Jiro couldn't believe his eyes. One moment he was sitting on a plane and the next moment he was watching a woman who he believed to be a witch eating the intestines of one of his classmates. There was something different about this girl however. Her skin was green as a dead corpse, her eyes were all white, and her jaw looked dislocated—everything about her spelled "witch"

" Ah, a witch!" Jiro stupidly grabbed a pail next to his legs, picked up the pail, and he ran towards the "witch". Remembering what happened in a classic movie with "witches", Jiro raised his bucket over the "witches" head and prepared to splash it on her. " Take this, you witch!"

" Rrrrowrrrr!"

Jiro splashed the water over the "witches" head, only things didn't work as well as he had hoped. Nothing happened to the "witch", she was still alive, and leering at Jiro with her white eyes.

" You're not melting! B-but it worked in the Wizard of Oz."

" Rrrrowrrrr!"

" Ah!"

Jiro ran as far away from the woman who wasn't a witch but wasn't a human neither. Jiro wasn't much of an athlete, more of an underdog at his school, but adrenaline mixed with fear gave him the energy to run. Jiro felt high. Adrenaline was called the flight hormone as it gave an elevated heart rate, dilated blood vessels and increased glucose levels, and it gave him a temporary feeling of being high.

Jiro was delved for an answer to why a fellow classmate would be chasing him? Was it an act of cannibalism? Was she going through a hallucinogenic? One thing was for certain: If he didn't get away from her fast, he would be fu**!

That's when Jiro finally found a hard looking rock that was crusted with algae. Jiro turned around and faced his insane, demented classmate while she was running to him and shouting "Rrrrowrrrr!" from her mouth—it was not his intention to kill.

" I'm warning you," Jiro shivered as he was distraught and also grimaced. " Take one more step, and I will hit you with this rock."


" That's it, you asked for it!"

Fear and adrenaline made Jiro act paranoid. He hit his classmate right in her face with his rock, she fell down, and he got on top of her and slammed the rock on her face. Under the rock he could see blood dripping on it; he feared his fellow classmate was now dead.

After mercilessly killing one of his own classmates, Jiro felt surprisingly calm. His heart felt like a rabbit running from a predator, his face was drenched with sweat, and his throat was clogged with sweat as well.

" I guess that's over. You can rest in pieces now you—"


The classmates' assault didn't end there. She just got up and tried eating him again, but Jiro who was still holding onto the rock slammed it right into her face. Again, and again, and again he relentlessly dropped the rock on her face. She shrieked, she yelled, and she gave loud "Rrrrowrrrr!"'s but Jiro just dropped the rock out of fear.

Finally, she was dead. Jiro lifted the rock off her face and saw her twisted, crushed face. Small drops of blood trickled out of her head, but other than that she was entirely dead. Jiro, who found every life to be sacred, had anxiety creep inside of him. Jiro was burning red with anxiety, had both his hands on his head, looked up and saw the clear blue sky. The only thing he could say…

" What the fuck is going on?"