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Timeline:Takes place before the events in Kingdom Hearts one :D

Place:Kairi's bedroom (evil laugh)

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The Game.

Kairi was awakened by the powerful wind that roared and whistled loudly by her bedroom window,causing her to tremble violently before pulling her covers up to her chin. She wished that she hadn't got her sweat pants dirty from playing a game of frisby by the shores with her best friend,Selphie. Who was very spunky and peppy.

Her father, the mayor of Destiny Island's promised her that he would buy her a new pair but that was weeks ago. The only pj's Kairi had was summer ones,since she lived on an Island's are known for they're warm climates, however their storms can be extreamly breezy.

The young girl shivered and curled herself up in the feitle position under her large pile of blankets that she had snatched from the hallway closet.

Kairi was very petite. Very thin and short for her age, only at five feet and one hundred and two pounds. Bright magenta colored eyes with a tint of dark blue that peaked from under her short audburn-crimson colored hair that was styled in a cute bob cut, her skin was shockingly paler then what you would think of a girl living on an island.

However,Kairi was washed up on Destiny Island's when she was seven years old. That was seven years ago, she couldn't remember the World that she came from. The only thing that she could remember from that day was her best friend,Sora. Who she secretly had a deep crush on.

Sora had caramel colored hair that was always natrually spiky. He too, had a pretty pale skin color, and was petite as well for their age. Only five foot four inches, one hundred and thirteen pounds. But he was still growing, and hoping more then anything that he'd make the Blitz ball team when they started their started their freshman year in a couple of months.

Sora may not of been the mucular type, like their friend Riku who had white shoulder length hair, deep green eyes and already, at five foot ten at fifteen years old. Riku was a year older then Sora and Kairi. Riku was very popular with the ladies, but he's never seemed to arouse Kairi's attention.

There was just somthing about Sora that always made Kairi's heart melt. No other guy has made Kairi feel that way except for Sora. It must of been his bright colbat blue eyes, or his sweet big-hearted personality, maybe even his cheesy grin or those silly fingerless gloves he would always wear saying that they were "Hip."

Kairi giggled and hugged one of her pillows as she thought of her friends , she wished that Sora was here with her. As much as she didn't want to admit it, Kairi hated being alone, especially durring storms. Her father, being the mayor of the island was always busy so he was rarely home for Kairi, thats why Kairi would always be at the hang-out spot of the island with her friends. And she never minded, because she got to spend time with Sora.

It didn't matter if it was fishing, and watching Sora dive into the shallow water trying to catch the fish with his own hands. Or having a race and watching Sora be yards behind gasping and panting loudly for his breath back.

"Lazy bum..." Kairi muttered to herself, a small smile forming across her small lips as she thought more and more of Sora. She couldn't keep track of how long she thought of the clumsy, lazy spiky-headed teen but it didn't seem long when she heard a heavy knock at her front door that was from across the hall.

"Kairi!Kairi!? You home?" Came the high-pitched voice of Sora.

"Hmmm...Speak of the devil..." Kairi muttered to herself as she quickly kicked the pile of blankets off of her little frame, shivering and hissing as her body left the warmth of her bed and was now welcomed by the cold air all around, including from the tiled floor at her feet.

"Coming Sora!" Kairi cried out, running as fast as she could to the front door, feeling goosebumps starting to rise all over her body as the cold air of her home whizzed by her. She quickly swinged the door open, but a little to quickly because she ended up smacking her best friend's face with the door.

"Gah!" Sora gruntted stumbbling back a little as he held his four head with both of his gloved hands. His spiky caramel colored hair blew wildly in the breeze.

Kairi gasped before she gently helped him inside of her house and out of the storm.

"Oh,Sora! Are you alright!? I'm so sorry I didn't know you were that close to the door!"

Sora slowly removed his hands from his face and looked down at her to give her one of his famous goofy grins, sending warm sparks up her spine.

"That's one strong door you got there, Kairi!"

Kairi giggled, but was cut short once she realized that Sora was slightly shaking and his teeth were starting to chatter.

"Sora, you must be freezing!Lets go to my bedroom and warm up!" She said taking his hand in hers,causing a small blush to appear on both the teen's faces from the contact of they're hands combinding togther as one.

"Uh...t-thanks!" Sora replied sheepishly as he kicked off his enormous yellow shoes before he crawled into Kairi's bed. Sighing softly as he was instantly greeted from her body warmth and sweet scent of vanilla and rasberry that still lingered onto her pillow's and heavy blankets.

Kairi smiled, feeling herself blushing even harder as she too, hopped into her queen-sized bed to join her friend. Sora couldn't help blushing either once he saw that his friend was only in a floral print t-shirt that was baggy but a little bit small for her, showing off some of her slim torso. Sora felt himself flushing even more when he realized that she wore only underwear for bottoms! And they matched her top!

"U-Uh...Kairi?" Sora sputtered chuckling nervously as she slowly scooted closer to him to rest her head on his shoulder.


"W-why are you dressed like that? I-I mean...are you cold? This weather is awful!"

Kairi giggled.

"Dad hasn't gotten me any sweatpants yet...and these are all I got..." The girl replied before looking up at him with her beautiful big eyes. "Why?"

"W-well...your cold! And um...uh..." The boy paused to let out another nervous chuckle and slightly shiffted his weight onto the bed. Kairi gasped softly as his hand accidently brushed against her upper thigh.

Sora stopped giggling to look at the girl in worry.

"Are you okay? Do you got a belly ache?" He asked her.

Kairi quickly shook her head no, and absently placed both of her hands on the boy's shoulders before pinning him down onto the bed below her.

Sora's eye's widened and his cheeks turned an even darker red then Kairi's hair.

"Uh...um...Kairi? What are we doing?" he asked looking up at his best friend who was now straddling his slim waist,both her thin creamy legs on both side.

"Sora..." Kairi whispered in a soft seductive voice that caused Sora's heart to skip a beat.

"Y-yeah?" Sora whispered back, but in a more confused and fightened tone.

Kairi gazed down at him, her eyes had a new light to them.

"Do you want to play a game? It will warm us both up...its suppose to be fun..." Kairi replied slowly as she took Sora's crown pendent that he always wore around his neck in one of her small hands.

"S-supposed to be? You mean you never played it before?" Sora asked, watching Kairi wide-eyed as she started to unzip his short blue sweat shirt.

"Nope. But I want too...and I want to play it with you, do you trust me Sora? I trust you." Kairi said as she tossed his sweat shirt to the side before she started to undo his blue belt that he wore around his red jumpsuit. Sora swallowed hard, he was very niave and innocent so he had no idea what Kairi was doing.

Now Sora, felt the same way for Kairi but was always so shy to say so. Sora hated to see Kairi down so he would always do his best to make her happy, or in this case, warm.

Sora laid there and watched the girl he loved more then anything start to slowly pull his jumpsuit off, leaving him now in only his boxer briefs. Sora felt his heart starting to pound painfully against his rib cage and goosebumps form over his entire body.

"Kairi?" Sora whispered looking up at her with wide eyes.

"Yes, Sora?" Kairi whispered as she slowly leaned down to lay ontop of him, her chest pressing against his and a small moan escaped from his throat. "W-what's the name of this game c-called?" Sora asked, feeling his heart starting to pound even faster and his cheeks to flame as Kairi slowly leaned in until her lips were at his ear.

"The-bouncy-bed-game." The red head responded before she slowly licked up the spiky-burnette's ear, earning herself another moan from him, but this one was louder.

"K-kairi...I feel...wierd..." Sora managed to breathe out, feeling himself growing hard between his legs. "W-whats happening t-to me?"

Kairi looked down at him before she traced his lips gently with her thumb that smelt like her watermelon lotion.

"Thats part of the game Sora, don't worry." She whispered.

"Are you su-MMFFF!" Sora muffled out in shock as he realized that Kairi's lips were touching his in a deep kiss. Sora felt his upper body go numb and the lower half a very wierd tingling feeling. Sora has never been kissed before, and neither has Kairi, and it was both of their biggest dreams to share their first kiss with one another.

And now it was finally happening.

They're kiss was heated and fast moving, it lasted for about five minutes but didn't seem nearly that long to the two teens as they both pulled away for oxygen.

"Sora, I've wanted this for so...long..."Kairi panted as she ran her hands slowly down Sora's chest, being sure to take her time and trace tiny circles into his skin lightly with her finger tips.

"Me too Kairi...ahh...that feels kinda nice..." Sora groaned out as Kairi started kissing down his neck, everywere she kissed seemed to leave a dot of warmth onto Sora's skin. "I-I think I like this game!" Sora said before he quickly started to take of his gloves, biting his lower lip to hold back the moans that were roaring inside of his throat once he felt Kairi's lips at his collar bone.

Sora felt his fingers starting to ache, they wanted nothing more but to touch Kairi's smooth milky white legs. He remembered that this was a game, so he had to play along! So slowly, Sora brought his hands to Kairi's thighs to tenderly message them with his fingers and thumbs.

It was now Kairi's turn to moan,Kairi's never been touched like this before,but she was so glad that it was smiled up at her.

"Am I playing the game right?" he asked her with a cheesy grin.

Kairi was about to respond but inntrupted herself with another moan once she felt Sora's harden member poke at the thin material's of her panties and threw his boxers.

"Y-yes...amazing..."She managed to say threw her heavy breathing before she brought her hands down to curl her fingers around the waistband of Sora's boxers. Sora stopped rubbing her thighs to watch in shock as she tugged his boxer's down to his knees. "Its the next level in...the game..." Kairi whispered before bringing a small hand down to grab Sora's member.

Sora's body jerked and arched upwards from underneath Kairi,and his moans echoed off of the walls as she continued to stroke him with her soft hand.

"Oh...Kairi! What are you d-doing to meeeee..."Sora asked her moaning loudly,never in his fourteen year old life has he experienced this feeling, he remembered Riku telling him about it but he couldn't remember the name of it, however it did start with an 'H'

Sora gasped and looked up at Kairi, watching her with wide and curious eyes as her other hand slowly pushed her panties over, exposing part of her womenhood to him. Sora knew that it was rude to stare but he couldn't help it as she slowly brought her part down over his.

"Kairi wai-Ohhhhh..." Sora inntrupted himself with a moan absently rolling his eyes at the back of his head as Kairi slowly started to grind her entrince over the tip of his member, to tease him. "Don't s-stop pleasseee..." He whispered as he held her little hips.

"We're just getting started!" Kairi replied looking down at him with an evil smile before she gently guided him inside of her entrince while her other hand held her panties to the side.

Sora's grip on Kairi's hips got tighter as he felt her warm and tight wet walls cling around his member. Kairi bit down on her lower lip as she slowly descended onto Sora's harden member. The two teens both moaned as Kairi started to move herself up and down on Sora's errection, while still holding her panties to make room for it.

Her bed creeked loudly along with their moans.

"Oh...Kairi..." Sora mumbled as sweat drops started to trickle down the sides of his face, his eyelids slowly closed so he could memorize the sweet feeling of being inside of her.

Kairi panted loudly in response as she started riding the boy harder, feeling herself starting to break a sweat once she felt her wave of climax hit her, Sora could feel his too. As oblivious as he was to this game he was playing with Kairi, he slowly eased his hips up and down along with her thrusts. Making the rythem and feeling twice as good and for them both to moan louder.

Sora grunted as he felt a heavy pit inside of his stomach,but he didn't care. He held Kairi's hips even tighter, leaving red marks onto her pale skin as he began thrusting in and out of her with all of the fibers that he had left in his body, a roar that suprised him, and Kairi escaped his throat as he rode out his orgasm relasing all he had into her.

Kairi sighed with pleassure, her climax wasn't far. Suprising them both once more, Kairi rammed her hips down on Sora's causing them both to let out animal-like screams as the petite little girl aggressivly rode the boy.

"Sora! AHH!" Kairi shouted as she felt herself release all over him and onto some of their legs. Sora looked up at Kairi lovingly as she slowly pulled Sora out of her and collapsed down besides him on her bed, tierdly letting go of the edge to her underwear and it slowly went back over her female part.

Sora blinked tierdly and reached out for Kairi who quickly accepted the opportunity of being in his arms. The two teens laid there in a romantic silence for awhile, until Kairi noticed a bright light peaking out from her curtians.

"Hey! Sora, the sun's out! We better go and start on that raft! Riku will be waiting for us!"

Sora groaned before holding Kairi closer to him.

"But the game..." He whined causing Kairi to look up at him with a sly smile.

"What about the game, Sora?" Kairi asked before reaching up to peck Sora on the lips.

Sora grinned and felt the heat rise to his cheeks.

"Do you think we can play it again somtime?"