White Darkness

When Ichigo Kurosaki is purchased by the vampire, Shirosaki to be his personal Blood Slave. He'll be surprised at how quickly he succumbs to the pale vamp... but more specially, the Bite. Even though he hates vampires, he can't deny his body's addiction and desires. But along with a new friend in the form of Shirosaki's pet wolf, Shōnetsu. Will he survive or will he perish at the hands of another Vampire. ShixIchi. Adopted from Hollow-Ichigo Ichigo.

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Ichigo: I'm worried for my sanity and my safety.

Me: Will you stop being a damn baby as Shiro is trying to get you to trust him and Shōnetsu.

Shiro: It's not like I'm gonna force you to trust us overnight am I.

Shōnetsu: Shiro's right as we have to earn your trust by keeping you safe from Vampires and other creatures of the night.

Me: Shōnetsu is correct as it's better to trust them as they can protect you.

Ichigo: Alright, I'll let them earn my trust as it's the least I can do for getting me away from those assholes.

Me: You mean the Owners of the slaves.

Ichigo: *Nods*

Me: Ichigo, you know that I won't let anything happn to you as I see you as a brother.

Shiro and Shōnetsu: *Smile warmly*

Ichigo: You see me as a brother.

Me: Yup even though I act like an idiot sometimes. Do you want to do disclaimer for me Ichi.

Ichigo: Akira doesn't own BLEACH or any of the characters involved just Shōnetsu and the plot.

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*italics - flashbacks*

Chapter 2 - Shiro, Shōnetsu and Trust

The pale vampire yawned loudly as the carridge that carried him across streets lined with old cobblestones as he stoked his pet wolf, who currently lay on the floor of the carriage as it continued to send it's passengers all over the place. This is the last thing I wanted ta do tonight... he sighed. The morning wasn't too far, and yet it would be hidden by gloomy storm clouds that loomed over the horizon. "This is fucking boring as hell."

"Master, please try and control your language? We don't want to get in trouble with the Council members again..." The servant he had brought with him shivered slighty.

"Yes, do I know that Muzuki. Sorry about that too." He muttered. Muzuki ran his hand through his medium length blonde hair as he stared at his Master with concerned and yet cautious green eyes. He also knew that the pale man was displeased, but it was the law stating that all vampires must have at least one Blood Slave, and to most vampires, it was revolting to even think of something like that.

For his Master, it is something he had yet to experience, mostly because he was extremely stubborn. "How many will be there?"

"At least twenty six, Master." Muzuki answered. "And apparently Sosuke Aizen has already been to his particular Owner, says there are quite a few decent ones."

"Che, it's all stupid and boring ta me. Selling these humans on the market like this..." The wolf whimpered, causing the vampire to shake his head before he ran a pale hand through his equally pale hair. "They don't deserve this treatment at all, what do you think Shōnetsu?" Even though he hardly felt anything for the human race, but it was still pretty much cruel to treat others in such a manner.

"Sir, most are criminals." Muzuki quietly pointed out.

"Yes, so the bastard Owners say." The carriage finally came to a stop, allowing the three to climb out. Shiro allowed Shōnetsu to have a wander round to investigate her surroundings as the wind blew ferociously around them, thus blowing the long red cape Shiro is currently wearing. His short heeled boots clicked on the stone cobbles until he hit a muddy road. Fucking hell, no wonder we were forced ta stop... He grumbled slightly. The rain pelted angrily against his face, as if it hated what was happening only a feet feet away. A ugly man rushed to greet him; fat with one big ass mustache. Rich asshole alert.... Shiro could hear Shōnetsu growl at the man but he silenced the cub as she glared at the stranger with inhuman intelligent eyes.

"Hello sir! Are you a Buyer!" He held out a beefy hand but was forced to whip it out of the way of sharp, pearly white fangs as the angered white wolf snapped at his outstretched hand. The pale vampire sighed before looking at the cub with a raised eyebrow and spoke in a firm tone "What did I tell you about snapping at people's hands when they want to shake with me?"

Said wolf lowered her ears before she licked his hand as if to say sorry, Shiro smiled warmly "Stay close to me , Shōnetsu and I'll give you a big, juicy steak." The cub's ears pricked upwards at that, but stayed close to her master. "Sorry about Shōnetsu as she tends to get overprotective over me but who can blame her."

The man nodded "She certainly has the loyalty of keeping you safe from danger as I have just witnessed." The scent of the man almost made the vampire gag. But if the rain wasn't there, he would have. It had thankfully washed a pretty good portion of his scent.

"Yes I am, now please show me everything you have but be warned Shōnetsu is very aggressive if any one of your men hurt her as she has a powerful bite." He informed, taking the most formal tone he could put on. Muzuki walked nervously behind the two men. As he walked, he began to note how skinny most of the slaves actually were. Brilliant, absolutely no care whatsoever... he thought and growled silently. "Hmm...quite a small selection..." he stated. The Owner began to fidget slightly as the vampire was glad that he knew the man's possible Buyer was very important. That was until a muffled sound reached his highly sensitive ears, followed by chains furiously rattling. He looked further down the line only to see one particular slave struggling against his tormentors. He watched on as the man kicked the poor male before placing a gag into his mouth. Mhmmmm...

"Shōnetsu, go have a sniff at that one and lick his wounds." A small bark confirmed that his order is being fulfilled as he watched the wolf run off towards the gagged slave. Shiro watched as the slave's tormentor approached the cub and kicked her but not before Shōnetsu growled angrily and bite him, causing the man to cry out in agony.

Shiro sighed before bringing two fingers up to his mouth and whistled, loud and clear. The animal's ears flicked before she turned to him, racing to his side.

"Master?" Muzuki watched on as his Master seemed to stroll towards the struggling slave, with Shōnetsu in tow. The vampire stood in front of the bound male. He had already noticed the filthy, long orange hair on him and that had peaked his interest.

"What about this one, Shōnetsu?" He spoke politely to the animal at his side. He gently nudged the slave's face with the tip of his booted foot, being extremely careful as to not startle him.

"Him? He's our most troublesome." The Owner asked quickly." "You wouldn't want him. Ha hasn't been...broken yet." The pale vampire raised a pale eyebrow at this in keen interest. He was glad to see this, someone unbroken by what they were now, fighting it with their being.

"How many before?" His pet wolf barked, making the young slave jump out of his skin.

"At least two." The Owner simply replied, messing with his mustache slightly. Shiro grinned before turning back to the slave. He reached down and he gently lifted the shivering slave to his feet in all of his naked glory. He still had a muscular, yet lithe body. His face was scowling, yet the vampire felt slightly frustrated when he couldn't see the true expression the slave is holding. He then moved his hand across the smooth, almost tanned flesh and gently lifted the slave's chin.

"What's your name, slave?" The vampire could literally feel the surprise and confusion coming off the slave before he smiled. He also knew that slaves weren't exactly accustomed to being treated humanly. Finally realizing that the young slave couldn't speak, he turned to the fat Owner. "Take the damn gag off!" The vampire and his pet watched as one of the men slowly removed the gag and the slave slightly coughed. "Now then, your name?"

"15." The male quickly responded. Although the tone of his voice was scratchy and was also a bit submissive, there was a hint of defiance within, one that sent chills up Shiro's spine. The pale man looked at him and he immediately noticed the nervous twitching the slave's body was giving off.

"I didn't ask for a number, I want your name." He emphasized slightly. Shiro gripped the young man's chin tightly for a short brief moment before releasing his grip on it and turned to face the Owner. "Remove this blindfold."

"B-but Master Sh-!" The pale vampire raised a hand and let out a small growl.

"I have just said to remove it or do you want me to ask Shōnetsu to watch you do it. I would like to have a full view of what I wish to purchase." Muzuki rushed from behind and was just about to remove it when one of the Owner's cronies came up and shoved the young man to the side and unwrapped the blindfold off. He then felt the young man shiver a little, but it was out of fear or something else, he wasn't sure.

Shiro patiently waited as the slave's eyes flickered before beginning to open slowly. The pale vampire held his breath, although h doesn't have to, as he was immediately greeted by nervous chocolate brown eyes. They seemed to stare at him, into his very soul, and he couldn't stop another pleasant shiver go through him.

A loud clap of thunder from above made the male flinch just when the vampire got him to look directly into his eyes. He looked at the long, dull orange hair, a small shred of light in the darkness he was forced to live in. "Your name. young one?"

"I...Ichigo..." The young slave whispered his name so quietly and slowly, Shiro was sure he was pretty much the only one who heard it, along with Shōnetsu at his side. He stared at Ichigo for a brief second before turning his gaze to the Owner.

"I will purchase him." Shiro spoke in a demanding tone. He could actually feel the shock and surprise coming from the orange head, but he ignored it.

"Um sir, with all due respect of course, this one has already ben chosen by another Buyer and I-"

"How much was he bought for?" Shiro responded, still standing in front of the orange- haired man with Shōnetsu at the pale vampire's side. The beefy Owner grabbed a small piece of parchment from within his coat pocket and cleared his throat.

"Er 50,000 sir."

"Che, this young one is well built and ...interesting. And he only paid 50,000? I'll give you 100,000." The pale man watched as the Owner shifted one fatty foot to the other nervously.

"Sir, I have already said that-"

"Do you have any idea who you are talking too?" Shiro was over there in the blink of an eye, leaving his pet wolf with Ichigo. He leaned in closer to the man and glared at him, while looming over him. He then whispered his name to the beefy Owner, whose eyes widened and he Owner quickly shook his head and scribbled the price and his name onto the piece of parchment, handing it over to Shiro. "Very good then." He walked over with a set of keys and he unlocked the shackles that were on the orange head's wrists and ankles. Almost immediately, the slave collapsed and Shiro caught him before he could hit the ground with apparent ease.

That was when Shiro sniffed and he caught the scent of the youngster's blood. It had a rich, addictive tinge to it that had made his stomach roll and it started to beg for some. It was thick, heavy and was damn well tempting, but he shoved the desire to the side as he lifted the young man bridal style and carried him away, with Shōnetsu in tow.

"Master, is this wise? Who knows who we might have angered..."

"I don't give two fucks. I want him, and that's that." Shiro stated as the trio returned to the waiting carriage. He instantly let his pet wolf go first before he himself entered, followed by Muzuki with the rear. The vampire toke off his red cloak and wrapped it round the cold orange head before helping the youngster into the small carriage. Setting the orange head down to sit next to him, he grinned and gently tapped the slave's shoulder.

"Yes Master?" He asked, but without a small tinge of hate.

"Don't call me that unless I wish it." The pale vampire growled. My name is Ogichi Shirosaki, but you may call me Shiro and I can tell that you want to know about Shōnetsu, don't you?"

The male flinched at the man's tone but nodded his head in understanding at the question. Shiro sighed quietly "But before I tell you anything about Shōnetsu, you will have to trust us."

The orange haired slave looked at the white wolf, who locked her golden eyes with his before turning her orbs to the pale vampire. "So what do you want to know about her?" Ichigo gulped "I want to know everything as I feel that I can trust you two."

Shiro smiled "I will start from the very beginning as that is how I met her but first I'll tell you her history as you know that she is fairly younger plus she had a male with her as well."

*Three years earlier*

A young fifteen year old girl with shoulder-length hair ran through the dense forest which surrounded her village, clutching her right arm close to her chest as it had a crimson liquid dripping onto the snow covered ground. By the time, she entered the building where she lived with her parents. They were horrified to see that their precious little girl had been hurt while the girl's mother ushered her child into the family home kitchen.

Her father asked his daughter in a serene manner "Please tell us what happened to your arm, Miako?" The girl now known as Miako nodded her head "Yes father, I found a pack of wolves that were about the size of this kitchen table when I noticed that two of the members had a small wolf cub which had the color of the purest snow for it's pelt color. But I was attacked by the father of the cub after I allowed it to nuzzle my hand."

The youngster looked at her parents when her father said "We're going to have to tell the leader about this as this is the ninth time a child has been hurt by that pack of wolves, what do you think Mikoto?"

Mikoto sighed "You're right as this can't go on any longer."

Within 30 minutes, there was a meeting at the village's town hall and there were people trying to get into the building after Mikoto's husband told their leader that Miako had been attacked by a male wolf after she saw a albino wolf cub and had allowed the cub to nuzzle her hand.

The leader spoke out in booming voice in the meeting room of his home"It has come to my attention that the same pack of wolves have attacked yet another child but this time it was Mikoto and Kakashi's daughter, Miako who have been hurt by these wolves so therefore, I order the killing of these beasts to prevent any more causalities in the near future!"

An hour after the order had been given, a group of fifty men armed with guns entered the forest to hunt down the animals that have dared injure Miako and countless others. They soon reached the clearing where the wolves lived and they immediately got their weapons ready to shoot them when one of them noticed the white wolf cub with golden orbs playing with another cub, which had black fur with red orbs while the adults were on the other side.

Suddenly, the men jumped out from behind the bushes and started to fire bullets at the animals, the two cubs ran for cover as bullets rained down onto their pack members as blood flew from the wounds from the small balls of metal. One muscular man noticed the two wolf babies before shouting "What bout the two wolf cubs, Yumiko?"

The leader of the group now known as Yumiko said "Leave them Yammi as they will die from starvation and without their parents' protection, they will be defenseless." The brute nodded his head in understanding before he walked straight up to the albino cub's mother and father. He placed the muzzle of the gun at the their foreheads before pulling the trigger, splattering blood and pieces of the brain all over his body and face.

Ten minutes later, Yumiko surveyed the bloody scene and he shouted "Let's head back as our work is done!" The men left the gory clearing as the two surviving cubs came out of their hiding spot from underneath the bushes, immediately started whimpering for their mothers but they didn't come and all the babies saw were blood, guts, internal organs, bone, bullets and bodies of their pack members.

Rustling sounded in the bushes and both sets of ears picked up the sounds, causing their fur to stand up while they lifted up their top lips to reveal sharp puppy teeth as their eyes were fixed onto the moving branches to reveal a pale haired, pale skinned man with gold on black eyes as he looked at the messy carnage that the village men caused.

His eyes landed onto the two snarling wolf cubs and he approached them slowly so that he doesn't spook them and he spoke in a calming manner "Easy as I am not here to hurt you as I am here to take care of the pair of you."

The cubs allowed the pale stranger to come near them and he started to stroke them, easing their stress at the loss of their parents and their pack members. "I can take care of you two, if you want as I can give you two a name." The cubs yipped happily at the mention of having names.

The stranger laughed at this "Alright, you, little white angel will be known as Shōnetsu and you, little black devil will be called Mugetsu."

*End of Flashback*

The orange haired male was shocked and angered at this and Shiro noticed it "Don't worry as Shōnetsu and her future mate, Mugetsu will be together soon as he is traveling at the moment even though they miss each other like crazy."

Well now, Muzuki is mine ;). I hope the backtrack idea was good, switching from present to past tense in funny kind of way. Plus I hope you like the flashback idea has it is to show you guys a little history of Shōnetsu and Mugetsu from when they were cubs. So I hope you have enjoyed the chapter and please R&R.

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