Chapter 1

A/N: This is an AU story for the vampire diaries. I do not own the vampire dairies.

New Orleans. Stefan had traveled all the way here for his best friend for help from an old friend who he knew cared about his friend. As he made his way into the bar where he had heard rumors of his old friend he could already hear their voices. The voices that he had not heard in Mystic Falls in over three months. The voices of the originals. He spotted Rebekah, the blonde and the youngest original taking a sip of her drink. Then he noticed the eldest brother and original Elijah discussing something with a young woman. And then he spotted the original that he was looking for. Klaus. The original hybrid, big bad wolf, an old friend from the twenties. He was taking a sip of his drink and talking to a man with dark skin. Stefan sighed and remembered that he was doing this for his best friend. If there was anyone he could trust for helping his friend, it was Klaus. He knew Klaus cared for her. He made his way over to the originals.

"Klaus," He said. Klaus stopped talking to the man and turned his attention to his old friend. Klaus raised his eyebrows to see his old friend the rippah here in New Orleans. Rebekah and the others turned to him.

"Stefan," He gave a small smile. "What brings you to New Orleans?" Stefan took a deep breath ready to explain the situation to the big bad hybrid.

"Klaus listen before you get mad. Something happened back in Mystic Falls." He started. Klaus frowned wondering where this was going. Did those fools lift the veil? And now need his help since they released Hell on earth.

"What happened?" Klaus asked getting agitated thinking about what the Scooby gang had done this time. Stefan swallowed hard. Klaus was not one for patience. "Stefan what happened I don't have all day." After a few seconds more of silenece Stefan finally spoke.

"It's Caroline." Hearing the sound of the name made Klaus feel as if his heart was being clenched by a hand. Klaus quickly recovered and could feel anger raising. What had happened to her? Was she dead?

"What happened to Caroline?" He asked through his teeth. His friend Marcel looked at him curiously wondering who this Caroline was.

"A few weeks ago, Silas kidnapped her. But he didn't really harm her." Stefan took a moment to pause. "He turned her human." The originals stared at him in awe.

"How do you know he turned her human?" Rebekah broke in.

"Because she has a beating heart."

"So he gave her the cure!" She yelled but then quieted when she saw she was getting unwanted attention.

"No he made her human with magic." He told her. She stared at him. "That's the other thing I wanted to tell you. Silas is working on a way to make one of you human. Particular Klaus, but well all of you. Caroline was just used as an experiment. The problem is that Bonnie doesn't think it would be safe if we tried turning Caroline again. She thinks that she would just die. Look the reason I am here is not to really just tell you what's been happening back in Mystic Falls is that it's not safe for Caroline anymore. Silas has been also coming near her. Usually Damon and I have to watch her. Bonnie is dead so we can't really have her help with Silas. She is working with your brother Kol by the way. And so what I am asking you Klaus is that she comes to New Orleans to stay with you under your protection." Stefan finished. Klaus was taken aback by this. Caroline would come to New Orleans to stay with him. He would have to protect her of course since she was now human. Human? It seemed like a strange word to use for her. Her intentions were human but he would have never found himself saying that she was human. He couldn't believe that Silas had done such a thing. Klaus glanced to Elijah knowing it wasn't safe here either really. But Silas was much more powerful and was able to turn Caroline human which meant she would be much safer here. With his protection of course.

"It's settled then mate. Caroline will be staying with us." Klaus said. Rebekah took this time to speak.

"Stefan…how is Matt?" She asked. "He's ok, right?" Stefan nodded.

"For now. It's not safe anymore when you're human. But also if you're a vampire or a werewolf or hybrid. I think you will only survive if you happened to be a older vampire. That's why I asked for Caroline to come here so she would be safe with Klaus." He said.

"You can tell Matt that he can come up here." She said. Klaus couldn't believe his sister liked the Donovan boy.

"Actually Rebekah I think he is coming here for college." Her face lit up at hearing those words. Matt was going to college here. She could see him everyday.

"Mr. Salvatore when will Miss Forbes be arriving?" Elijah asked.

"That's another thing; I think Caroline might need an original bodyguard. She couldn't even go to the grocery store without Silas walking around." Stefan said.

"I will go back to Mystic Falls with you mate and take Caroline with me."

"I will accompany as well. I want to see this transformation to Miss Forbes becoming human once again." Elijah said. Stefan nodded.

A/N end of first chapter