White Darkness

When Ichigo Kurosaki is purchased by the vampire, Shirosaki to be his personal Blood Slave. He'll be surprised at how quickly he succumbs to the pale vamp... but more specially, the Bite. Even though he hates vampires, he can't deny his body's addiction and desires. But along with a new friend in the form of Shirosaki's pet wolf, Shōnetsu. Will he survive or will he perish at the hands of another Vampire. ShixIchi. Adopted from Hollow Ichigo-Ichigo.

A/N: Alright I'm sure you all know that Hollow Ichigo-Ichigo had put some of her fics up for adoption so I decided to go for White Darkness, Broken and Bleeding Heart and Princes of Heavan and Hell. Just to let you know I will be keeping the same pairing plus I'll be giving Shiro a pet wolf which is only cub.

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normal - speech

Italic - thoughts

Chapter 1 - White Darkness

Darkness, That was all he saw at the meantime and he knew what it was that awaited him as well as the others surrounding him. This was something he knew that he should be used to, but after that... however long ago, he wasn't sure, it still sent shivers p and down his spine. Most of the others had shifted, causing their chains to rattle, thus making it the only sound except for the bumping of the wagon wheels and the shallow breathing they were all making.

He tried to remain as calm as he could, but he knew what waited for them all. As soon as the wagon came to a halt, he heard men outside. Looks like it's time... He thought to himself.

"Alright, ya useless bags of blood! Get out now!" He felt someone yank on the metal chains wrapped on his wrists and he pulled back even harder by using his instincts. It wasn't in his nature to be submissive, but a hard kick to his back made him fall over into the mud, face first. His eyes were completely covered but he refused to be pushed around. "Ya fucking little faggot face!" His "Owners" kicked him in his skinny chest a few times causing causing him to cough and splutter.

"Get... the hell away from me!" He shouted hoarsely. Although his voice sounded weak and scratchy, it still held defiance of a life he doesn't even remember, of a person he has managed to be. He thrashed his chained legs out before he smirked when his feet connected with man's precious family jewels. Men viciously dragged him up before forcing him to stand with the other slaves. They had kept his hood on, which is a form of punishment as he felt something long with sharp spikes strike his back in an extremely painful manner. He sucked in a breath but he absolutely refused to scream out in pain. He would never ever scream. He heard the sharp crack of the whip as it tore his flesh. Two, three, four, five... he counted every strike to his person until he back went completely numb from nail biting pain.

"Hmm... quite a small selection I see..." He heard a voice in the distance. He immediately knew it was a Buyer, but he could not help the deep hatred he felt bubbling within him. His back was whipped again, causing his entire body to stiffen. It had also started to get much worse and if they don't stop soon, he'll pass out eventually. Even though he could muster strength into his words, his body was another matter as it was nearly almost weak from pain. He began to feel his legs shake as his back regained feeling when something pretty hot was pressed against the fresh cuts on his back that were oozing blood. In a desperate attempt to make the "Owners" stop, he lashed out as hard as he possibly could but was surprised that his chains clanked against something and the other men cried out. He then heard shuffling before a very hard kick to the stomach made him fall into the mud. Someone had tied a gag into his mouth and he cursed, but it had been muffled by the fabric.

Then he felt a warm tongue lick his shoulder and he then heard a the sound of a foot hitting something, just then a sharp growl came before a cry in pain as it had sounded like one of the men have got bitten. Thunder rolled overhead, with a bitter rain pelting down on his stinging back hard while his too long hair felt dirty and matted.

A shrill whistle sounded in the distance, causing a padding of paws in the muddy ground to vanish, leaving him to his thoughts. This is what I've been reduced too... he reminded himself. His ears picked the paws again as well as footsteps in front of him, and could feel the presence of a new person. The Buyer...

"What about this one, Shōnetsu?" The Buyer's voice sounded much different from the others the slave had ever known. It had an eerily odd, echo quality to it. The slave shuddered slightly as his face was nudged with a shoe. "Him? He's our most troublesome, you wouldn't want him as he hasn't been... broken yet." His Owner was always quick to point out the obvious, although he hides most of the details. Anything for a profit he had learned.

"How many before?" a bark sounded next to him,making the poor slave jump.

"At least two." The slave wanted to laugh there and then, it had been five. He can remember it all too vividly clear, yet his own past was a complete mystery to him now. It had happened over time, as it did to all the others. Effects from their... work. He felt a soft yet almost cold hand grab his arm and helped lift him to his shaky feet. The hand was placed on his chin and gently lifted his face upwards.

"What's your name slave?" Now the slave felt slightly confused at this. "Take the damn gag off!" Someone nearby hesitantly untied it and he coughed. "Now then, your name."

"15." He instantly let out. I can't give him this... it's all I have left.. Every single slave had a number, and it was by that number that everyone knew him as. If I tell him that... he'll take it away...

"I didn't ask for a number, I want your name." The voice now had a stern feel to it and he felt the grip tighten a little on his chin. It vanished briefly and he found himself missing that small contact a bit. "Remove this blindfold"

"B-but Master Sh-"

"I have just said to remove it or do you want me to ask Shōnetsu to watch you do it. I would like a full view of what I wish to purchase." The young male shivered a little at the words, yet he was curious at who this "Shōnetsu" person is.

Why? None of them ever wanted to look at us like this... He began to wonder. The tight knot behind diminished and he sighed in relief when the pain from it disappeared. He slowly opened hie eyes and jumped back in surprise when his gaze were met with a harvest moon... or was it gold? The eyes were surrounded by a black ebony sea, and it seemed like the irises were like golden harvest moons glowing in a clear sky of the night.

He also noticed that the Buyer's skin was pale, paler then usual. It was much whiter than snow that had freshly fallen from the heavens itself. He had nails in the same color as his sclera that can almost blend into the darkness of the night that surrounded them. He looked down to see a pure white wolf cub that was currently sitting next to the pale man and it looked at him with those brilliant golden orbs that shone with inhuman intelligence and the intense heat of the Sun itself.

"Your name, young one?"

"M-my name's I-Ichigo..." He answered slowly, almost in agony. It was his last strand of his former life and he wanted to hold on it, even keep it a secret. The Buyer stared at him or a while before turning to the Owner as the young wolf watched over the slave.

"I will purchase him." Ichigo suddenly felt completely stunned at this, but remained perfectly still.

Why would this man do this? He thought.

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