Chapter 38

A/N: This is an AU story for the vampire diaries. I do not own the vampire dairies.

"Well the bitch is gone. Probably far away by now." Damon said entering the living room of the Salvatore boarding house. Caroline and Stefan glanced at one another knowing he was referring to Katherine. She was still out there somewhere. Klaus just shook his head.

"She better remain on the run because if I ever see Katerina again I will rip her pretty little head off." Klaus growled. Caroline rolled her eyes as she leaned into him on the couch. He just had to start talking about killing someone again.

"Maybe it's better this way. If we ever see her again then yes we will kill her." Elijah broke in. He was standing next to the couch where Elena was sited. Elena nodded in agreement. Kol sighed.

"I'll I know is next time I see her I will make sure I get a good play with her." He smirked. Bonnie glared at him.

"A good play with her?" Bonnie said raising an eyebrow. Kol cursed.

"I didn't mean it like that. Just a little torture is all. Oh come on once and a while I would like to have my fun." He pouted. She glared at him. "Ok fine I won't. But I will kill her if I ever see her again that is my word." Bonnie just shook her head. "Oh you know you love me." Bonnie rolled her eyes till Kol wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Well if she does come back to town I won't be here that's for sure." Stefan broke in. Caroline raised an eyebrow at him.

"You're leaving?" She asked. Stefan nodded.

"I think I am going to head to maybe New York City I have had enough of Mystic Falls for the last three years." He said. Caroline nodded. Damon rolled his eyes.

"I'll be leaving to find that bitch maybe and shove a stake through her heart myself." Damon said. Klaus and Caroline left back home after this. Caroline felt so relieved that Silas was gone. And Klaus was alive still. She had never been worried about someone then about him. Even with Klaus concerned with her safety all the time she found she liked it knowing he cared for her. After Caroline and Klaus went back to New Orleans to finish some business. While Klaus finishing up his business one night he found the bartender that she had been flirting with at one time before they were together flirting with his Caroline. Klaus was jealous and when he walked up to them he was happy to her that she was rejecting his flirting. Klaus made an animalistic growl at the guy and the guy left with a scared look on his face. Klaus thought he had heard a rumor that the boy had quit after that. Klaus then put an arm around her waist for the rest of the evening just because of the guy flirting with her. Caroline didn't really care she just sat with Klaus at the table. As soon as Klaus had finished with the business that he had in New Orleans he fulfilled his promise to her when he told her at the ball that he would take her places. He had taken her to Paris. As this went on Elijah and Elena had already left the country and went to London together traveling only with each other. Elena had said goodbye to Caroline and left money for her brother. It wasn't a shocker really to hear that Kol and Bonnie went to Chicago. Seeing how Bonnie wanted to see a big city and Kol found that there were many things he could do there like drink. But he did do things with Bonnie that he would only do with her such as take her to dinner and have a walk in the park. He only ever showed this side of himself to her. The caring and loving Kol. His reputation was to be his annoying self but he showed Bonnie a different side. She everntully decided to become a vampire when she realized she wasn't ever going to want anything else. She was turned when she was twenty though. As for Rebekah and Matt well they stayed in New Orleans because Matt wanted to finish up college. It wasn't long until Matt wanted to be turned into a vampire not because of the flaws that came with it but he did to be with Rebekah forever. Tyler decided to be a father with Hayley and Tyler hadn't known whatever happened to gang that he once knew in Mystic Falls. Caroline had heard of Tyler and what happened to him. She had to say that she thought he did the right thing but staying and being a father but she didn't have to like him. The only person that Caroline ever made contact to outside of her friends that were dating the originals was Stefan. Caroline had never lost contact with him. She even went to a Bon Jovi concert with him for his birthday. Stefan would always be her best friend and the one outside of her others that knew her and Klaus. Over time though Klaus, Caroline, Elijah, Elena, Kol, Bonnie, Rebekah, and Matt become nothing but myths and whispers among vampires, werewolves, and witches.

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