receptionist gave the three of them a piece of paper with a number on it before waving them off to the entrance.

"Very good! Now, you can enter!" Naru gave the receptionist a grin and a wave before rushing after Killua and Gon who had already entered the dark tunnel. The sounds of roaring cheers from the audience echoed throughout the tunnel and it seemed to Naru the roaring cheers got louder and louder, reminding her of the tournament in the chunins exam, maybe even slightly louder.

She rubbed her ears as they came out of the tunnel and into the arena. Those roaring cheers were going to make her tone deaf or the very least made her hate loud noises. She glanced around the arena, noticing the many people, which surrounded the hall. There had to be thousands of people standing here and all of them were here for the same thing:

They wanted to get to the very top of the tower.

"It's been a long time…it seems like nothing had changed," Killua said wistfully, looking around the hall. Naru blinked her eyes at this revelation. Had Killua been here before? The tone of his voice suggested it and it would make sense since he knew about this place and what happened. Then again, he might have done research about this place for some reason.

There could be a number of reasons why he seemed wistful.

"You've already been here before?" Gon asked, tilting his head.

"Yeah, when I was six my father sent me here without asking me," Killua said as they weaved their way through the stands. They took a seat on one of the few rare empty seats before Killua continued, "He told me 'you go to the two hundredth floor, and you can come back home'…at that time it took me two years."

Naru looked at Killua and then to the participants. It took him two years to get to the top of the tower and not once was he allowed to go back home. She tried to picture a six-year-old Killua and she wondered if he had been scared, if he had felt alone and furious for his father doing that. That would be how she felt if it had been her. When she had been six, she was trying to survive and was going to school.

Killua had been forced to fight since he was six, maybe even longer then that and she wondered what it must have been like for him to do it. In some ways, she could see why Killua would despise his family because if she were in his shoes then she would hate it too…or maybe not.

She never had a family before so she couldn't really judge, could she?

Shaking her head, she looked out at the fights and then to the participants, looking out for anyone who could be her opponent. Some of these people looked weak while others looked strong, strong enough to send her towards the wall. The mere thought brought tingles of happiness; it had been so long since she had a good fight. A fight where she had been pushed to her limits.

Her musing was broken by the announcement from the loudspeakers surrounded the arena.

"Numbers 1973 and Number 2055 can you please proceed to ring E please!" Gon stood up straight and Naru stared at him. He gave her a nervous smile, which told her he was worried about this. She gave him a wide smile and gave him a thumbs-up while Killua stood up, looking at their friend critically and Naru knew Killua was up to something.

She just hoped it would be something, which could calm Gon's nerves.

"Gon, you passed the door test?" Gon nodded and Killua waved for him to come closer to him. Naru inched closer to them, hoping to hear what the older boy had to say but only for him to give her, a look that said he knew what he was doing and she should stop worrying. She crossed her arms before reluctantly nodding her head at him.

Naru crossed her arms further as she watched Gon got up to go to the ring. She gave him an encouraging smile and received a nod from him. The blonde clenched her hands as she watched Gon walking stiffly down to the stadium. Her eyes widened when Killua pulled her closer to him and her face flushed red at the sudden closeness.

"You need to relax Naru, Gon is going to be fine," Killua whispered in her ear and Naru envied him for smiling so confidently like that. "If he's able to pass the door test then this wouldn't be a problem for him."

"That's easy for you to say," Naru muttered as she gently pushed herself away from him. She looked down at the ring where Gon was competing. "I can't help but think maybe his opponent might crush him or he might do something reckless which would get him bad injuries."

Killua shook his head at her, looking faintly amused at her worries before looking down at Gon. She scowled at him before looking down at Gon and his opponent. Naru couldn't help but noticed how their friend looked like a tiny ant from here or maybe an animal, which could be smaller, then an ant. If there was one possible. Now his opponent looked like an ant from here, looking a lot larger then Gon and knowing this fueled her worries for him. It looked like to her that Gon would be crushed by this guy, like how easy it was for a human to crush an ant.

She shook her head at this thought and reminded herself that Gon was a lot stronger then she gave him credit. He passed the Hunter Exams and that itself wasn't an easy feat. Kurapika had said not many people could pass it at their first try and Gon did. She needed to believe in him. Nodding her head, she watched Gon and his opponent, holding her breath as the referee gave the starting motion. Immediately, the huge guy rushed towards Gon with a huge ugly smirk on his face. Gon dodged the guy's punch and stuck his hand out and gave him a solid push.


Naru blinked and blinked her eyes as the opponent flew into the barrier that separated the participants from the audience. The guy had made a huge hole on the barrier but this wasn't what surprised her, what surprised her was how easily Gon did it. She glanced at Killua and noticed the huge smirk on his face.

"You knew that it was going to happen didn't you?"

Killua smiled innocently at her and the blonde shook her head at him. She wanted to scold him for not telling her this but couldn't find it in herself to do it. She was just glad Killua had been able to guarantee a way for Gon to move up. She was happy he knew what to do to make sure his very first opponent didn't beat him. Smiling, she looked down at Gon who was grinning ear-to-ear as the referee handed him a piece of paper.

Gon grinned at them when he finally reached to where they were sitting. "I get to skip to level fifty!"

Naru smiled widely at his beaming face before looking at Killua, who still had a wide smirk on his face. She didn't know whether she just wanted to throttle the older boy for not telling her about this or just hug him for doing what he did. She shook her head and bit her lips, hoping it would stop her from her urges. She leaned against her seat and looked at Killua and Gon who were discussing about their match.

"Number 2054 and Number 2039 can you please proceed to ring A!" the loudspeaker announced, causing Killua to stand up and high-five Gon before grinning at her. Naru shook her head and offered him a thumbs-up, giving him a small smile before watching him go down the steps and into the ring.

Naru rubbed her neck as she watched the referee gave the same motion to start the match. She barely blinked her eyes when she saw that Killua's opponent was unconscious and the older boy simply had an easy-going smile as he chatted with the referee. That was Killua for you. Shaking her head, she looked at the other rings. All the fights still seemed going on, well all except one. In one ring, there was a boy around their age or maybe younger who had a serious expression while his opponent lay down on the ground.

She smiled at this and quietly thought to herself that maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all. They were meeting people who were strong and maybe it would help them become stronger themselves.

"Number 2056 and Number 2000 can you please proceed to ring C please!" Naru grinned and stood up, glancing at Gon who offered her a thumbs up. She smiled at him before putting her hands into her pocket as she walked down the steps. She stopped walking when she passed Killua, who whacked her on the shoulder and gave her a grin.

"Good luck Naru, not that you need it."

"Thanks Killua," Naru said and he gave her a grin. She shook her head before continue to walk down the steps, occasionally glancing at the audience who gave her looks that said she would fail. She looked to her right and noticed there was that boy from earlier, who was stomping up the steps with determination, looking as if he was trying to conquer it. She smiled widely at this and continued to smile widely until she reached ring C.

The referee looked at her up and down before looking at her opponent, who was a huge fat man who smelled like he hadn't had a bath in weeks. Did she mention he looked so ugly and had a gleam in his eyes, which reminded her of a pervert? She wrinkled her nose at this thought and shifted into the position Silva had taught her in.

As soon as the referee gave the signal for them to start, Naru kicked her opponent in the stomach and, just like Gon's opponent he crashed into the barrier. It didn't take long before he fell down to the floor with a huge thump. Naru rubbed the back of her head at the size of the hole her opponent made. Maybe it was time she toned down her kicks.


The referee stared at her, looking so taken back she had done something like that before glancing at the huge hole. Shaking his head, he looked down at his machine and said, "You can go to the fiftieth floor."

She nodded her head and snatched the ticket from his hand before rushing up the stairs to meet Gon and Killua. She ignored the stares from the audience, who were all staring at her with amazement. They saw three other kids around her age beating their opponent fast and yet they had the nerve to be shocked for hers. What kind of people were they? She grinned at that thought and smiled even wider when she saw that Killua and Gon were smiling widely at her.

"You did amazing, Naru!" Gon exclaimed and Naru beamed at this before turning to look at Killua. He simply offered her a smile before pointing out to them they should go to the elevator. The blonde shook her head at him and followed him and Gon to the elevator, weaving their way through the crowded corridors.

The three of them stopped walking when they saw a young woman standing there. She gave them a small smile, and gestured towards the many elevators that surrounded the hall before telling them they should follow her. Naru glanced at Killua and Gon, who was jumping up and down in excitement as they entered the elevator.

"As far as the two-hundredth floor, this building is divided into groups of ten floors," the elevator operators said, smiling at the three of them. "In other words, only one victory is enough for a fighter of the fiftieth floor to go to the sixtieth floor. The opposite can be said for the loser, who would go back to the fortieth floor."

Killua smiled. "Y'know if we pass the hundredth floor then we can use a special individual room."


"It's free right?"

"Of course," Killua said, rolling his eyes at her as they walked out of the elevator. They stopped walking when they saw the boy from earlier was now standing in front of them. He smiled at them and bowed and Naru grinned, waving her hand at him but in the corner of her eye the blonde noticed that Killua didn't seem happy. She tugged his sleeve and raised her eyebrow at him; the older boy shook his head at her.

"Hi! I'm Zushi! What're your names?" Zushi said loudly, looking up to from his position to look at them. Naru suddenly noticed he had big, bushy eyebrows and she was suddenly reminded of Lee and Gai but from the looks of it, this little boy wasn't as loud as them…or as crazy.

"I'm Killua."

"I'm Gon."

"And I'm Naru," Zushi nodded his head and it wasn't long before the four of them found themselves walking down the tower and talking. Naru glanced at Gon who seemed to be very interested in hearing what Zushi had to say. The same could be said for Killua, through he was just staring right at the endless stream of people, pretending to look not interested but Naru knew from the twitching in his ears he was curious.

"I had the honor to see all of your matches and all of you're great."

"I thought your match was great too and the referees must have thought the same because they allowed you to come this floor after just one fight," Naru said, smiling at the boy. Zushi shook his head at her, waving it off and Naru smiled even wider. It was nice to see a boy who was humbled, if only the other two boys were just like that. To be even more precise, Killua.

She glanced at Killua, who had a huge scowl on his face and Naru frowned. Why was Killua scowling? Zushi hadn't done anything to them. He had only complimented him on his match, something he should be grateful for it. She shook her head and whacked him on the head, causing him to glare at her. She shrugged her shoulder, smiling widely at him and gestured to Zushi who looked at them in confusion. Killua sighed, seemingly understanding her silent message of being polite.

"Can you tell me from which dojo you come from?" Zushi asked, changing the topic. He held his arm out with his knees bent. "Personally I come from the Kung-Fu Shingen dojo!"

The three preteens stared blankly at him. She didn't know about Gon and Killua but she had never been to a dojo and she doubted the Academy was considered to be a dojo. There might be some in Konoha and there were definitely ones here, so maybe she would go check one and out. She would probably do it after the fights or after they finished what they came here to do.

"Hmm…we don't really have one," Killua admitted, voicing out hers and Gon's answer.


To say Zushi was shocked was an understatement; the boy gave them a slack-jawed expression before staring at the three of them with awe. What was the big deal of them not having a dojo? They seemed to be doing fine without having a dojo but this might be her opinion. She didn't know what Gon and the others would think about them not having a dojo.

"Zushi, is it bad that we don't have a…dojo?" Naru asked, looking at Zushi with confusion.

"No! Of course not! It's just surprised me. For the three of you to reach such a level without being guided just means I still have to work harder," Zushi explained, going to the same position he had been earlier.

"Yeah well," Killua said, sweat dropping at his words. He glanced at her and Gon, looking unsure on what to say to Zushi after hearing this and Naru wondered why he wasn't being his usual self and say thank you to the guy before boasting about something. Yet she knew how it might be the first time in her friend's life where someone had said they would have to work harder or said such a nice compliment to him.

It seemed like Killua was saved from saying anything because before he could say something, they heard the sounds of someone clapping. The four of them turned their body around, surprised to see a young man walking towards them. He had a huge smile and Naru immediately wondered why he was walking towards them. They didn't know him or did they? She looked at Gon, who seemed to be just as confused as her about who the guy was and the same went for Killua.

"Zushi, the match was good!" the man said, smiling to the bushy-eyed boy. The boy smiled widely at this compliment. "You followed my teachings well."

"It's an honor, Master," Zushi frowned at his Master before pointing at his shirt which wasn't evenly tucked. "Master, your shirt is…"

The man looked flustered at his unfinished sentence, apologizing as he tucked in his shirt. Naru blinked her eyes when she saw how the man went from being flustered to looking like a wise teacher. She shook her head at these thoughts, this guy shouldn't matter and it was only natural he would revert back in looking wise. He still needed to regain some sense of dignity.

"And who are these kids standing beside you, Zushi?"

"Oh, they're Killua-san, Gon-san and Naru-san."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Wing."

Naru shook her head at the two boys as they did the similar position that Zushi had done. She wasn't sure she should smile at how fast they caught up to it or just shook her head at their behavior. In the end, she decided to smile at them and watched them as they voiced out their pleasure of meeting him.

"I never thought I would see other kids like Zushi," Wing said as the five them of them walked through the corridors. "Why are you here?"

"Well to become stronger but we also run out of money and we wanted to earn some," Killua admitted, rubbing the back of his neck while Naru winced at the reminder. She had so little money because she spent so much money on getting to Killua. Normally she didn't like spending a lot of money since most of the time she didn't have much money.

"Killua had participated before," Gon added, pointing to their friend.

Wing's eyes widened at this proclamation before shaking his head. He glanced at Gon, then Killua before resting his eyes on her. He stared at her for a very long time, his eyes seemed to be fixed on the whisker birthmarks that marked her face. She could see he looked at her marks with pity and curiosity. Why would he pity her? It wasn't like her birthmarks were bad? She touched her whisker-like birthmarks before shaking her head.

Maybe he thought it was some kind of scar.

"If you came this far then you must be strong," Wing said, putting his hands into his pockets. "You should take care of yourself and your opponents."

They nodded their heads and watched as Wing left the four of them to be alone. Naru tilted her head at the man before gazing out at the room where they would be collecting their money. There was something about the man that screamed danger, something about him that told her there was more to him. It wasn't because of how he talked but the way he looked at them.

The way he looked at her. For a brief second, he looked like he recognised her when he looked at her but why? Why would he look at her like that? Before this, they hadn't met before so why would he looked like he recognised her? She scratched her cheek at this and shook her head. She had to be imagining this because she wasn't known here. She was a nobody in this city, a stranger and not a monster or the demon brat. She wanted to keep it that way.

Naru bit her lips at this thought and glanced at Killua and Gon, who were smiling as he chatted to Zushi. Why should she care about it? She was with these boys now. Her past didn't matter She frowned at this thought. No, it did matter because she shouldn't keep secrets from them, especially to Killua. She was engaged to him, which meant he deserved to know about the Kyuubi. They deserved to know about the demon sealed inside of her and what could possibly happened if she lost control of her emotions.

She should tell them but she didn't have the courage to tell them now. Naru didn't know if they would accept her when they found out about it, if they would still care for her when she finally tells them. For now, she would keep it a secret.

She would tell them the truth…eventually.

Shaking her head, she took the envelop from the smiling receptionist, who looked like she wanted to be anywhere but here. The four of them waved at the receptionist before making their way towards the waiting area. There was silence between the four of them but not the awkward silence it was the good one. It was the one where they didn't seem all too awkward with each other. As soon as they reached the waiting area, she ripped open the envelope. The blonde pouted at the little amount of money and glanced at Killua, who was silently laughing at her.

"It's not funny Killua!"

"Of course it's funny. You really thought they would give you a lot of money?" Killua asked, grinning at her.

"No but I thought it would be slightly more then this," Naru said, taking out her frog wallet from her pocket. "I needed some money to fill up Gama-chan, y'know or else he won't be happy!"

"You do realize it's a wallet, right? Not a pet," Killua said dryly, looking at the wallet in disbelief.

"So? It doesn't mean it doesn't have feelings and I'm going to tell you this now that Gama-chan is happy when it's fat and full with money."

"You're really a weirdo," Killua muttered, shaking his head at her. He smirked at her. "I guess you'll be happy to know then that Gama-chan will be happy again when you win your match on this floor."

Naru raised her eyebrows at this while Zushi and Gon tilted their heads at him, looking at him with expectantly. What did Killua mean by her wallet would be happy when she won her match on this floor? Was he implying she was going to get more money on this floor? That she would be able to spend the money on stuff that could be useful to her. If he was then he should have made it more clear for them to understand.

"How much money are we going to get if we win in this floor, Killua?"

Killua smirked. "Well on the first floor, if you win or lose, you still receive the money that's enough for a drink. But from now on if you lose then you earn nothing. On this floor, a victory gives you fifty-thousand Jenis."

"Fifty thousand Jennis?" Zushi and Gon asked in disbelief while Naru grinned widely at this news.

"Yup and at hundredth floor, about one million."

"You got to be kidding me, Killua," Naru muttered. "They can't seriously offer that much money on that floor. What are these people, billionaires?"

"I guess so and I should tell you that it only gets higher after that. On the hundred and fiftieth floor, the reward is ten billion Jenis."

"1-10…" Zushi spluttered, looking at the older boy in awe. Naru shook her head at this piece of news, feeling slightly faint of this news. She almost stumbled too but Killua held onto her, smirking at her as he helped steadied her. She scowled at him and took a seat on the bench. Killua took a seat beside her, slurping on his drink. Naru looked at her nearly emptied wallet. If this was the amount of money those people were getting then she was afraid to know how much they would get when they reached the very top.

She found herself shaking in anticipation at this news.

"Killua, you have already gone to the two-hundredth floor, haven't you?" Gon asked, tilting at Killua who was leaning his head against her. He smiled widely at them and Naru raised her eyebrows at him, not understanding why he was smiling. She shook her head and snuggled into Killua's arms, never noticing how he was flushing red. She felt slightly cold and Killua was warm, very warm.

"Well?" Gon prompted, smiling.

"It was four years ago Gon, and I don't have the money from then," Killua admitted and Naru raised her eyebrows at him. He laughed nervously. "I spent all of it on four years worth of candy."

"Why am I not surprise?" Naru muttered and Killua offered her a smirk, his eyes glinting in amusement as he opened his mouth to say something. She shook her head and turned her head away from him, putting her finger on her ears as to ignore his teasing. In the corner of her eye, she noticed Zushi was staring at her and Killua with curiosity and was that…embarrassment? Why would he look embarrass? Now that she looked around, many of the participants were looking at them with amusement and shaking their heads at her and Killua.

If she strained her ear, she could hear them saying something about young love and a cute couple.

Who was the cute couple? She shrugged her shoulder and leaned her head against Killua's chest.

"If on this floor, our opponents are among them then it'll be an easy victory," Killua said loudly. Naru shot the older boy an irritated look, pulling herself from his embrace and whacked him on the head. He glared at her, looking as if he didn't understand why she had whacked him. She sighed at this and jerked her fingers at the glaring opponents. Why must he always be like this? Sometimes, she would admit and she would admit this very reluctantly that it was cute how overconfident he was.

This just wasn't one of those times.

"So, are the two of you dating?" Zushi asked, flickering his eyes at her and Killua.

Naru blinked and blinked her eyes before shaking her head violently at him while Killua spluttered at the bluntness of his question. Gon, on the other hand, laughed so hard at the question and seemed to be enjoying their shock at the question.

"W-We're not dating," Naru said as soon as she got over her shock. She glared at Gon who was still laughing his head off at what was happening. "Killua and I are…we're just friends, very good friends, right Killua!"

The silver-haired boy vigorously nodded his head in agreement. Zushi frowned, reluctantly nodding his head at them and Naru could tell the boy didn't seemed to believe them about being good friends. She could tell from the doubts in his eyes. She shook her head at him. Why would he think they were dating? She guessed in a way they were. If you considered being engaged as dating. She mentally frowned at this. They were engaged and everything but she didn't know what it really meant for them. Hell, she was going to pretend for their sake they were still friends who just didn't happen to be engaged to each other and occasionally argue.

Not friends who were engaged or a friend who always felt anger at the idea of Killua dating someone. Naru sighed at this. She couldn't deny the latter through. The thought of Killua dating someone or being in love with someone else brought anger to her. She could guess the reason why but it seemed stupid. She didn't have any right to feel like that.

They were friends and that's what they're always going to be.

"Can Killua-san and Zushi-san go to room A on the fifty-seventh floor?" The loudspeaker rang out. Naru gave Killua a grin and a thumbs-up while giving Zushi a small smile. She frowned when she noticed the older boy giving a glare at Zushi. She glanced at Gon, hoping he knew what was going on but he simply gave her a clueless smile.

Naru shook her head at him and sighed. What was going on with Killua these days? He never acted this way with other people. She frowned at this. No he had done the same thing before. When she had been in his house, he had been glaring at his brothers whenever they looked at her. He always glared at Kalluto but those glares had stopped after their talk, which she didn't know what it was about. Both Kalluto and Killua had been tight-lipped about it.

"Can Naru-san and Hibiki-san go to room C on the fifty-ninth floor?"

Oh great, it was her turn to fight now.

Hopefully her opponent was going to be someone strong.

Naru wasn't surprised to see her opponent was already standing on the platform. She had taken her time going to the lift since she didn't see the point in rushing there. She looked at her opponent and frowned. Her opponent was a muscular teenager who had a huge smirk on his face as he stared at her. It was like he thought he could easily beat her, like he thought she was some kind of weakling.

He was going to be so disappointed when he learns the truth.


Naru looked at the huge screen that was now playing all the matches they had been in so far. It felt kind of weird watching herself fight in screen but it was interesting too. She had never noticed how her speed had increased too. She was nowhere near as fast as Lee or Gai now but she was definitely faster then before. She grinned wildly as she watched her previous opponent being sent crashing to the barrier. Could she ask them to give her that video? She would love to show it to her friends and see their reactions towards it.

She then yawned when she watched her opponent's videos, which were of course greater then hers. Her opponent seemed to be a regular guy in terms of fighting, using a lot of punches and kicks to defeat his opponents. He wasn't as fast as Killua but he was faster then some people she knew in Konoha. She raised her eyebrows at the millions of poses the guy gave after he won his matches.

This guy was going to be easy for her to beat.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOU CAN NOW USE YOUR COMMAND BOXES FOR BETTING," the announcer yelled, smiling enthusiastically at them. "IT'S YOUR TURN NOW."

The numbers turned and Naru couldn't help but twitch at what it said. A lot of them had seemed to bet she would lose while the guy who didn't skip was going to win. Were they stupid? She could beat this guy in her sleep. She smirked and cracked her knuckles. Oh yes, she was going to prove these people wrong because no one and she meant no one should underestimate her.

It seemed like her opponent noticed her smirk because his face had darkened and he looked ready to pummel her down to the ground. She smirked even wider at him. He growled at her, flexing his muscles and Naru blinked her eyes at him. Did he honestly think because he had muscles she was going to be scared of him? She snorted at this thought. Hell she had seen better muscles then that. Killua had a nice set of…

She flushed red at what her train of thought was going to. She hadn't thought of her friend's muscles right? When this was over, she was going to slap herself on the forehead before going to a toilet and screamed at herself for this.

Naru shook her head and straightened her back, waiting anxiously for the referee to give the signal. The referee glanced at her and then at her opponent before blowing the whistle and jumped out of the platform. Her opponent rushed towards her, swinging his fist at her. Naru waited till he was close before slamming her leg against the man's stomach.


Her opponent was down on the ground and had the barrier bricks covering his back. Naru smiled widely at this, waving her hands at the stunned audience. That should teach them a lesson on thinking a kid her age was weak. She smiled even wider when the referee announced her opponent was knocked out for the count.


Wasn't that obvious?

Naru shrugged her shoulder and jumped down from the platform, running towards the elevator. If she was run as fast as she could then she might be able to see how Killua and Zushi match was going.

Killua blinked his eyes when he saw Naru sitting on the bench, hands crossed and a small frown on her face. He looked around to see Gon and his frown deepened when he saw Gon was nowhere to be seen. The silver-haired boy took a couple of deep breaths when Naru looked at him and he was slightly taken back by the concern in her eyes. It shouldn't surprise him by now since they had been friends for a good few months and she stayed in his house for full three weeks, but it still did.

"Killua!" Naru said, running towards him. "What the hell happened over there? What did Zushi do to make you react like that?"

The silver-haired boy winced at the reminder and Naru pursed her lips at him, looking at him with concern. He didn't know what to tell her. He didn't know how to explain what happened because he didn't fully understand it himself. Still, he had to tell her something because he didn't want her to be worried about him. She needed to be a little bit concern about herself.

"When Zushi changed his guard, I got the same impression that I was fighting Illumi," Killua admitted.

Naru frowned at this and lead him towards the benches, looking very much interested in hearing what he had to say. He didn't know what else to say to her so he decided to look at her. He was glad she wasn't judging him or how she wasn't pushing him to continue explaining. It just felt good to have her presence near him and he would explain to her when they had Gon here.

"Naru, I'll explain more about it when Gon is here," Killua said, noticing how Naru was struggling to not ask him any questions. She nodded her head at him and he frowned. "Which reminds me, where is he?"

"His name was just called out so it won't be long before he comes back," Naru informed him, smiling faintly. "I had to calm him down because he seemed nervous in fighting his opponent. It wasn't till I told him he was going to do great that he finally calmed down."

"I don't get why he's panicking," Killua muttered. "If he could open my house's gates then he's more then capable of defeating the people in these levels."

"Well, he's Gon."

Killua smiled at that comment before looking at her closely, trying to figure out what was it that his father had seen in Naru to make him tricked his friend in signing the contract. He couldn't deny Naru was pretty. She was one of the prettiest girls he knew, having blue eyes, which always remind him of the sky when she was happy and like the ocean when she was furious. Naru's personality through wasn't what he thought his parents would like. The blonde could be outspoken when she wanted to be and reckless, always stubborn about certain things but he couldn't deny that Naru was caring. She also saw the best of people and seemed to change people as shown by Kalluto.

It was one of the traits he admired her for.

"Since Gon isn't here yet, we need to talk Killua," Naru said, looking down at her hands. "We need to talk about the…engagement because we need to do something where this works for us."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know like what do we do when I have to go to Konoha? Do you visit or are you going to stay with me? Or do I visit you whenever I have got the chance to visit you?" Naru said, twirling a strand of her hair. "Also what do I tell my friends about this? I don't know how I can explain in that in two years I went from a twelve-year-old girl, who everyone thought would never get married to a fourteen-year-old girl who's going to get married when her fiancé is eighteen. I mean what if they can't accept it? And oh god the council, they'll absolutely love this! And Tsunade-baachan, I've no idea on how she's going to react to this. It's just…"

Killua shook his head at her, placing his hand on hers and holding it up for her to see. She looked at him in confusion and he took a deep breath. "Naru, we'll figure out how to tell your friends and this Tsunade-baachan later but if it helps you, you can always tell them you fallen in love with a great guy and agreed to my proposal."

"A great guy, huh?" Naru had a teasing smile as she said this. "And tell me who's this great guy? Because I don't see any great guys here."

"Oi! You don't think I'm great."

"Well you could be a self-centered guy, act like a complete bastard at times," Naru mused, tapping her chin. "Don't listen to people when they say that someone is wrong about you. You also always argue with me, remind me about how short I'm so I'm not sure if you're a great guy."

Killua slumped his shoulders at her words and the blonde shook her head at him, placing her hand on his. Her hand it felt incredibly warm in his opinion, scotching and he swore he could feel little sparks coming from it. He shook his head at this and looked at Naru, who had a huge smile on her face. He found his throat drying at this because he knew that this smile was real and like all her real smiles it just took his breath away.

For some reason, this smile always made him think that Naru was cute.

"But Killua even through you do all these things, I'm not going to deny you're still a great guy," Naru said, looking at the passing people. "I mean you're one of the most caring guys I know and probably one of the funniest guys, and that's saying something because I don't give compliments like that easily. So count yourself lucky I'm giving you these compliments. Also you said to me you wanted to stop me from giving a fake smile to you ever again, to me that makes you a great guy. I mean no one seemed to realize how fake my smiles are."

The silver-haired boy blinked his eyes at her words before smiling at his. He stopped smiling when he noticed how tense she was for admitting this. Slowly, he brought her nearer to him before wrapping his arms around her and placed his chin underneath her head. He wasn't doing this because he wanted to comfort Naru. He was doing it because he just felt like it. He breathed in and found himself chuckling when he smelled how her hair smelled like oranges.

They fell in a comfortable silence at this and Killua looked down at his friend, noticing how her fingers were tracing her headband. He sighed. They only had two years before she go back and he didn't want to leave her. He didn't like the idea of letting her live alone in the village where she felt hated. He wanted her to be happy and he knew she wanted to go back to fulfill that promise so, in order to do that for her then he had only one choice.

"About your home…I think I'll stay with you," Killua whispered, looking down at Naru and her eyes widened at his words and it wasn't long before she raised her eyebrow at him. He sighed. "If we're going to get married Naru, I'd need to know about your village and besides, the idea of staying and studying under my dad in the manor doesn't sound all that nice."

"What about Gon? You're not going to spend the rest of the next couple of years with him?"

"I think Gon would find his Dad in the next two years. How hard can it be for him to find his Dad? And anyways I'm still going to visit him and knowing Gon, he'll love to see your village and explore the Elemental Nations," Killua retorted. "Besides we're going to have to act like a engaged couple in front of your friends which mean acting all in love like that and wouldn't it seem weird to them I'm not around often?"

"They would understand," Naru muttered. "Besides I don't really care about what they think about that. Well…that's not true. I care what Hinata-chan would think, she's not going to be too happy I didn't tell her this and she might even threaten you."

"What do you mean by threaten?"

"Like she might make sure you won't have any kids if you break my heart kind."

"I would like to see her try."

"Don't underestimate Hinata-chan! She can be really scary when she wants to be and she's one of the strongest kunoichi I know," Naru said, smiling. "I made sure of that."

"What do you mean?"

"When we're younger, Hinata used to be shy and stuttered a lot and she also used to lack self-confidence but that all changed when she met me," Naru looked at the rushing people, looking slightly dazed. "I met her in the Academy and she was the only girl my age who didn't seem to hate or glare at me…so I decided to befriend her. It didn't take long before I realize Hinata-chan had very little confidence in herself or how she believed she was weak. I wanted to get rid of that so I decided to build up her confidence, have spars with her and everything. It worked and I'm proud of being her best friend. I just hope she could understand about this."

Killua could hear the sadness and pride in her tone and he wondered just how important this Hinata was to her. She was her best friend, which meant they obviously had to be close. He just wondered how close they were. If she didn't accept it then would Naru be sad? Would she hate him? The silver-haired boy shook his head at this. He shouldn't care about this now. They had two years before he had to worry about it. With that in mind, he watched Naru as she looked out at the many people that were rushing through the corridors. He would care about it later; he would care when the time came.

He couldn't help but shake his head as Naru bit her lips as she scanned for any signs of their friend, before looking out for any sign of their best friend. He hoped for Gon's sake he was coming soon because he had a feeling Naru was going to be worried because he hadn't came here sooner.

A worried Naru wasn't someone you would like to deal with.

"GON," Naru yelled, waving her hand when she spotted Gon, who had an envelop in his hand and a huge smile in his face. Killua sighed and glared at anyone who dared to look at them in wrong way. He didn't understand why people had to stare at them especially at Naru. Well, he did understand. The blonde had been so loud in announcing their friend's name.

"What took you so long?" Naru said, frowning at him.

"I got lost in trying to find where the money thing is," Gon admitted, rubbing the back of his head before looking at him and then at Naru. He had a huge smile stitched on his face and Killua wondered why he was so happy. He looked down at Naru and slowly realized he was still holding her. He quickly retraced his arms and Naru frowned at him, looking as if she didn't understand why he did it before shrugging her shoulder. She scooted away from him while Gon took a seat beside him.

"So Killua, are you going to now tell me what happened with Zushi since Gon's here now?"

"What happened?" Gon asked, looking at him with concern.

Naru sighed and started to explain about what happened between him and Zushi, well what she had seen so far. She had a small frown as she explained and occasionally, Killua saw that she was looking at the other couples as she said this before shaking her head. She would always looked at him after that, having a huge smile on her face. Killua frowned; he hadn't missed the longing look in her eyes.

Killua knew she wanted to have that type of relationship but he didn't know anything about them. He regretted his friend couldn't have that kind of a relationship or maybe she could. He could try to be like that but the question was how? He looked at the couples who walked through the doors and rubbed his chin. He didn't know anything about other couples, only having his parents for a reference and he doubted they were a good idea to copy. Killua watched as the other couples walked, hands entwined with each other. They all had a loving look on their face and he noticed how close they were.

He frowned and tried to picture himself doing that with Naru, having a loving look as he looked at her, his hands entwined with her. It should disgust him for thinking like that, for trying to picture such things for his friend but it didn't disgust him. If anything he liked the idea. He liked the idea of holding her hand. He liked the idea of being close to her but he didn't know if she did. He didn't even know if Naru even liked the idea of being with him.

Killua curled his lips at this thought. Why was he thinking like this? Naru was his best friend, albeit a friend he was engaged to but still a friend. He shouldn't think like this. It wasn't right. It was wrong because if he did things like that then their whole relationship would change. He ran his hand through his hair but things already changed. They were engaged…hell he told her he would stay with her. If that didn't change their relationship then he didn't know what did.

"…Killua, was he strong?" Gon asked, snapping him from his thoughts.


"Gon's asking about Zushi," Naru said, frowning at him.

Killua shook his head. "No, not really. Zushi is talented and he'll become strong…but in my opinion, he still lacks too much and his punches are still too slow. I could hit him as much as I wanted but despite this, I couldn't crush him."

"Because he did something which reminded you of Illumi, right?"

Killua nodded his head at her. "Yeah, I didn't tell you this Naru but I think there's a particular technique for what he did."

"What makes you say that?" Gon asked.

"I overheard him talking to his master and I heard him say something about 'Ren'," Killua admitted, grimacing as Naru and Gon shot looks of confusion to each other. He slowly remembered what he had overheard, remembering how stern the man had been and how Zushi had begged for forgiveness. "Naru, Gon, I'm gonna change my plans."

Naru raised her eyebrows while Gon tilted his head. He didn't say anything watching the irritated look on the blond-haired girl grew as she waited for him to start telling them what it was. Gon didn't show any emotion but curiosity and for the first time, he saw how the two of them could be so different. The blonde showed her emotions more easily then Gon while their friend looked as if the only emotion he knew was happiness.

"Well? What's it?"

"I want to reach the top!"

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