Vince's POV

We walk down the sidewalk; her hand firmly entrenched in mine, as we reach the entrance of school.

I look down to her smiling face. "Are you ready?"

"Yes Daddy. I'm ready for kindergarten!" she says with glee.

My pride and joy Priscilla stares up at me with her big brown eyes dancing with excitement and auburn curls bouncing at the prospect of learning. Just like her mother.

My wife picks up Priscilla and asks "And what are you going to do today?"

"Make friends with whoever I want to, no matter what people think!"

"Good job, baby girl." She says, kissing her cheek and putting her down.

Priscilla tugs on her mother's dress. "Yes, honey?"

"Mommy, but the stathistical pwobability of me making fwends wiff people who don't share similar qualities to me is far-fetched. It's kind of illogical, Mommy."

I look down at my daughter in awe then back at my wife. "Gretch, she gets that from you."

"Hush Vince" she reprimands with feigned anger "And baby, look at your auntie Spin and your uncles. We've been friends since Kindergarten. People thought our friendship was illogical but lo and behold, we're best friends to this day. Are we all similar, baby?"

"No, you're a super genius and they're not!"

Gretch looks at me with fire in her eyes. "I told you not to call me that anymore! Especially in front of Cilly!"

I hold up my hands in innocence. "Sweetheart, I swear it wasn't me!"

"It wasn't Daddy, Mommy! Auntie Spin said it. She said that my super genius mommy better hurry up and make the fudging cure for pregnancy!"

Both Gretch and my mouths drop open in shock. I start laughing while Gretch screams "THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE LEAVE OUR CHILD WITH SPIN AND TEEJ!"

"Mommy? Daddy?" we hear a small voice call out.

"Yes baby girl?"

"What does fudging mean? Or is it a euphemism for someting worse?"

I wrap my arms around Gretch who looks as if she might keel over any second. "Ask me in ten years baby girl."

Gretchen regains her breathing and says to our daughter. "The point is you don't have to be friends with smart kids or kids just like you. Be friends with people you click with and maybe you'll have friends forever."

Priscilla smiles and hugs both of us. "Okay Mommy. And of course I won't just be wiff smart kids. Daddy taught me how to play football and kickball too. I'll be the biggest and baddest girl of the playground. If they have a problem, I'll show them Madame Fist!"

We both scream out "NO! NO MADAME FIST!"

I kiss my daughter on the cheek and say "Just be on your best behavior and have fun. We love you baby girl!"

"Love you mommy! Love you daddy!" she says as she scurries into the building, without us for the first time.

"Never again baby! SPIN AND TEEJ ARE NEVER BABYSITTING AGAIN! I'd rather subject her to hours of show tunes with Mikey and his wife or war stories with Gus and Teresa. Baby! I'm afraid. Spin might actually be able to corrupt the twins! And they're still in me!"

I can't help but laugh at her hormone induced freak out. I hold her hand in mine and give her a soft and gentle kiss. "Calm down baby. This is our family. Crazy or not, you love Spin. You love all of them! And a little bit of all of them in our kids would be just wonderful. As long as they're ours, they're already the best of us. "

My wife calms down and looks to me with a beaming smile. "You're right Vince. Ugh, you know just how to calm me down. I love you."

Every time she says those words, she draws me back to that wonderful night ten years ago when we realized our love and made it known to each other. My life wasn't complete without Gretchen. After that night, I knew I wanted her in every way. I wouldn't be at peace until her last name was shared with mine. It reminds of all we struggled through for our happily ever after.

Lawson, like the pussy he was, didn't go to trial. He pled out and gave them Ashley A., but still is serving 5-25 years for the attempted rape and aggravated assault. Ashley A. pleaded out as well, serving 1-10 years for obstruction and facilitation. They were both charged as adults and honestly, they weren't punished severely enough.

When we got back to school, our friends were ecstatic for us. But we still got shit from kids who had popularity stuck up their asses.

The only words I said to them were "You can be pissed at Ashley A. and Lawson for what they did to her but treat her as insignificantly as they did. You're no better than a rapist and a social climbing loser. You guys are hypocrites and absolutely pathetic."

We ignored their shit and eventually it died down. One of our biggest supporters was Ashley B. She felt guilty for the ways she treated Gretch over the years and how she let Ashley A. get to that point. I guess this was her self-administered penance.

Gretchen didn't let it bother her. And some girls tried some disgusting tricks to convince Gretchen she wasn't worthy or to make it seem as if I was cheating on her. But I was always by her side, letting her know how beautiful and stunning she was to me and what we do in the privacy of my bedroom later that night.

Eventually we graduated from high school and went to college, but not together. I got a scholarship for a basketball powerhouse Duke and Gretchen was Ivy League bound at Harvard University.

It's been her dream since she was a little girl so I would never ask her to give it up. So I tried to break up with her so she could follow her dream. She punched in the face and screamed "We're ALL IN! Don't you get that? You're IT, dumbass! It's either you or nobody!" So after hours of making up, we committed to a long term relationship.

It was hard. Girls tried throwing themselves at me at Duke and Gretchen surrounded by smart guys like her trying to steal her. We also had schoolwork in our way too: me with my basketball practice while trying to attain a double major in architecture and sports management and Gretchen with her double major in medicine and chemistry. However, we didn't let any of that stop us. We supported one another, talked to one another and still made time for one another. Every time the Blue Devils made it into the Final Four, I saw my girl cheering in blue in the stands.

With Gretchen's genius mind, she finished her chemistry degree in two years and her pre-med in two and a half. She was halfway done with medical school by the time I entered the NBA draft at the end of my senior year of college. I made sure to get my degrees in college before entering. I was the #1 pick for the Boston Celtics. Gretchen was seated right by my side and screamed louder than anyone else in the gang. We were going to be together in the same state again.

Before practice started, we took a quick trip back home where I planned the perfect surprise. I called Gretch to meet me at the library in Third Street Middle School before we meet for dinner. With the help of my friends, we decorated the library with flowers and candles. Music played in the background and a table was set up in our aisle in the library: the aisle we fell in love in all those years ago.

She walked in, dressed similar to the tragic homecoming event six years ago, and she knew to go to our aisle. There, I was waiting with two turkey sandwiches and two bottles of water. She laughed initially, but that soon morphed into tears when I got down on one knee and said "I love you Gretch. I don't know what more I can say. You own me, body, mind, heart and soul. I'm not asking you to marry me because that would imply that you had a choice. I'm telling you to marry me cause I can't live without you."

She nodded through her tears and I slipped that diamond ring onto her finger. She knelt on the ground in front of me and wrapped my arm around her and we sat in the library, laughing and kissing like we should have all those years ago.

Our wedding was small and intimate, full of love and humor like us. And a year later, after finished medical school and specializing in neonatal care, we learned about our first miracle: Priscilla. Today, we have the twins waiting to make their debut any day now.

I link my fingers through hers and make our way back home. I realized how blessed I am to be with someone who I love and loves me unconditionally. I don't have to be the smartest, strongest, most handsome man out there. Gretchen never cared for the superficial. We're the odd couple: the jock and the geek. She used to tell me all the time that we defy logic. But I always tell her what Bronte says "Better to be without logic than without feeling." And there is no feeling more comforting and consoling than knowing that you're in the arms of someone you love.

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