Scene 2: Cut to Wayne Manor

Narrator: And inside stately Wayne Manor, everything is going on as normal. Little does anyone know that their world is about to be thrown into a tailspin.

Phone begins to ring in the sitting room. Aunt Harriet, passing by, answers it.

Aunt Harriet: Wayne household. Who may I ask is calling?

Cut to inside of psychologist's office, close up on Ripper

Van: I am The Ripper, also known as, your worst nightmare.

Aunt Harriet: (confused) I beg your pardon?

Van: I have kidnapped young Dick Grayson. I am holding him at the Gotham Office of Psychology. I have put him into an internal sleep using hypnosis. Tell Bruce Wayne to bring one million dollars to this office by noon or I will never bring him out of the trance, and I'm the only one who can release him. Goodbye.

Hangs up phone. Aunt Harriet screams once and then faints, falling on the floor. Bruce comes running, along with Alfred. They help her stand and sit in a chair, calming her.

Alfred: Mrs. Cooper, what happened?

Aunt Harriet: (between breaths Dick…kidnapped….one million dollars…..Psychologist office. By noon. Or he'll remain under hypnosis forever.

Bruce is shocked, evident by his expression. He is obviously pained and frightened at the thought of his young ward.

Bruce: Alfred, get Mrs. Cooper up to bed, then call the police. I'll head down to the psychologist's office.

Alfred: You're not actually going to pay him, are you sir?

Bruce: Nonsense. I'm going to see if Dick is alright. Perhaps I can negotiate, or at least rescue the boy.

End Scene