This is very important if you intend to continue reading this story.

When I write a story, I start with a predetermined beginning and ending, and a vague idea of what will happen in the middle. I work that out chapter by chapter as I go along. So I was NOT expecting to have to give a warning like this when I started.

I decided to plan out the next several chapters, to make posting faster. As I planned them out, I realised that the story was heading in an unexpected and dark direction.

This story will contain RAPE/NON-CON. I will try not to be too graphic, and will post warnings on both the chapter itself and above the scene where it happens if you want to avoid reading it. I will summarize anything important you might miss by skipping it in an A/N at the end of the chapter. I will also be adding a warning to the first chapter.

I understand that rape scenes are triggering for some people, and I apologize with my whole heart for doing this. I was sexually molested as a child, and sexually assaulted at 19, so I often find rape scenes triggering, myself. I understand completely if you choose to discontinue reading the story; though I hope you will give it a chance - hence the warnings I will place to allow you to avoid the triggering/disturbing scene. I will also place warnings on the chapters that deal with rape aftermath. There will be NO graphic flashbacks; I will have a hard enough time writing the one scene.

*hugs* I love you guys, and I hope you will understand and stay with me.

Now, I also have something more light to discuss with you. I want (and have wanted for quite some time now) to make this story an MPreg. However, I can alter the circumstances a bit so that it won't contain MPreg, if you guys are against it.

So I'm giving you guys a choice. I will set up a poll on my profile and you guys can vote so I know how you feel about MPreg.

Therefore, go forth, and vote! :D