Prologue: The night was young, and the fires of war had started to take their rest for the time being. The small village had not been completed yet, for there were only a few houses scattered among the carpenters' tents inside the village. It was a silent night, until slowly but surely, the sound of clasping steel and galloping horses started from the entrance. Light suddenly emerged into the village as four castle knights had emerged from the entrance and into the village. They seemed to be heading for a small ranch to the east side of the village. As they drew nearer to the house, a man emerged from the door. He covered his eyes from the bright light as they slowly came closer.

"Link!" the head guard shouted as he descended from his horse. "The King has summoned you to the castle." He walked nearer and nearer to Link but Link just stared at him with the blankest of all stares. "Prepare yourself for your meeting."

Chapter 1: A Royal Meeting The night stayed silent as the moon glistened through the trees. A small gust of wind shook the trees as five horses emerged from the entrance of Kakariko Village. They started at a slow pace towards Castle Town. The Guard on the horse next to Link moved a small amount of space closer to him.

"My name is Albin," he said as he looked at Link. "So you used to work for the King then?" Link kept his eyes on the pathway ahead as the knight spoke to him. "What are you just shy?"

"I choose to save my breath for when I truly need it." Link replied while looking straight ahead.

Albin just chuckled as they arrived at the castle. The five men almost simultaneously dismounted from their horses, as they headed up towards the entrance to the castle. Inside, there were guards at every door. At last they finally arrived at the throne room. Link and the four guards started to head toward the King and Queen.

"Link, it has been quite some time hasn't it?" the king exclaimed as he walked toward link to greet him.

"What is it you have summoned me for?" Link said keeping his straight face, as always.

"Well, as you know, Hyrule Kingdom is going through a very brutal, civil war, and I'm afraid that with just our knights, we won't be able to win." the king told him with a sad look on his face. "It seems that once again, I require your assistance."

Link couldn't help but to look up at the queen while his conversation with the king was going on, and the queen just looked back at him and smiled.

"So, who are we up against?" Link asked with his normal face.

"The Zoras are upset that we have been disturbing the peace, the Gorons are enraged because of the expansion of the kingdom, I don't know why the Gerudos are against us, and there are some rebels that art just flat out tired of the monarchy." the king explained to Link. "The first thing I need you to do, is to get the Zoras on our side." "First thing in the morning I guess." he told him.

Link settled his horse down next to his house and opened the door. He looked over at the table, and saw his wife there relaxed in a chair.

"What did the king want?" she asked him.

"I have a mission to complete tomorrow morning, it is urgent to the kingdom that I fulfill this request." he replied to her softly.

He picked her up and walked toward the bed with her in his arms. He relaxed his shoulders as she breathed out and he gently placed her in the bed.

"The queen didn't have anything to say, just the king, she just stood back and watched." he told her while walking over to the door. He picked up the candle that lit the room and started walking back to the bed.

"Weren't you guys friends a while back, you and Hyral?" She asked him, while making room for him on the bed. "Why did she change her name to Zelda?"

"It's a trend. Ever since the goddess Hylia reincarnated herself as a human named Zelda, most of the queens took that name. There have been a few that haven't but for the most part, their names are Zelda." he told her with a gentle smile on his face. She quietly laughed while Link put out the candle to end the night.