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From Wallflower to Butterfly

"Aloha." The grass-skirted girl in the lobby of the Kahala Resort said as she draped a lei around my neck. "Welcome to Hawaii. Enjoy your stay at the Kahala."

I assured her that I would, and followed Alice to the concierge desk. "I can't believe we're staying here," I whispered as I looked at the lobby.

"I can't believe we're staying here for free. And you didn't want to join Alpha Chi Omega." She scoffed loudly. "Think about it, Bella. If we hadn't joined, we wouldn't know Rosalie and we wouldn't be spending a week at a resort on Oahu for free."

"I realize this, Alice," I said patiently. "But I don't like weddings, and I'm not really a beach person."

She hissed at me, as if I would curse our trip with such words. "Relax, Swan. You're going to love this. If you don't, well, you can drag me to hundred libraries."

Thanks to the ever lovely Frankielynn for beta'ing these for me even when RL was in turmoil! xo