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"Daddy!" A red and white sparkling with audial fins peeled through the practice. "Can I watch cartoons on the DataNet?"

"Alright, Paian. Nothing too violent, alright? Your bedtime is pretty soon." Rung replied, smiling at the squeals before turning back to his patient. "I'm sorry, Paian gets a bit excited sometimes."

"It's alright. He's the first sparkling since before the War, right?" Bluestreak said. "I'm really surprised that he's as hyper and happy as he is, especially since there are no other sparklings around. I can't believe that you still have toys from when you were a child, Rung..."

Paian ignored his daddy's rambling patient and turned on the DataNet to see his Uncle Rodimus on the screen. "They say that twelve million years ago, on this very spot, the first Cybertronian realized he could change shape. Six million years ago, right here, Nova Prime told the world that he built an Ark."

"Like my toys!" Paian giggled, settling down on the floor, holding a stuff turbofox to his chassis.

"And four million years ago to the day, Optimus Prime stood where I now stand and turned down Megatron's first and only invitation to surrender. What happens here tomorrow will rank alongside those moments. Tomorrow, this patch of land will become a launch pad. Tomorrow, I will board the Lost Light and set off in search of our ancestors. They were known as the Knights of Cybertron. They're real. I'm going to find them. And I want all of you to come with me."

"What are you watching, Paian?" Rung asked, walking into the room.

"Uncle Rod'mus!"

"Bumblebee says it's your duty to stay here, on a planet you no longer recognize, among people who resent you for the sacrifices you've made in their name. I say: you've done your duty. The war is over. That day you never thought would come? That's today. You've earned the right to see the universe without a gun in your hand..."

Paian eventually got bored of the speech and turned the channel to 'Adventures of the Thirteen Primes.'

However, Rung was thinking about what Rodimus said about 'seeing the universe without a gun in your hand.'

As a psychoanalyst, it was his job to look at everything from all angles. Paian seemed interested in going out to the stars, and exploring the universe. However, as Paian's father, it may be better for Paian to grow up on stable ground, and not in a ship that may or may not return to Cybertron. But on the other servo, the NAILs may not accept him, first sparkling in four million years or not. Maybe it would be better for Paian to grow up surrounded by Autobots, beings who would accept him, and would most likely already know him. He already knew the entire Autobot High Command, plus a few others that will probably go with Rodimus.

Perhaps he will ask Paian...

"Paian." Said sparkling pulled him attention away from the screen. "Would you like to see what is out there?"

"Out where?" Paian cocked his helm to the side.

"In outer space. In the cosmos." Rung gestured up to the sky.

"Like, an astronaut? Like in a ship?"

Rung nodded, and Paian grinned and nodded rapidly. "Yeah! Like in the stories you told me!"

Rung smiled, then said, "Alright, go pack your things. We shall leave with Uncle Rodimus tomorrow."

"Yay!" Paian jumped up and down, then ran off to his room to pack his things. Rung stood up as well to pack his Ark models.

Hopefully, he made the right decision.

*The next day...*

The space port was packed with more than two hundred mechs just waiting to be accepted onto the Lost Light.

Red Alert watched all of them with suspicion. He may have gone to therapy, but he still doesn't fully trust anyone.

Even now, he had to check out Brainstorm's infamous yellow briefcase, and he was pretty sure if he opened it, it would not pass his inspection.

"Are you kidding? This case contains a work in progress! If I open it outside if a controlled environment, do you know what would happen? The end of the world, my friend, the end of the world! I'm serious! I'm almost certain!" Brainstorm gave his thin excuses. "Besides, I'm exempt from all security checks! Specially from Rodimus! You can check the rubsign. It's authentic."

"So, as head of security, I'm supposed to just let the galaxy's most famous weapons engineer onboard without checking his bag?" Red Alert asked dubiously.

"Most famous weapons engineer? You've been reading my Autopedia entry-"

"Sorry, did I say famous? I meant notorious. Next!"

"Name?" Red Alert said, without looking up from his datapad.

"Megatron, but you can call me death."

"Swerve, please telling you're here to wave us off." Red Alert asked, not looking up at the red and white minibot.

"No, no, no! I'm here for the quest! Love a good quest. Haven't been on a quest since the whole Luna 1 thing. The Moonquest." Swerve babbled on.

"Stop saying quest."

"So, can I go on board?"

"Of course, if you promise to never, ever speak. Next!"

"Hi, Uncle Red!" A small voice piped up from the ground.

"Hello, Paian. Rung. What's in the crate?" Red Alert got down to business.

"Just some model space crafts, Arks mainly."

"We were at war for four million years. How did you manage to hold onto this stuff?" Red Alert asked, while Paian grabbed one of the Arks and ran into the Lost Light, making airplane noises, and saying hello to all the mechs that he knew.

"I guess I just have a knack for keeping things out of harm's-" Rung was cut off when a giant purple jet came out of nowhere, knocking Rung off the platform and causing his arm to break off at the upper arm.

Rung was rushed to the medical lab, but none of the medics were there yet, so all he could do was wait.

*The bridge of The Lost Light*

"And the total so far is... Two hundred and eight." Drift reported, holding a datapad that connected directly to Red Alert's list of passengers.

"Oh yes. Stick that up your tailpipe, Bumblebee." Rodimus gloated out in the general direction of Kimia. "You know, when I gave that 'gun in your hand' speech I-"

"Great speech." Drift said, absently.

"Thanks... I never imagined so many would sign up. Two hundred and eight? That's amazing. That's gotta be some sort of record." Rodimus said.

"Your new crews mates, Ultra Magnus." Drift said, passing the datapad to him. As soon as Ultra Magnus looked at it, he began frowning. "Why are you frowning? I mean, frowning even more than normal?"

"He's dangerous, he's delusional, he's a liar, he's mad(I mean literally mad), he was demoted after that incident with the turbofox, I arrested him for impersonating a senior officer, he owes me money, I don't trust him or him, especially not in their combined form, and if he is who I think he is, never, ever let him near a crossbow." Ultra Magnus concluded. "And those a only the A's."

Drift and Rodimus rolled their optics as Magnus handed the datapad to Rodimus for him to look over. "You should have put me at the door. I'd turn away any wayward characters."

"Magnus, your definition of a wayward character is an Autobot who wears their badge at an angle." Rodimus deadpanned, as he accepted the datapad.

"In direct contravention of the Military Regalia Act!"

Rodimus sighed, and began looking over the crew. "Sometimes I wonder how you see the world, my friend."

Chromedome and Rewind were walking through the halls, looking for a habitation suite for themselves. Rewind wanted to go on this quest in order to look for someone while Chromedome was simply following him because he was Rewind's Conjunx Endura.

"Hi Uncle 'Dome! Uncle Rewind!" A small voice chimed from behind them. They smirked at each other behind their masks, then turned around to see Rung's sparkling, Paian, running towards them, his toy Ark up in the air.

"How you doing, Paian?" Rewind asked jovially, as Chromedome picked Paian up and placed him on his shoulders. "I didn't know you and Rung were on the quest! Speaking of which, where is your father?"

"He's got a big boo-boo, so he had to go to the medic." Paian replied, holding his Ark out to Chromedome. "Can we go visit him? Pleeeeeeease?"

"Alright, alright. We'll go drop you off at the medbay." Chromedome caved, prying Paian away from his audial fins. Paian was then propped up on a tan hip and they were on their way to the medbay.

But they were halfway there when suddenly the walls around them shook. For a brief moment, the feeling of traveling through space washed over them. As soon as they began moving, they stopped. Chromedome and Rewind rushed Paian to the Medbay and went to the main room to see what had happened.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, Rodimus was shouting for a status report.

"We quantum jumped before we were ready! We've hopped halfway across the galaxy and we're flying blind!" Mainframe reported. "And I'm sorry but I don't know why!"


"One of the rear thrusters exploded, Deck 6 is in flames and- oh no."

"What? What is it?!" Rodimus asked.

"We've got a hull breach- one of the hangers on the upper decks!" Mainframe's servo were flying over the keyboard. "Resealing... Now. Structural integrity restored. Heat shields in place." Mainframe turned to Rodimus as the red alert signal disappeared. "Rodimus?"

"Set us down. We're not going anywhere until we find out why the quantum engines malfunctioned." Rodimus ordered.

"Sensors indicate we're missing Fizzle, Polaris, Waverider, Hyperion, Rad... We're down forty Autobots, Rodimus." Drift reported, extremely worried. "They must have been... I mean, the breach must've-"

"They're not dead, I'll tell you that now. No one dies on my watch. No one. Not this time. We'll find them. As soon as we touch down, we'll find them. We'll find them and we'll fix them and we'll get back on track, and we'll make this day a good day."

*On the planet below*

"Big place. Where do we start?" Rodimus commented to Ultra Magnus.

The planet looked a bit like an Earth desert. Dry, cracked ground, clear sky, except the sky was orange instead of blue. At the moment, the sky was filled with meteors.

"How about over there?" Ultra Magnus pointed towards the meteor shower.

Rodimus voiced his question and Magnus replied, "That's not a meteor shower. That's Fizzle, Polaris, Waverider, Hyperion, Rad... They're burning up in the atmosphere."

Rodimus pinched the bridge of his nasal ridge. "Not a good start."

"Excuse me?" Ultra Magnus asked, honestly not hearing Rodimus.

"I said not a good start." Rodimus sighed. "Well, let's get started."

*Cybertron: Prowl's quarters*

A lone datapad on the floor went off.

"Hello-ksszk! Hello? Can anyone hear me? It's-ksszk! Of the Lost Light. This message is an experi-ksszk! A failed experiment, I think. Because if it worked, I wouldn't have had to send it in the first place.

"I'm calling from the future and-wait a second- and I have a-ksszk!- for Rodimus: Abort the mission. Do not leave Cybertron. There are terrible things out there. We were not prepared.

"But if I've made a miscalculation, and we've already left, please find a way to get this message to Rodimus now. It's a list of do's and don't's. Actually, it's just a list of don'ts.

"Don't open the coffin. Don't let them take Skids. Don't go to Delphi. And do not- I repeat, do not- look in the basement. And for the sake of the Cybertronian race, please don't-


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