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Soul Eater -Yaoi-



After defeating Asura, everyone went back to during what they do. Maka began dating Soul, Tsubaki began seeing Blair, Patty and Liz were out with Lord Death and Spirit and I was left with BlackStar. He was so asymmetrical...yet I found it quite...attractive. "Ha ha! I am the famous Black Star! Bow before my godly-ness! Yeah-Hoo!" BlackStar yelled one day when he was at my house. "Blackstar, will you GET THE HELL OFF OF MY TABLE?!" He hopped down and puffed, "Fine. Don't have to be so stuck up ya know?" I've liked BlackStar for awhile now and we've been hanging together now for a year but I've liked him since...well i honestly don't know. BlackStar sat on my couch, watching TV. I waited til he had fallen asleep to execute my plan.


I got over to where BlackStar was and got on my hands knees. I unbuckled his pants, his length popping right out of his pants. He was so hard that I took a quick lick of it. He moaned in his sleep, moaning "Ah. That feels good, Blair." I looked him and thought 'typical BlackStar.' I took him into my mouth and began sucking his cock. Eventually I started going faster and felt hands in my hair. I looked up to see BlackStar, pushing my head down on his dick, moaning out in a strain voice "Ah! That's it! Faster! Ahhh! That's it!" He cummed into my mouth and I lipped up every last drop. I smiled as BlackStar awoke from his nap. "Kidd! WHAT THE HELL?!" I stood up and sat in his lap. "Shut up and accept it. I know you like me. Tabaski told me." The last bit i lied but BlackStar hung his head and whispered "Yea,so? I was going to tell-" I cut him off by lifting his head and tongue kissing him. Our tongues battled for dominate but I won over and he relaxed a bit. His hands grabbed my ass, giving it a hard squeeze. "Your ass is so...I don't know." I look at him and stood. I walked over to my table,took off my pants and gestured for him to come. "I'll let you fuck me if you suck my dick" I purred. He smirked and came over to where I was standing and got on his knees. He licked the sides and I moaned a little. He licked the tip and finally took me into his mouth. He wasted no time going fast bring me close to cumming. As soon as I was about to cum, he stopped,got up, and drooped his pants,taking them of as well. "I want you to finish in my ass." BlackStar spoken,voice low. I bent him over my table and placed myself at the entrance of his ass. "This may hurt. Just lettin' you know." I thrusted in, moaning at the sound of BlackStar's cry. "Your so tight! Ahh!" I thrusted faster, feeling myself about to cum all over again. "Kidd, I'm 'bout to cum!" BlackStarr moaned. I looked down to see him jacking off while I fuck him. "I'm right behind you! Ahhhh! Fuck! Fuck! Ahhh-!" I cummed, emptying a huge load of my seed into BlackStar.


We collapsed on the floor, tried and sweaty. Eventually, we pick ourselves off the floor and put our clothes back on and sat on the couch. "This stays between us, you got that?" I chuckled and kissed him. "Whatever BlackStar." Few hours later, Liz and Patty came back from their dates. "So Kidd, what you and BlackStar do today?" I smiled to myself, thinking about what had happened between me and BlackStar and replied "Nothing much."


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