Chapter 1: Snap Goes the Mortal Coil

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Of Death & Fate

Prologue: An Introspective Death at The World Cup

August 11, 1994, World Cup Stadium

He had been around for…well as long as he could remember. He was, after all, the entity most commonly known as Death. So long as there was life, he was there to witness its end on the 'earthly' plane. It was quite a bother that he had been labeled as such, as he considered himself quite the companion.

The odd thing was that, over his long and illustrious career, he had deviated from the rules set forth by 'the powers that be' a time or two. The governing body that controlled him and the others did not seem to mind though. In fact, he usually felt encouraged in a way. That being said, he had not intervened with a human being's life in quite a while. Much of the time he focused on the other creatures that lived - the ones the human beings referred to as "animals". Except for cats - he hated those beasts with a passion, and the feeling was mutual he assumed. But he was beginning to feel the need to intervene for the young man he was currently watching.

Harry James Potter.

He could remember the day he had first touched the boy's life. He had just greeted the boy's parents. Unlike most souls with whom he interacted, the two had simply turned and ignored him to watch their still living child. The only way he was able to gain their attention was the promise that the boy was not meant to follow them. The boy's mother had gripped his cloak with an elegant hand, something he can say had not happened in a very long time, and forced him to meet her eyes. She had simply said in a voice that chilled even him, "He had best not follow us." For all the humans he had helped along their way, the woman had actually given him a cold sense of fear.

He only 'met' with people under certain circumstances. Most human beings would not feel welcomed by his presence, which he understood. So a good bit of his time was spent quietly watching as they were greeted by loved ones ready to show them the next journey.

The few he actually met with usually fell into one of three categories.

There were the ones who stood defiantly against him, as if he had personally played a part in their demise. These people eventually realized the futility of their defiance. These were usually ones he had 'met' once before, but they would argue their importance. In the end they were always the ones who would claim the trickery of Death, though it was not as if he needed to play the puppeteer to the likes of them.

There were the ones who simply watched him. Most of the time these individuals rarely caused a fuss, though there were some who usually circled around him (which left him feeling annoyed). But in the end they were usually very accepting and kind as he personally escorted them to their loved ones.

Then there were the few who greeted him happily. Ignotus Peverell would always be the most memorable member of that group for him. Though that was likely because the man had been too bloody cheeky, and had since found ways to 'visit' Death on a few occasions. And despite the antiquated beliefs of some of the humans, he had never had an interaction with Ignotus or his brothers before their deaths.

Death shook the head of the body he had conjured to mix in with the humans. He turned his head to view the game that was going on. When he turned back to the young man, he watched as the boy laughed and cheered amongst his friends. It was one of the few moments he had seen true joy on the boy's face.

In truth he had not originally paid much attention to the boy. His attention was solely focused on one Tom Marvolo Riddle. The supposed Dark Lord of his time. Death found him to be a pitiable soul…well soul would be a misnomer at the time the man came to be of interest. The man had sown his fields and his harvest would be an eternity of unknown. Death was not even sure what would happen to the poor man. A soul split once or twice could be repaired and given the ability to pass on to their journey. Riddle though- that man had sealed himself an end in which not even Death would have a direct hand.

The night when he had first met the boy, he had originally planned on just allowing the natural order of the world to pass. Then he noticed that the pitiful self-proclaimed Dark Lord had unintentionally split a piece of his soul into the boy. In anger, a feeling Death was not used to, he had found the Fates. Those cackling women had explained the role that the boy was supposed to play. Their "plans of different paths" had taken on many different forms; each of them worse than the last. The only saving grace was that the boy would be the determining factor. Even with the Fates, the boy still had the freedom of choice.

He had actually seen fit to take his anger out on a few of Tom Riddle's followers when they made their way from life. Though he could not harm those followers directly, scaring them with their own interpretations of who 'Death' was ended up a treat for him.

He still did not like how those 'women' intended to 'use' the young man. But he also knew better than to blame the woman, as they were not much more than the grand diviners of Magic and The Powers That Be. The boy's life seemed to be one grain of salt after another on a festering wound. And, based on his interaction with the Fates, it seemed his life would only get worse. Every time he spoke to the Fates, the more it seemed the boy lost more loved ones and would eventually be forced to play the part of a grand martyr.

It was not if he, the entity known as Death, actually cared for the boy. At least he did not believe that to be so—but then again his constant checking over the boy during his early years in that wretched household would speak otherwise—even to him.

It was this revelation which forced Death to appear at this stadium, surrounded by cheering fans who had gathered here to watch the young man 'in person'.

He watched for quite some time, right until there was an eruption as one of the two team won the event. But it was not the cheering that really caught his attention. It was the whispered words given by one man to another. They were two of them -his followers.

Death could see the flaxen head of hair and the ebony cane with a serpents head—Death knew that man. Lucius Malfoy. He had watched as that man attempted to harm the boy no less than a year and a half ago—if it hadn't been for that kindly little elf, Lucius may have succeeded.

The other man was also well known to him. Antonin Dolohov. A man who had been the last image of quite a few of the people he had helped along during the last Wizarding War.

Not far from the two men stood another that Death was acquainted with quite well. Walden Macnair. An executioner. He had sent many animals (though that term was broad to Macnair and his friends) past Death. The man reeked of blood and looked out of place in the 'High Society' box with the Minister.

Death had taken in their hushed tones and focused until their words were as clear as if they were standing next to him. He knew their plans for after the event.

If he did nothing, Death would be forced to escort more people because of their planned actions. And the path divined by the Fates would be solidified for Harry Potter.

He watched as the men smiled at their presumed brilliance.

They planned on garnering favor with their 'Lord' after their failures since the last war. They believed it was time for 'their right as pure-bloods' to be expressed.

Death seethed. What they had planned would bring about loss of life on a larger scale than the last time. The Fates had not been lying when they had told him of their readings and interactions with the wizarding world.

He could not allow this to happen to the boy—or to all of the others.

As Death had turned and surveyed the still cheering crowd, he noticed a few people he knew the Fates had mentioned in passing—and then it hit him.

Death felt his own smile at the thought that just passed through his consciousness. He would intervene in the boy's life, but unlike certain other forces that had their hands in the boy's destiny he actually had the boy's quality of life in mind.

As his grin grew wider he faded away from the celebrating masses and made his way to visit those mischievous Fates. Those 'women' despite their best efforts could not hide their true nature from him; in the end those women loved a good 'happily ever after'. They would jump at the chance to join him in fixing this problem. The only real problem was, he knew they would stretch the boundaries of what he felt was acceptable.

Of Death & Fate

Chapter One: Snap Goes the Mortal Coil

Part One: A Not-So-Great Event

August 11-12, 1994, Late night/Early morning at the World Cup Grounds

Harry could not figure out where he was in the valley of burning tents. One second he had been with Ron, Ginny, and Hermione running towards the forest, and the next he was being knocked nearly senseless. He had watched for a few moments as the rush of people blurred in front of him. He could not find his wand and he was lost. If he was honest with himself, he was not surprised by the turn of events.

Then he heard the scream.

He had turned his head to the noise and he could make the barest outline of a young girl surrounded by the hooded marchers that had caused the entire mess.

One of the figures was busy firing off streaks of flames within a few breaths of her form. Another was throwing minor hexes directly at her. They were toying with her. She couldn't have been more than ten or eleven years old, but these hooded marchers were effectively cats playing with a tiny, lone mouse.

Harry could not be sure how or why his body began to move towards them in an exponential pace. The closer he got, though; his anger began to boil over as they picked up the tempo of their casting. He heard them saying things as he approached; things that did not bode well.

"Cyrus' daughter she is." One of them said with a laugh.

"Yes, well…maybe now he'll realize the unfortunate consequences of his decisions." Another commented.

By the time he had made it to two tent spaces away he saw the one who looked to be leading them lift his wand and begin a curse. Harry's instincts took over instantly and the next thing he knew he had hurled himself towards the girl in a futile attempt to roll her out of the way.

He had succeeded; in theory. He heard a word starting with "Cruc…", and then his entire body felt like searing hot pins were being slowly pulled and pushed back into every nerve ending. He found, through a break in the waves of pain, that he had ended up facing the girl with his front to the ground.

Up close it was easy to see that whatever they had been casting on her was not as severe as what he dove in front of. A few small cuts and some dirt was the only damage he had noticed. Her eyes though, were wide with fear as she watched him.

Even with all the pain he tried his best to give her a smile. It did not make complete sense, but it was the type of thing he would expect Sirius to do even in the situation of being tortured.

Then the pain got worse very quickly.

"Oh, a dashing young rogue to play the hero!" The voice said, "Tell me young man; does the dashing hero have a name?" A boot covered heel caught his shoulder and roughly shoved him over to face the men as the spell thankfully ended. The man gasped and then in a voice Harry found somewhat familiar exclaimed, "Oh…Brothers! We have a fortuitous turn of events!" The man placed his foot on top of Harry's chest, "I present to you Harry Potter." The others hooded marchers inched closer to Harry. "Oh the Dark Lord will reward us all handsomely for this." Harry heard murmurs and took a chance to look at the girl. She was frozen in her spot, but her blue eyes were wide and frantic.

"Brother!" Harry heard the man exclaim yet again. Harry caught sight of the man grasping one of the other's shoulders. "I believe you have a certain curse you've been waiting to test. Perhaps Mr. Potter here would be so kind as to allow you to try it on him." The man's foot left his chest, and Harry watched as the other lifts his wand. Suddenly there was purple spellfire flashing towards him and Harry's lower right stomach felt like it had been run through with a spear, or what he assumed a spear tearing through one's flesh would feel like.

Harry gasped and saw the shoulders of the men shake in laughter. His side was in searing pain and he was quite sure he was about to die.

Then something odd happened. The tent that had been directly to the left of them suddenly collapsed and flung fresh cinders in a perfect arc onto the men surrounding him. He watched as the cloaks of at least half of the men caught fire. In the midst of their panicked casting of "augmenti", Harry felt himself move on instinct.

The next thing he knew he was running hard, and the girl was cradled in his arms. If he had been thinking properly at that moment he would have asked what happened, or possibly why he was carrying the girl. But the only reverberating thought in his mind was the desperate need to make it to the forest and safety. He knew the Weasleys and Hermione were there. His vision was tunneling and his side was beginning to really make itself known.

Just as he caught sight of the tree line the sky lighting up caught his attention. A green skull with a snake coming out of the mouth lit up the area in a sickening hue. His legs had finally had enough, and though he didn't drop to his knees, he did stop.

With the blood pounding in his ears he was not really surprised that he did not hear the sound of the people that were now circling them with wands drawn. But these people were wearing the red robes of the Ministry. 'Aurors! Not those hooded marchers! Thank Merlin!' Harry thought as his vision tightened even more.

Then Mr. Weasley and another man had shoved past the Aurors shouting things Harry could not hear. The other man held out his arms for the girl. Harry saw her respond by reaching her own arms out, and Harry didn't have the energy to question.

The minute she was in the other man's arms Harry noticed how the older man's eyes widened at the amount of blood on the girls night dress. He didn't hear any of the questions the man began asking even though he was standing less than three feet away. A woman and another girl appeared next to the man, and Harry vaguely recognized the other girl as someone from school.

Harry's head was getting light.

His initial burst of adrenaline started crashing, and the pain in his side slammed into him again as the blood in his ears roared louder.

He watched as the sobbing girl pointed at him. Then Harry saw that all eyes turned to him. Mr. Weasley was next to him in an instant and his lips were moving. Harry tried to catch the questions, but then he felt the warm liquid saturating his shirt. As he had looked down he saw exactly why everyone looked so worried. Judging by the blood staining his shirt he was lucky to be standing, let alone conscious.

That had apparently been the magic thought as he had felt his knees buckle underneath him, and Mr. Weasley catching him as he fell.

He had been able make out the images of a screaming Hermione as she was being held back by one of the Twins. Ron was being held back by the other. Then there were the three oldest Weasley brothers, each of them were keeping Ginny from seeing him.

He had looked back to his best friends. Hermione and Ron had been fighting so hard to get to him. Then he noticed a figure standing off to the side. It was a man, but unlike the other chaotic throng of people he had just stood there in a muggle suit and stared at Harry. There was a smile on his face. It was actually a comforting sort of smile.

His last thoughts before everything ceased to exist had been of how typical it was that a quidditch game ended with him like this.

Of Death & Fate

Part Two: This is the Sound of Voices Three

He had not been sure how exactly he got to where he was when he opened his eyes. He was just sure that there was very large room and people running around him. In front of him there was a portrait of a man. The man had a kind smile stretched across dark skin. His face was open and comforting.

Harry leaned in to read the inscription.

"May your pains ease and your maladies cease." -Mungo Bonham, Founder and Healer 1560-1659

Harry pulled back and sighed. He was in St. Mungos hospital.

Then it had all come flashing back. The attack, the girl, the men in mask and cloaks, and the pain. He had quickly he put a hand to his side only to find a dry shirt and no pain. When he pulled up the hem of Dudley's old shirt, Harry found the wound. It looked old though. The skin was taught where the scar went over the plane of his stomach and broached the area of his hip, but it was healed.

Then Harry felt a hand on his arm. There was a woman winding her hand into the crook of his left arm. She was pretty, very pretty. She smiled at him, almost as if she had heard his inner thought.

Then Harry noticed two more women to his right side. They looked similar to the other woman. Their hair, the same dark hue, and their eyes the same bright shade of grey. When he met the one that held his arm's eyes, he had to pull back slightly from how deep they seem to go. She had just smiled at him again with a slight shake of her head.

Harry prepared himself to ask them something when the one holding his left arm began to sing. Well to call it singing would not be right. Harry was not sure of the term, but she was sort of vocalizing a song without words. It did not detract from the beautiful sound she crooned out.

Harry looked around to see the attention she must be drawing, but no one seemed to notice them.

Then she turned him and made him walk alongside her. Each step seemed to bring them directly down a hallway in a blur of motion. Down close to ten hallways and up five flights of stairs; all the while the woman kept to her song and the other two followed.

Harry had just regained his wits when he noticed where they were. In a semi-cramped room filled with people. People he knew and a few he did not.

The feeling of the room was clear even with the song the woman crooned drowning out all other sound, worry and tension. Most everyone had a somber expression. Even the Twins were sat next to Percy with slightly bowed heads and sans their usual grins.

Ginny sat in between her parents and Ron. The oldest two Weasley bothers were in a corner watching over the room.

Hermione was being held by two people. Harry faintly remembered meeting the two before second year. Her mother and father. He felt like he should have known their names.

Remus sat next to Dumbledore at a table; both washed of color. Remus looked to be nearly breaking the tea cup he had palmed in his right hand.

Harry noticed the young girl he had saved from the hooded marchers. She was on the lap of the man who took her from Harry, her dress no longer bloodied. The man had his free arm around what was clearly his wife and the mother of the girl. Then Harry saw the other girl. He recognized her then. Greengrass, that was her name. Daphne Greengrass. She was a Slytherin in his year. And quite obviously the sister of the younger girl he had helped if their looks were any indication.

He made to speak, but noticed that no one paid attention to the woman currently fastened to his arm even though her voice was clearly loud enough for them to hear. He looked to the woman and she gave a sad shake of her head as she continued to croon.

Harry stood there for quite a long time watching the people in the room. There seemed to be an odd passage of time. One moment the room was a flurry of abrupt, small movements as time blurred. The next moment Harry could literally count the seconds as they passed. Then it would start all over again.

There were moments when someone would move around every so often or talk. Harry unfortunately still could not hear them. He was not sure if it was because of the woman or if something else was wrong. They obviously could not see him as someone would look his way every now and again. The first few times someone had he tried to step forward only to be held in place by the woman.

The oldest Weasley men, ending with Percy, had made their way to Remus and Dumbledore. Mr. Weasley had stopped to speak with the father of the girl he had helped. The two knew each other if the way Mr. Weasley had offered a handshake to the other man indicated anything.

Ron and Ginny were just held by their mother as she rocked them both. Ginny had fallen asleep thankfully. The Twins kept close to their younger brother, but did not speak.

Remus did not look up to speak either from the looks of it. Harry worried about Sirius when he saw the look of grim worry on Remus' face.

Hermione was alternated between her mother and father every once and a while. At one point the young girl he had helped walked over to her and gave her a hug. The room had warmed a bit at that, but the small effect dwindled not long after.

The woman next to him appeared to have endless lungs as she never actually quit her singing. The other two just watched the room. Each of them focused on two points, but Harry was interrupted from figuring out where they were looking when Dumbledore stood and made his way to the relative center of the room.

Harry watched as the man spoke. Dumbledore's eyes were wet and red, despite his efforts with the handkerchief he had been using. The man was making small gestures with his hands. Seemingly making a futile attempt to alleviate the thick tension from the room.

The man looked to be at the crescendo of his speech when suddenly Harry saw Hermione stand. Harry watched as his female best friend said words to the Headmaster, and judging by the way she needed to stop for breath it was rather loud words. Whatever it was seemed to shock everyone else in the room. Molly Weasley's eyes were round. Ginny had woken up and openly gaped at Hermione. Ron sat doing a mix of what both his mother and sister had done. Remus' eyes had narrowed towards the Headmaster.

Then Hermione rushed from the room despite her parent's attempts to grab her. She ran right past Harry. He made to leave as well only to be held by the woman a moment longer. Then Daphne Greengrass passed within a hairsbreadth of him as she followed Hermione's path.

One of the other women suddenly started mimicking her crooning sister. Their voices connected in harmony and the sound washed over him; momentarily distracting him from his worry.

Harry then felt the woman pull him again. They moved right behind Greengrass as she rounded corner after corner until she found Hermione.

Harry stared slack jawed at his best friend. She was sobbing openly in an empty corner of a deserted hallway.

Then he watched as Greengrass approached Hermione and placed a hand on her shoulder. Their eyes met briefly before Hermione buried her head into the other girl's shoulder, and began to shake them both with the force of her sobs.

The fact that Hermione allowed the girl to console her was surprising to Harry, but that the other girl looked to be whispering to Hermione as she tightened her arms in a comforting way threw him completely off kilter.

He saw the way that Greengrass gripped hard to Hermione as well, it did not seem to be for just Hermione's sake. Both of them were crying and seemed to connect on a level that Harry could physically see. His head spun as he watched them.

Harry had never been much for open emotion. Even in the moments he lost control, he still felt more, deep below the surface that always scared him. Between the two of them though, his best friend and a girl he had never spoken to before, he witnessed something that actually made him want to be free with himself.

He made to edge himself closer, but the first woman held tight to his arm. Then the third woman met the other two's voices in a blended harmony. The second woman released his arm and moved over to Hermione's back. The third woman mimicked the second as she stood behind Daphne. Then they each placed a hand on the center of each girl's back.

Harry felt his eyes widen as both girls suddenly lit with a glow. A brilliant wash of colors radiated from the two of them. Every happy moment, the few he had, almost paled in comparison to the way watching them made him feel. The song the women were singing only compounded on his elation at that moment. He felt a few wet lines make their way down his face.

Suddenly he felt a hand on his chest. Harry looked down and saw the first woman's hand had moved from his arm to lie over his heart. And suddenly, he both felt and saw the glow come from him as well. The same brilliant crash of colors. Then he watched as an ethereal chord stretched from his chest, and then split ever so slightly as it connected to both Hermione and Greengrass.

Something must have caught the girls' attention because they broke their hug briefly, and in that moment Harry witnessed that a chord stretched between the two of them as well.

A tug on his arm brought his eyes to meet the first woman's gaze. Then he felt an odd shift in the air around him.

Of Death & Fate

Part Three: This is the Sound of One Voice

August 12-13, 1994, Time indeterminate St. Mungos Hospital

He found himself in a room where a group of healers, if their green robes were any indication, furiously worked on someone. He could still hear the women singing, but they were nowhere to be seen

Harry felt his stomach drop as he caught sight of his own face, pale and ashen, on the table in front of him.

A healer poured potions and smeared murtlap onto the slow-to-closing wound on his body's stomach. Another poured multiple potions into his mouth, forcing as much down his throat as possible. There was a third one who wiped and scrubbed a copious amount of blood from his forehead.

"I apologize for making you see this." A voice caught Harry's attention. It's the same man he saw right before- "I'm especially sorry for being the one who placed you in this situation." The man turned to him, "and before you ask, I wish to apologize for my abrupt actions. My name as you know it is Death."

Harry felt himself freeze in a literal state of shock. The man directed his attention back to Harry's body on the table. From the side Harry could see that the man was young. Early thirties at the most and resembling an American actor Aunt Petunia had gushed over with one of the other ladies from Privet Drive.

"You have to understand that this is an unusual situation for me as well—Harry." The man—Death smiled as he turned back to Harry. "I do not usually interact with your kind in this way."

The man—erm Death—took a step towards Harry.

"Umm" Harry felt it slip from his mouth. His stiffened shoulders did not go unnoticed by Death. He sent a forgiving smile towards Harry and moved back.

"Am I—dead?" Harry asked.

"Well, that is a complicated question—with an equally complicated answer." Death motioned towards Harry's body on the table. "You are both, and you are neither." Death gave him a tight smile. "Your body, as you can see, is still alive—if barely. And you are also here with me." Death moved to lean against the empty cabinet, no doubt its empty state was due to the mess of phials that littered the floor next to the table his body lay on at the moment.

"Oh—okay?" Harry tilted his head as he stared at the healers working on his body.

"There are many things that will begin to happen now." Death's voice brought Harry's attention back to him. "My companions —" Death motioned to the door, where Harry saw the three women from before stood curiously smiling at him, "and I have seen fit to that—these are the Fates Harry." The women giggled slightly and curtsied. "They're not much for speaking—especially to your kind." Death turned and gave an odd look to the women. "Though I'm sure with their propensity for theatrics, they made bringing you here quite the spectacle in your eyes." The one who had lead Harry to this point stuck her tongue out at Death, who gave a long suffering smirk as he rolled his eyes.

Harry felt lost at this point, and a bit angry.

"Sir!—erm Death?" Harry tried to intone as much courage into is voice as he could. "Why am I here?" Harry met Death's eyes and waited for the response.

"You are here to die, and then live." Death smiled at what Harry was sure was the confused look on his face. "Cryptic—I know, but it is how things must be explained." Death moved from leaning on the cabinet to stand in front of Harry. "From this point forward your life will be your own—if you so choose." Harry was set to question this, but Death raised his hand. "Your life—has never been yours—at least not completely. I have seen every horrible thing that has passed. I have seen those happy moment, too few there were for you." Harry noticed an odd look pass over Death's face, and from his peripheral he could see the women—Fates—soften in their own expressions. "I've seen what happened that night; I helped your parents move on." Harry snapped his head back to meet Death's hauntingly familiar green eyes, but did not speak. "I've witnessed every moment of pain you felt at the hands of those—people—your relatives." Harry stiffened instantly. "I've seen every moment since your received your letter to that school—since you found out about the other part of your world." Death smiled and stepped closer, but this time Harry did not flinch. "I've seen all those moments—Harry. I'm not known for spending that much time with a human—but for you I made an exception—and now—" Death moved a hand to Harry's shoulder, "now I see fit to make another—with the help of my companions."

"An exception?" Harry asked.

"Yes, but that will have to wait to be explained, as even I cannot stop time." Death turned Harry towards his body on the table. "And we are nearing the moment of importance."

Harry was about to ask what he had meant, when suddenly his body convulsed on the table and the healers fought to hold him still. The putrid looking substance boiled from his body's head and then spewed forth a black haze that shrieked loudly, but apparently not loud enough for the Healers to take notice. Harry watched as Death raised a hand towards the amorphous dark cloud and seemed to vanish it. Then his body went limp and the healers began to cast spell after spell on his body.

"What—" Harry tried to ask, but then noticed the small, shriveled form that lay next to the table. It was grey and was reaching out to him. Harry met the small human-like figure's pale red eyes.

"Not even I can help him Harry. That is what is left of Tom Marvolo Riddle." Death said quietly.

"Voldemort?" Harry asked in a whisper as his eyes were torn between watching the supposed form of Voldemort and what he could only guess was his own death.

"Yes—the things people strive for and what they achieve can be similar, but have unforeseen consequences." Death looked at the small body as Harry noticed it began to grey and float away in pieces like a burnt piece of paper. "Tom Riddle achieved his greatest ambition, he is beyond my reach. And yet the things he has done to his soul can never be undone. The acts gave him greatness, but at the cost of his sanity and eternity." Death pulled Harry to look at his own body on the table.

His body was limp on the table and the healers and ceased in their frantic motions.

"From this point forward Harry you will be making your own choices, and you will notice quite a few things are different." Death smiled again and Harry heard the women—erm Fates—giggle. "I can not explain exactly how we are involved in your world Harry, but I can tell you this: you are the writer of your life. All decision are yours, and while I may have altered the course of your life…it is yours from this point forward."

"But aren't I—dead—now?" Harry asked.

Death chuckled slightly.

"Yes, but you won't be soon." Death grinned. "I would tell you more—so much more—but you won't even remember our conversation. At most whatever those three-" Death tilted his head towards the Fates, "-did before they brought you here; you might remember that."

Harry felt just as confused as before, but the Fates started to hum that song again and his mind jumped back to the hallway with Hermione and Greengrass.

"Hermione—and Daphne Greengrass—there was this light—do you know what that was?" Harry felt himself stutter out.

Death smiled again as he nodded. Harry watched as Death moved a hand from his shoulder to cover Harry's heart, much like the woman (or Fate) had done earlier. Then once again he watched as light emanated from his body, and then the tethered chords shot from his chest and stretched past the Fates and the door out into the hallway.

"I'd rather not ruin the chance for you to learn yourself—but it's something that neither I nor my companions could have done—it's something only the three of you can understand; something that could only be a blessing of Magic should you choose to pursue it—and only the three of you could build—it is simply what is possible." Death stepped in closer to Harry and whispered. "From here on out it's up to you. Do good, Harry Potter, do good and enjoy your life."

Harry then felt Death push him, and Harry felt like he was falling. He fell past lights and images that were foreign, but seemed familiar. In an instant he believed he knew everything, but then as quickly as it came it left. The world went dark and silent.

Of Death & Fate

Death allowed himself a moment of wistful thought, he had done something new, and for him, that in itself was a novel idea. He watched the boy fall and the healers prepare to leave the room. He then enjoyed the way the healers heads all snapped back to Harry as he suddenly gasped for air.

He turned to the still humming Fates.

"Shall we ladies? Our part is done for now." He said. He felt a curious feeling as the three stepped up to him and two of them looped their arms through his. The third moved towards the door and smiled at him as they faded away from the room.

Of Death & Fate

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