Hello, guys! This is a story that I'm hoping to make ongoing depending on the amount of reviews it get. This is inspired by an idea of a Sonic Sega All Stars Brawler with a story on par with or better than Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary. Expect tons of humor, action, and cool moments from almost every Sega character in existence since this is a massive crossover. I hope you all enjoy this awesome intro to this epic tale.

This sunny day in Station Square is the perfect time for the citizens to watch some entertaining battles. There is a tournament called the Sonic Sega All Stars Battle that is occurring in the coliseum that the president built to suit the participants of this tournament. It is huge and filled with a cheering audience that is enjoying the tournament so far.

"Burning Knuckle!" yelled a participant in the tournament.

A blonde well built young man just knocked down a black haired Japanese man wearing a white gi. The warrior dropped to the stone ground, defeated from the intense battle he had fought with his opponent. The silence from the audience drew across this ending ceremony of the two's competitive brawl.

"Axel Stone is the winner!" the announcer shouts.

He paused to see that the man decided to forfeit the match and help his opponent up. Despite the latter's bewilderment at the winner helping him, Axel shakes his hand to thank him for the match. Akira would turn to the audience that were confused by the scene and waves, showing that he is fine.

The announcer after being puzzled eventually said, "Looks like Axel wanted to be a noble fighter who enjoyed the match and quit the match since he's satisfied enough."

The crowd cheers regardless since they respect such a fighter's noble decision as the two warriors begin leaving the stadium. Amy Rose, AiAi, and Meemee can be seen in the front row awaiting the final exciting match that would occur in the coliseum. The monkey couple were done enjoying fresh banana smoothies bought from the stands outside of the stadium. Amy however didn't feel hungry since she is far more interested in the fights to care about food. But most importantly, seeing her beloved Sonic do his absolute best for the tournament.

The announcer said, "I hope you all enjoyed that last match because the final countdown is coming up. On this side of the field is the fastest thing alive, Sonic the Hedgehog!"

A blue ball launched onto the stage and reveals himself as the famous hedgehog, causing the crowd to grow even louder. Given his title, his quick appearance was definitely faster than anything the crowd has seen so far. Even faster than the speed of sound itself. He wave his hands and laughed in glee since he love to please his excited fans. True to the spirit of the blue blur.

"On the other side of the field is the Janken martial artist, Alex Kidd!"

A brown haired boy flies onto the stage with his Peticopter, a large spherical pedal powered copter puts with the spin of each yellow propeller blade. The crowd cheers as the vehicle flew directly in front of Sonic, with the blades noticeably slowing down. Then the boy finally hops out of the vehicle before getting into his battle pose for the main event. The Peticopter disappears from sight on a whim after his exit to the crowd's amazement. The crowd continues cheering and several fangirls were screaming at how cute Alex was. The blushing boy rubbed the back of his head at such a sight with Sonic visually shaking his grinning head. He eventually focus his attention his opponent and clenches his fists to prepare for battle.

"I won't go easy on you, kid. I can be really fast when I need to," said the cocky hedgehog.

"I'm not scared of you, Mr. Sonic. You may have taken my role, but I'm crazy prepared to regain my glory," exclaimed Alex Kidd.

As the two combatants prepare to fight, the announcer yells, "And let the battle begin!"

The entire crowd went wild upon these words to let these combatants know that it is time to put on a great show. Sonic dash at Alex Kidd with a cocky look on his face before attempting a Spin Dash. Alex dodged swiftly and launches a blast at him with his Power Bracelet. The hedgehog then initiates a Homing Attack to evade the blast and attack Alex Kidd head on. He counterattacks with a Janken Fist: Pon Edition to block the attack. The punch had sent Sonic flying into the air while Alex is pushed onto the field's hard flooring due to the force of the counterattack. The result was far more destructive than the previous combatants when the ground cracks from this powerful impact.

Amy grew excited and yells "Toot toot, Sonic Warrior. You can do anything!" as the monkey couple cheers along with her.

The crowd started counting from ten to one in unison as the tournament staff starts playing "Ocean View". Then they all start singing the "You Can Do Anything" lyrics as the fight rages on. Alex Kidd hopped onto his pogo stick to bounce after the hedgehog, who eventually escapes into the air with a Light Speed Dash. Sonic performs a fist clenching gesture to attack Alex Kidd with the Sonic Wind technique, though the energetic boy hops off of the pogo stick to evade that attack and go in for the kill. The whirling blue winds from the attack caused more visual damage to the ground compared to their first clash. Sonic begins to wind up his fist before he combined punches with his competition. The resulting impact released a blast of wind blowing from the epicenter toward the roaring audience around them. Amy hoots after the wind hits her face with the two monkeys having their fur blown back as if an explosion hit them. Meemee appropriately freaks out at this leading her husband to cower at this sudden screech.

This is getting really annoying. It's as if the kid just love countering and evading all of my attacks. Unless I do something really fast, I might lose and Amy will be disappointed in me.

Sonic then start falling towards Alex Kidd and does his Spin Attack to drill into his defenses. Alex Kidd blocks the attack with his open palm, but it starts to burn really bad. The crowd now starts singing "Super Sonic Racing" as the match gets even more intense. Alex Kidd begin tearing as if his hand has been placed on a hot oven. He give up and got grounded by the blue hedgehog really fast. The already broken ground applied more pressure to his tired body with the pain he is receiving from the attack. Once he is fully embedded into the ground, Sonic hopped away to get a better view of his opponent. He watched as the young boy is limps from the rocky crater formed on the field, seeing every bit of determination he has to win this match. He smirks at this being a good sport that is glad he still has more fight in him.

"You think that's going to stop me, Mr. Sonic. I'll race to the finish in order to reach my goal."

He summoned his Sukopako Bike and starts to chase after Sonic. The Blue Blur already began running away from the next attack his opponent has planned for him. He spins into the ground to send a shockwave at his opponent in hopes of crippling his new toy. Alex Kidd destroys the shockwave with another Power Bracelet blast and keep at the high speed pursuit of his speedy target.

"Uaaahahahaha!" yelled AiAi after he realized that another one of Sonic's stronger attacks got countered again.

Meemee pat her husband on his back in hopes of calming him down. Amy grew even more mad after she sees Alex pull another dirty trick, which is causing a tremor to get Sonic out of balance for a deadly Janken combo. Blow after blow struck Sonic in many vital areas, with him grunting from each powerful strike from his opponent. The last hit sent him falling to the same spot where Alex was drilled into by Sonic's last attack before the motorcycle chase. The hedgehog is now severally wounded and is struggling to stand from everything he endured. This gives the perfect opportunity as Alex prepare his secret weapon, the infamous Peticopter. One side of crowd is now getting worried for Sonic as the opposing side is cheering Alex Kidd on for the match to be finished. Sonic hasn't been this wounded since he was crushed by the Time Eater with his past self. He hear his friends and fans cheering him on and starts glowing yellow as the seven Chaos Emeralds surround him. During the entire process, his expression changes from painful to glad since he's found the perfect way to end this match. He fully transforms as Alex Kidd shoots him, though the shot itself wasn't strong enough to phase him as he originally thought. He begins to look wide eyed as he sees the now red eyed golden hedgehog staring him down. Alex Kidd backed slowly since he knew that this is really it for him.

"How can this be possible? Are you affected by a wizard?" said the shocked boy.

"No," Sonic said in a taunting manner, "I am now Super Sonic with the help of the Seven Chaos Emeralds."

"They are gems of power that my buddy Knuckles let me borrow for the tournament," he continued.

Alex Kidd growls and started firing a barrage of shoots as the hedgehog charge at him at full speed. Soon as Super Sonic had passed through the Peticopter, it explodes, leaving to Alex drop dead to the ground from the abrupt impact. The crowd grew worried for the poor kid since he could have been hurt or much worse from that powerful attack. Amy knew it would have been disrespectful to cheer just yet and see what the hedgehog planned on doing next. AiAi could see him walking toward the fallen boy with sheer curiosity of what he plan to do. To the audience's surprise, Sonic begin healing every wound on his body before claiming victory as a good hearted hero who treats his foes wth respect. The crowd then start cheering with glee while Amy and friends cheered along with them from his deed. The golden powerful hedgehog looks at his fallen opponent with his hand out after the latter regain his senses.

"Are you sure that you aren't sleepy, kid?"

Alex Kidd slowly looks up at him and gladly said, "Sure I'm not, Mr. Sonic."

The golden hedgehog took the boy's hand and got him to his feet during the continued cheering at the results. Alex Kidd starts to cheer for his side of the field, while Super Sonic cheers for the other side with his golden grinning face. All seems well, until several crowd members suddenly grew worried and started pointing to the sky. The wide eyed Alex Kidd jumps and Super Sonic became shocked as well. A large fleet of ships, accompanied by daunting dark clouds, appears in the now gloomy sky to darken the mood of this once exciting tournament.

"What the heck is that?" the golden hedgehog wondered.

The announcer is too scared to say a word when looking at the fleet's menacing parade. One of the ships Sonic actually recognized, which eerily resembles the Egg Carrier despite the obvious differences. A large spherical hovercraft flew toward the field from above at high speed. Sonic continued observing this figure due to his gut feeling that this means trouble. Alex Kidd jabs at the air with a serious look to prepare himself for his first villain beatdown in a while. The invading hovercraft reveals a large masked man wearing goggles on his head, which shocks the partaking civilians and the fighters themselves. Amy started to grow mad once she saw him understandably for ruining this tournament. AiAi and Meemee couldn't help but to get suspicious of the figure that arrived on the scene to laugh maniacally from his sudden appearance. Everyone else in the crowd were still too afraid to comprehend this dangerous situation with no security to help in this situation.

"You! Surrender the Chaos Emeralds or face the consequences!"

Sonic got an idea after his words and flies high into the air with a grin on his face. He would raise himself high enough from a safe distance away from the masked man before stopping near the lower half of the fleet. The figure subtly clenched the edge of his craft to see what the yellow rascal had planned instead of following his request.

"You want it? You got it!" said the arrogant hedgehog as he scatters all seven emeralds in different directions into the horizon.

The trajectory of the Super Form release was too fast for any of the invading ships to comprehend, leaving seven different colored lights to pass them in less than a second. Afterwards, Sonic returns to his blue furred, green eyed self before skydiving towards the stage. Alex Kidd quickly used the Wizard's Wand to help his new blue friend float safely on his feet before glaring at the masked figure.

"Who are you and why do you want the Chaos Emeralds?" he questioned.

"That is none of you business, you insignificant brat. I have even bigger plans with those emeralds that I won't tell to you at all!" said the figure.

He looked at the sky and said, "Ah, It seems that they are getting reinforcements for this mission."

A large cloud of dark matter seeps onto the stage to create an army of Badniks and strange shadow creatures. The dark creatures in question had unnatural and incomprehensible forms for them to be seen as natural living things. It was then when the crowds were panicking that what was an exciting tournament is now a nightmarish invasion that can threaten their lives.

"Everyone, remain calm. I know that there is a way that we can safel..."

A Crab Puncher knocks him out cold as the mechanical menaces drew closer to the two heroes. The strange creatures followed by in "pools" of darkness that snaked across the ground like crawling shadows. Sonic had a bad feeling about these things and so did Alex Kidd. Tails, who was fixing Alex's Peticopter after its explosion, flies towards the stage to aid his friends in a panicked mood. Amy angrily rushes down the starts with her mallet ready as the monkey couple rolled afterwards in their Monkey Balls. Soon as they reached the stage, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Alex Kidd, AiAi, and Meemee gets into their battle positions. They all stared down their familiar and mysterious opponents with looks of scorn and confidence.

"Alright guys," said the heroic hedgehog, "We have to show these guys that it's not polite to intrude such a cool ceremony!"

The group of Motobugs, Buzz Bombers, and Egg Pawn prepare to attack while the mysterious shadow creatures change shape to gain a more intimidating appearance for their first encounter with these heroic prey. The next battle is about to rough and to believe that Sonic was having a break this time.

Now that that is over with, read and rate. Say what you like about the story and who would you like to see in the next arc.