Alrighty. It so happened that my muse demanded I wright a smutty sequel to 'Curiosity Killed the Cat'. But, I would rather keep my FF.N account relatively SFW, at the very least, nothing rated higher than 'M' I've decided to keep anything rated 'E'/Explicit confined to my A03 account.

So instead of posting the entire one-shot as a new work, I decided to post a preview of it here. If you wish to read the rest of it, you can find it at:

(archiveofourown) (d0t)org/ works / 900702

Just take out the parentheses and spaces, and replace d0t with a period, and you should be good to go!


You shut the lab door as quietly as you can. Sweet Jesus the trouble you'll be in if the Doc or Bro (especially Bro) finds the door to the lab locked. But you figure you'd rather deal with that than having anyone walk in on you tonight.

A nervous sort of anticipation builds in your gut as you make your way down the stairs. You and Karkat have been wanting to do this for ages, but now that you're actually about to do it, you're feeling like a silly little nervous school girl. Your manly pride is aching more than just a little.

Your manly dick says to suck it up.

There's a flickering light coming through the glass wall of Karkat's room. He must have his TV on. After a lot of needling from you, John and Jade, you'd finally managed to get Karkat hooked up with a decent bedroom. It's still the same old confinement room, but at least he's got a TV, a couch, a little card table, and even a desk with an old computer on it (but no internet, alas). At least he looks less like a prisoner now. He's gotten a lot less stir crazy having things to do.

Poor guy still has the little port-a-potty in there but really it's just meant for late night emergencies. He rarely uses it anymore.

When you reach his door you spot him lying face-up on his pile, his hands playing nervously with each other. Your stomach does a little flip and you open the door.

"Hey, Kit-Kat," you say, chill as you can. Because yes, you are still the coolkid here. No silly school-girl-isms are allowed anywhere near the vicinity of Karkat's room and potential sexy times nnng, oh Lord, you're so nervous and excited it's pathetic.

Karkat jerks upright and turns to look at you. He mumbles something you don't quite catch and turns off his TV. You walk over to him on the balls of your feet, lean down over him before he can stand up and give his black lips a quick peck. He clatters in his throat for a moment, kisses you lightly back before drawing his hands up to your shoulders for leverage and pulls himself up. You smile and knock your forehead lightly against his.

"Hey, babe, ain't this just the prettiest place for a late night date, I feel just awful not dressing up more. I'm such a shame."

He rolls his eyes. "Dumbfuck. Is not a real date, no."

You smile. His English has improved considerably. He can understand almost anything and everything that's said to him, and he can speak fluently enough to get nearly everything he wants across, but he still struggles with the finer points of grammar and fluidity. You wonder if maybe it's mean of you to find it cute.

"Hmmm, but if we're so focused on the definition of a real date," you say, "then we've never actually been on any and I don't think my poor beating heart can take that. Let me pretend I have my romance, Kittykat."

"Hrn, you don't even know romance," Karkat growls lightly, nips at your chin.

"Oh, right, right, I forgot. That's your jurisdiction."

"Fuck yes."

You press your mouth to his temple, more of touch than an actual kiss. He starts purring quietly, doesn't move. After a still moment the air shifts from comfortable to awkward. You both know what you came down here for, know how excited and nervous you both are. And, fuckdamn, really you're getting pissed at yourself for your own awkwardness. You're an adult goddammit, not a hormonal, gangly teenager.

Karkat shifts uncomfortably against your collar bone, glances up at you, flushes and glances away. Yeah, alright, you're not going to put up with this girly ass nonsense. You take a step back, roll your shoulders.

"So where we gunna take this French quality romantic evening? Your pile? Couch?" Karkat snorts. Fuck him, it was an awesome segue. "Actually how about we use your bed. Poor neglected thing hasn't been used once has it? Be careful, it'll start to think you don't love it."

Karkat rolls his eyes. "Bed is not alive, fuckface."

"Oh, but that's what you think," you say seriously. "But I bet we can get a beat thudding in it."