Hey, here is the newest chapter of a fan fiction all you readers know but because of me it doesn't make any sense to you. It's true that life just doesn't make any sense. It is going to be that way until the day we die. It's a good thing we don't become zombies when we die. jin0uga helped me write this chapter. Please read and review.


Jiro felt his heart freeze in his chest when he heard that. This guy…he wasn't lying at all! A sinking feeling in his stomach, he remained still to see if the man was really going to leave him down here. After what seemed like an eternity, Jiro could feel his eyes beginning to tear up when he realised that, yes, the guy really was serious about leaving him here to die.

Despair shooting through him, Jiro fell onto his back, hiding beneath the half shadow of the rock. He wanted to start yelling for help but even he wasn't that stupid. All the zombies in the area would stumble into the hole, and he would be eaten alive. To be honest, he would rather die of starvation and dehydration than having his guts torn out and chewed on.

"I don't wanna die…" Jiro murmured shakily to himself, curling into a ball. His tears were flowing freely now, and due to his current position, the salty liquid made its way from his face and down his neck. The uncomfortable feeling of wetness made him cry even more.

Jiro knew he wouldn't last for long without any sort of sustenance, and even if he did survive for more than 3 days, the area was littered with flesh eating corpses. If one of them accidentally fell into his hole, he was better off dying now than later. Jiro rolled his eyes. 'Why did I just say that this was my hole?' He thought despairingly, 'Am I really going to die here?!'

So occupied with his thoughts, the boy never saw a lone shadow slowly getting bigger, eclipsing what light was able to enter the hole. Soon, Jiro realised with terror that someone, or something was watching him.

Curling into an even tighter ball, he rolled to the far corner of the hole and pressed himself tightly against the dirt wall. Shivering with fear, the boy could see the shadow swaying from left to right, sometimes shrinking in size, before suddenly becoming extremely large. Jiro let out a faint hiccup…only to realize his mistake.

He had given himself away.

"Uwahh!" Jiro felt his voice escape without his permission. Fresh tears sprung to his eyes. Oh no…he was really going to be killed by a zombie! Trying to no avail to hide from the blood thirsty monster who was probably about to jump into the hole and devour him, he scrambled to find some sort of suitable weapon on himself and unfortunately, found nothing.

That was the final straw which made Jiro snap. Letting out a wail of terror, he covered his face with his hands and prepared himself for the feeling of teeth biting away chunks of his flesh while simultaneously tearing off his arms. To his surprise, the feeling never came. Instead, he could hear a light snickering sound coming from outside the hole. Slightly confused, Jiro peeked out from his hiding place and saw a something surprising.

A thin, slender form of a girl was leaning against the rock. Her clothes were dirty, but not overly so. She had a dangerous look to her, and Jiro knew in that instant that she was the type of person which he avoided with all his might, before the apocalypse. Her outfit had a punk rock feel, and it was shocking to see that she still had make up on. There was a bloodied bat in her hands, and it was slung over her shoulder like some sort of trophy.

Grinning cockily at him, the girl-like-delinquent started laughing scornfully at him. "Holy shit!" She choked, trying her best to stifle her laughter but failing. "Dude, the look on your face. Fuckin' priceless."

"T-That was really mean!" Jiro yelled in part anger and part embarrassment. Although he was a scaredy cat sometimes, that didn't mean that he didn't have his pride.

"Oh boo hoo." The girl jeered mockingly at him, making a rude gesture with her finger. Feeling his eyebrows knot in annoyance, Jiro temporarily forgot his current situation. He was about to argue back and lecture her on her manners, but a low, guttural moaning made him freeze in his tracks. He saw her look straight ahead, where Jiro couldn't see from his place in the hole. She sighed and shook her head in pity.

"Good luck. There's a zombie heading towards you."

She began fiddling with the bat. Jiro stared up at her in horror. "You can't leave me in here!" He pleaded fearfully. The slow footsteps of the corpse were getting louder, and it made him more frantic.

"Why the hell not?" She replied in irritation. "Besides, you were the one making so much damn noise. Your own bloody fault."

The zombie moaned again, as if agreeing with her words. She laughed. "Ya see? Even ugly over there agrees with me."

"Don't joke around!" Jiro pawed at the dirt frantically, looking for a way out. But the hole was just too tall for him. With every passing second, he could feel death creep up on him as the zombie tramped closer and closer. Watching on with amused eyes, she observed Jiro dwindling into a state of pure panic, running about like a chicken with its head cut off.

The zombie was so close to the edge of the hole, and she took one more look at the crybaby's face. It was soaked with tears, and she could spot numerous scratches and bruises on his arms. His clothes were dirty, and there a rip at the bottom of his pants which probably got caught on a stray branch. Most likely from running away.

The girl sighed. "Oi." She called, dropping her bat onto the ground with a thump.

Jiro looked up tearfully, a sense of hope rushing through him when he saw her outstretched hand. The look on her face was one of pity, but Jiro couldn't care less about that now. He wasn't about to die in the hole, and he was just so, so grateful that she had a change of heart.

"Well what are you waiting for?" She demanded impatiently. "The zombie is about to do a cannonball, and I'm not about to wait here and watch you get chomped to bits."

"N-No I'm coming!" He scrambled to reach her hand. "Thank you thank you!"

Jiro cried tears of relief and happiness as she helped him out of the hole. She snorted at his tear stained face and pushed him onto the ground when he was safely out of the hole. Stalking over to the now captured zombie, she grinned roguishly and with her monstrous strength, pushed the nearby rock into the hole. The thing moaned loudly, before all sounds were cut off as the rock sealed the hole…forever.

Satisfied with what she had done, the delinquent girl picked up her bat and began walking away. Jiro made to follow her, but she suddenly turned around and glared at him with such intensity that it made him stop in his tracks.

"Don't. Follow. Me."

She growled, waving the bloodied bat around menacingly. Jiro gulped, taking one step back. This girl really was crazy, he thought to himself.