A/N: I apologize for adding an author's note instead of a chapter but since y'all were so frakkin nice, I decided to write (and eventually post) a sequel. It will be titled "Auditory Masturbation" and I've already got the first three chapters done, though ch 3 feels more like filler while I figure out where I want the damn story to go. In any case, I will start posting in about a week or so depending on how far along I am with the fic. I don't know if it will actually end up with ten whole chapters. It depends on what Bella, Edward, Emmett, and Rose make me do. I may throw the pixie and the cowboy in at some point as well. So, yeah, the characters will let me know how short or long the story will wind up. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and if you have any hopes for the story, let me know and I'll do my best to stick it in. *cough-giggle-snort*

Thanks for the support and kind words. *waggles brows* Toodle Pip, my loverlies!

Blood Everlasting