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If You Loved Me, For Me.

"SORRAAAA!" Kairi screamed at the spiky haired boy who still remained on the
ground, she ran over to him full speed, she was pissed.

Sora knew Kairi for awhile, and he KNEW when she got pissed, and he KNEW how aggressive and
lethal she can be.

He remembered the time when Kairi got a 64 on one of her math quizzes one time when Sora got a 65. Kairi got so pissed of at Sora for getting one point higher then her, she ended up fallowing him around school smacking him off of the head with her math binder and biting his arm when he tried to take it away from her.

Sora squealed loudly, he couldn't take pain, he HATED pain! He had to get out of there!

So as fast as he could,he kicked off his shoes and bolted up to his feet once more, his heart was pounding painfully into his rib cage.

Oh why did I have to be such an idiot and open my mouth like that!? Sora cursed to himself, trying to tune out
the angered voice of his girlfriend behind him, she was his girlfriend...right?

Girlfriend or not, he would have to worry about that later. Right now,
he had to worry about getting away from Kairi so he won't get his ass kicked!
How embarrassing Would that be if everyone saw Sora getting wailed on by Kairi!?

"SORA! YOU COME BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!"Kairi shouted, she was getting
closer but Sora keep running.

"NO! Please don't hurt me! Gahaa!" Sora
shrieked once he lost his footing over one of the stairs to the long wooden
treehouse's to the island causing him to fall to face plant the ground once
more, but instead, he ended up falling right threw the floor.

Sora hollared and screeched on his way down, he braced himself for a heavy fall that would possibly leave him with a couple of broken bones, but to his suprise he tumbled down a steep hill that dropped him right into his and Kairi's secret place.

The impact from the fall was painful and hard, as expected.

Sora groaned loudly as he slowly got up to a sitting position to check his body for any broken bones, and to his suprise there was none.

Sora let out a loud sigh of relief before slowly getting up to his big feet, that were still bare and now covered in dirt. It didn't bother him much. He was just so happy to be alive! He also hasn't been in the secret place for quite some time now.

Sora smiled softly to himself as he took his time in the gloomy cave, being sure to examine every little doodle him and Kairi have drawn as kids. He smiled at one drawing of a bunch of diffrent worlds, he smirked at another drawing that Sora had drawn of himself shirtless and muscular. Then Sora's smirk faded slowly and his heart skipped a beat once he spotted the picture he drew of Kairi and the one she drew of Sora, they were both facing eachother smileing.

Sora slowly crouched down to his knees and felt his heart melt as he slowly placed a hand over the drawing. It seemed like forever on how long he has waited for Kairi, and no matter how pissed of she was at him or how wierd their relationship started out, Sora was just glad that they were finally togther.

Not having to think twice about it, Sora slowly picked up a rock with a sharp pointy edge to it. He furrowed his brows and his lips formed into a straight line as he carefully started sketching himself giving Kairi a paopu fruit. However,once he was finally finished with his master piece he did not have much time to look at it before Kairi hollared from above him and fallen ontop of him a second later.

How many times have I been on the ground today? Sora thought to himself with a roll of his eyes as Kairi got off of him for only a swift second to turn him around so that he was facing her,she growled furiously as she pinned his hands behind his spiky head, so he couldn't try and pull her off.

This frightened Sora as he looked up at the pale crimson beauty above him, she was still beautiful and angelike, even when she was really pissed off.

"SORA! What the hell!?" Kairi screeched tightining her grip on Sora's wrists causing him to yelp in pain and bite down on his lower lip.

"S-s-spuldn't I be asking YOU that!?" Sora whimpered and cringed once he saw Kairi's glare darken.

"I'M not the one who told Riku about our sex life!" Kairi barked causing Sora's colbat blue eyes to pop.

"S-s-s-s-s-sex? W-We had...S-sex!?" Sora squeaked.

Kairi rolled her eyes impatiently.

"What did you think we were doing!?"

"Um...p-playing a game! Thats what you said..." Sora stuttered feeling the heat rise up to his cheeks. Kairi let out an impatient sigh before getting off of Sora.

"You are so stuiped Sora!" She snapped as the spiky-burnette got up to his feet, AGAIN!

"Gee, thanks Kairi." Sora replied sarcastically, as he wiped some dirt off from his red poofy shorts of his jumpsuit.

"But, thats one of the reasons why I love you." Kairi added in a softer tone however it was still a bit bitter.

Sora's face lit up as she calmed down, but quickly darkened.

"You love me so you can take advantage of me?" Sora asked his voice lower then usual.

"WHAT? Of course not! Sora, I love you because you are the most kind hearted person in the world, I love you because you always find a way to make me laugh when I'm sad, I love you because you always find a way to have fun and don't care if its dangerous, I love you because you have the most gorgous eyes and hair, and I love you because you are extreamly good at footsie!" Kairi said then ran over to Sora to throw her arms around his slim waist for a tight hug.

Sora blushed deepliy and quickly returned the hug, wrapping his arms around the small of the petite little redhead's back.

"Thanks Kairi...Is footsie another game?"

Now Kairi was the one that blushed.

"U-Um...yes..." She replied before pulling out of the hug to look up at her boyfriend. "Now, what do you love about me!?" She folded her arms across her chest.

Sora gave her a sheeipsh grin.

"Thats easy. I love how your eye's are a warm green in the late afternoon and how they turn a light blue in the morning and somtimes a violet if you look real closely. I love how your hair, face and the rest of your body smells so good like ginger bread, vanilla and somtimes even cookies! I love your giggle, your smile, how you gaze out deeply at the sea when you're in deep thought..." Sora paused to wipe Kairi's tear's off her cheeks. "Should I go on? I've got more...a lot more actually...you may laugh bu-"

Kairi inntrupted him by covering her lips over his into a warm and loving kiss. Sora sighed and returned the kiss in time before she pulled away.

"Sora, I can't tell you how lucky I am to have you. And I don't care if everybody knows that we had sex!"

Sora raised an eyebrow and gave her a confused look.

"W-we had sex?"

"Oh for crying out loud!" Kairi growled walking over to the wall of the cave to gently bang her head against it but instantly stopped once she spotted the drawing she drew of Sora and he drew of her. He also drew him giving her a paopu fruit.

Kairi's bright blue eyes widened as she crouched down to her knees and placed her hand over the drawing, a wide smile spread across her face and then a warm tear fell from her cheek. Sora blushed an apple red once he spotted Kairi looking at the drawing in awe.

"Uh...D-do you like it?" Sora asked scratching the back of his neck with a nervous chuckle.

Kairi turned her head around to look back at Sora.

"Its beautiful. But..." Kairi paused as she turned her head back to the drawing on the cave wall in front of her and slowly picked up a rock with a pointy edge to it.

"Its not finished yet."

It was a good thing that Kairi wasn't looking at Sora to see him doing a terrible victory dance and smiling like an idiot.

I still want to know when Kairi and I had sex? Sora could not help thinking to himself.

Maybe someday he will realize that he already has.

But the chances to that were slim.

VERY Slim.

(Then his journey awaits...)