12th February 2033

Today was the day. The day when we wiped out the menace of the Dark Ones once and for all. Not since I left the plague ridden remains of D6 for the first time have I felt so at ease, not even when my beloved Anna was born did I feel this way.

For once in my life, as I sit looking out over the ruins of Moscow from the crumbling Ostankino Tower, two dead demons either side of me, one filled with Kalash rounds, the other's skull pierced by my machete, I actually feel as if I have achieved something in my life. Not to say my marriage to Katerina, my daughter's birth or even escaping D6 weren't big but this, saving humanity, that's something.

A few floors up, my young companion Artyom sits alone, lost in his thoughts. Theres no rush. The missile strike scared off the remaining demons, which soared away in one roaring swarm moments after the rockets flew past. Beyond calling down to make sure I survived the demon attack, which I did of course, beyond a few bruises and a twisted ankle, the boy has been silent. I guess he saw something while he was up there but, whatever it was, it doesn't matter. We finished the mission. We saved humanity.

What else is there to worry about?