Try on 'minimalistic style' comparing to what I normally write. It is a one-shot. Not canon.

"Kirito-kun, are you there?" –Asuna.

"Asuna, I'm not telling." –Kirito.

Dust filled winds prevented vision. Jagged and sharpened rocks with glinting borders. Twisted metal, broken from building torn apart. Silence. His throat was dry.

"That's not fun. You hide too well." –Asuna.

"Stealth Skill." –Kirito.

A rodent, the size of an arm, walked through the empty concrete street. A screech, the rattling of bullets, silence once more. The mouse ran away.

"You jumped the gun again?" –Kirito.

"I hate rats." –Asuna.

The wall of the building trembled. Dried paint fell off. One window showed a small glint. A gunshot was heard.

"You killed me again!" –Asuna.

"Sorry, sorry." –Kirito.

"Enough, let's change world." –Asuna.

"Sore loser." –Kirito.

"I heard that!" –Asuna.

A flash of light. The world changed. Their avatars looked at one another. An iron band adorned his finger, matching that of Asuna. The woman he loved had pretty hair, dark orange. She smiled at him. He smiled back.

"So, I get to choose now?" she asked. He walked closer.

"Of course, Asuna-chan."

She opened her menu up. She moved through it, searching for a file. She found it. She smiled briefly and pushed the button.

There was a bright flash of light. A girl appeared from the infinite white that surrounded them, the Loading Screen. Yui smiled and hugged Asuna.

"Mama! Papa!" she looked excited. Her hair tied in a neat braid.

"Yui." Kirito smiled. "You finished your homework?"

She nodded. "I did! The Network is working fine once more!"

The Network was a complex data-stream that tied all worlds together. From Sword Art Online to ALFheim, many more worlds connected after the Seed was left to grow.

Thousands of worlds. Growing every day, with more and more people entering.

Talking to friends, travelling through worlds, searching new worlds. It was done with the Network.

Yui had Admin privileges. She took care of the Network which Kirito called her homework.

Asuna finished her search, gently stroking Yui's hair. "There. Done."

A soft beep. The white disappeared to leave the place to green. Luscious forests, wines and bright suns. Colored fruits and plants. Ruins filled with moss.

Kirito looked around. It was a new world. No users, private world?

"Here," she looked around. "I call this Exploria. No PK. No Skill. No HP. Only exploring ruins abandoned by time." She smiled.

"What's the game's purpose?" Kirito asked with a frown. Asuna giggled gently

"Relaxation." She changed her clothes. Now she had a long leather coat. Brown jumper and trousers. Heavy boots. "And discovery."

Kirito sighed. His right hand twitched for an instant. The Macro appeared. He wore long black trousers, a dark coat and a dark shirt, complete with black gloves. He smiled at Asuna.

"Shall we go, then?"

"Yes." Asuna smiled.

It was nice. No battles, no blood, no deaths. Boring, but nice. His right hand itched. His left held Yui's. The program was nice.

He could enjoy this.

Everything was fine.

Author's note.

I don't actually like this style, although I wanted to try writing something in it at least once. I just finished watching the Sword Art Online anime series, and am currently delving into the Light Novels. (Which go beyond the anime.)

In any case, if someone would gladly tell me if I 'hit the nail' with the style, it would be a good thing. (Not planning on writing anything of this 'verse', just wanted to try my hand at 'minimalism')