Creature pt-2: A Creature from the Black Lagoon story. As always all rights to the storyline and backgrounds of the Creature belong to its creators. The Story: Tales of the Creature still being alive has circulated and a team is going hunting. Rated M for some sexual action and violence

The research boat continued down the tributary. The team started to gather their equipment as Max slowly guided them down stream. The deeper in they traveled, the closer the jungle seemed to be. It was almost as if the trees were closing in to envelope then in a green shroud. Suddenly the river led into a large bay that spread out in front of them.

Max called out. "There it is my friends.' He said "The Black Lagoon. We are the first craft here in the last 50 years." Everyone looked around. The first thing they noticed was the burned out hulk of another boat not unlike their own.

Cheryl pointed and asked. "Who were they?"

"The last boat that came up here." Max said. The rest of the team looked to Max. "I never said they came back alive."

McWaters grunted at that last comment. "Nice to know." The boat pulled up next to the remains of a dock.

"Ok, people" Cheryl said. "We have arrived. James and Tim will set up shop in that clearing up there. We can work over there and sleep here on the boat." The team started to gather their gear and make their camp. The other boat stayed out of sight two miles downstream. The crew quickly camouflaged the boat, and quietly set up their own camp.

Meanwhile under the surface of the river, the Gill-Man watched what was happing with growing anger. There were these intruders in his territory; the creature felt the lust for their blood growing. That would come later.

As the research, party was setting up their camp. Max Jessup was looking back toward the tributary was interest.

"Anything interesting, Max?" McWaters asked him.

Max frowned and looked back downstream. "Not sure." He replied. "But I thought I heard the sound of another engine." McWaters took the binoculars and looked himself.

"If there's anything out there, then they don't want to be seen." Max nodded grimly. "People have spoken of hidden treasures and gold in this part of the river for centuries, my friend." He warned. "I would keep one eye open for trouble."

McWaters looked back to the camp as he saw Cheryl heading for the back bay with a towel. "Trouble, old friend?" he quipped. "That I already have."

Max chuckled; "Yes I can see where she would be." Cheryl headed for the small back bay and quickly stripped of her clothing and jumped in the water and started to swim. She swam to the far bank stopped and cam back taking her time swimming back, she did not realize that she had company on her swim.

The creature followed her movements below the surface fascinated by the young woman's motion. He started to move toward her when he detected motion from the shore.

"Excuse me Lady Godiva." McWaters said is a sardonic tone. "Base camp is set up and we should have satellite hook-up in 10 minutes.

Cheryl chuckled and walked out of the bay. McWaters turned round quickly. "Oh my god, Mac." Cheryl said. "It's not like you haven't seen the territory before."

"True ." McWaters said with a grin "But that was then, this is now."

Hmm." Cheryl said as she finished dressing. "You say we'll have satcom in 10 minutes?"

"That's right." he replied. But there may be issues being this deep in for continuous links."

"Ok, Cheryl said "We'll see how thing rock." As the left for the camp they did not notice the Gill-man slowly rising out the of bay. His eyes fixed on the two.

To be continued.