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Chapter 1

(Blossom's P.O.V)

I sighed as I fixed my hair. Today would be the first day at my new school. I was not looking forward to it. I hated being the new kid! But it was not my fault that we were moving. It's my stepdad Steve's fault. My mom got married to him a year after she got divorced with my real dad. One of the reasons why I hate him is because he treats me like his slave. I try to stand up for myself but that only agitates mom. The second reason why I hate him is because he gambles. He is obsessed with it. But he is not good at it so we are always moving. I think this is the 4th time it happened this year. But there is absolutely nothing I can do. Except wait until I am in college so I can move out.

I looked at myself in the mirror. Rose pink blouse, black skirt, white knee high socks and black fats. My long fiery red hair was pulled into a high ponytail. I don't wear a lot of makeup. Just a little black eyeliner and pink lipgloss. I looked so…ordinary. Well except for my bright pink eyes. I don't know which family member I got those from! I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs.

My mom and Steve were sitting and eating their breakfast. "Good morning" I said not making eye contact. "Good morning dear" mom said smiling. I had to admit it. My mom is really pretty. She has golden blonde hair and green eyes. Most people think she is 25 or something. Steve on the other hand is not attractive if you ask me. His hair is black with some grey in it. He has pitch black eyes and almost never smiles. I don't see what my mom sees in him. "Well I should be going. I'll see you later" I said taking and apple and heading for the door.

I walked to the bus stop. There were a few kids who looked around my age. I pulled out a book and began to read. A few minutes later the bus pulled up. I climbed on. I looked around. Then someone bumped into me. "Oh! I am so sorry!" he said. "That's alright!" I said. I got a good look at him. He had short, neat red hair and blue eyes which were hidden under his glasses. He was in a white lab coat and black pants and dress shoes. "Are you new?" he asked taking a seat next to me. "Yeah. I'm Blossom Johnson" I said. "Dexter. Dexter Benet. Pleasure to meet you Blossom" he said smiling. I smiled back "It's nice to meet you too Dexter" I said. Wow. Not only was Dexter cute in a way, but he was also nice. He also looked very smart. This day might not be so bad!

When the bus pulled up we all got out. "Blossom I would love to stick and chat but I must go and do something important. I hope we meet again" he said "You go ahead. I'll be fine" I said smiling. He walked off. "Watch out!" a girl skidded to a halt and almost knocked me over. "Sorry" she said sheepishly. "That's alright" I said laughing. This girl was really pretty. She had wavy jet black hair that was up to her mid back. Her eyes were apple green and had a glint of mischievousness in them. She was in an olive green graphic tee shirt, black shorts that came up to her knees and black converse. "I'm Buttercup. Nice to meet you." She said. "I'm Blossom. It's nice to meet you too Buttercup." I said to her. "Do you know where room 209 is?" I asked. "Homeroom?"


She smiled. "Me too. Come on. "She led me trough the crowded hall to room 209. A teacher in her mid 30's was greeting people at the door. "Hello. I'm Mrs. Walker." she said smiling. We both walked in and took seats next to each other. A group of girls walked in. one of them caught my eye. She had blonde ponytails and baby blue eyes. She was wearing a blue mini dress with a brown belt in the middle and black flats. She took the seat behind me. "Hi! I'm Bubbles! Are you new?" she asked smiling brightly. I smiled. I knew I liked Bubbles right away. "Yeah. I'm Blossom. Nice to meet you" I said. Buttercup scowled. "What's wrong?" I asked her. She nodded at the door. Three boys walked in. one of them had messy blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. The second one had black spiky hair and forest green eyes. The one in the front was the most attractive if you ask me. He had red hair in a low ponytail and crimson red eyes. "They are Brick, Boomer and Butch Jojo. They are the most popular boys in school." Bubbles whispered. They walked over to us. I gulped. "Well what do we have here?" Butch said looking down at me. "Leave her alone Butch" Buttercup growled. "Getting jealous Butterbabe?" he said smirking. Boomer was smiling and blushing at Bubbles who was also blushing. "New here?" Brick asked. His red orbs stared into my pink ones. "Yeah" I said. "Brick, Butch and Boomer please take a seat." The teacher said. They all rushed to a seat. I hope I could talk to Brick and get to know him better…

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Brick: well Blossom will obviously fall for me

Dexter: how do you know that?

Brick: I just do

Me: Bubbles?