Last time on Sonic & Sega All Stars: Subspace Unleashed, Syndicate members had been hired to protect Mr. X's old building had declared war on the New GG's and the rest of Knuckle's group. While half of the criminals had been defeated, only Break and Electra remained outside while Shiva took a gander at the Master Emerald shard. But the hero of Metro City himself, Axel Stone, had arrived just in time to challenge his old foe to a fight for old time's sake. Lastly, Deadly Six member Zomom challenges Knuckles the Echidna in hopes of finding his fight even more delicious than his battle with Sonic in the past. Now next installment of the Metro City arc begins now with even more twists for both Sonic and Streets of Rage fans to enjoy.

The two skilled fighters had broken out into a vicious fight in Mr. X's old lair, which was quite the nostalgia experience despite how dangerous this was. Within each of Axel's punches, Shiva had countered them with a kick as they've rapidly attacked each other. Shiva smirked in a sadistic glee as the two had keep fighting at this fast pace. Axel keeps staring at his Koppou practicing nemesis intensely to look for a perfect blindspot.

If I can find out when to slip past one of his attacks, I can attack him in his core before initiating the Bare Knuckle.

Shiva kept attacking his blonde foe at the same time and thought about the perfect way to deal his first deadly attack.

I have a hunch that I should trip him with a sweep kick, then I might be able to wound him with my famous Final Crash alone. Though there are other ways of dealing with him if I were to somehow overestimate his intelligence.

The black haired man went along with his first place attempted to knock his opponent down after grabbing Axel's fist during his last punch. This triggered the blonde policeman to swing his opponent overhead with all the strength he had possible during that moment.

"If you think I'll fall for that trick that easily, then you are sadly mistaken Shiva," he remarked after slamming him onto the ground.

Despite looking like he was seriously hurt, Mr. X's right-hand man had flipped off of the ground and dealt a flying kick to Axel's face. During this situation, Shiva laughed manically at the misfortune of his law abiding rival.

"If I were you, I would never underestimate my opponents after knocking them against the ground!" he said with the impression of madman.

The blonde cop was knocked against the ground from the surprise attack and slowly got up despite how strong it was. He looked back at him and wiped the blood off his nose with his fist as Shiva looked at him without any feeling of surprise.

"Just like old times, you are still relying one surprise kicks like that to save yourself the trouble. But that would stop me from going at you at full force," he said in a smug manner.

"Hmmph, you're still the same damn cop that wouldn't stop at anything until Mr. X or the Syndicate's plans are put to an end. I'll eventually defeat you this day and make not only him proud, but the Legion of Subspace proud. But like you've said, you'll go at me at full force like I will do as well!" he shouts.

Both fighters charged at each other while preparing for another clash, which will involve their trademark techniques this time around. Axel had ignited his left hand and held it out as his foe's feet started to ignite as well before they've met.

"Graaaaaaaand Hoooooook!" he yelled.

"Flaaaaming Circulaaaar Kiiiiick!" Shiva shouts as well.

Shiva initiates his infamous spinning kick to get even closer to the dragon fisted cop that kept running at him. Both fighters' attacks had clashed eventually and caused a majority of the surrounding objects like Mr. X's throne and the table to be knocked over from the sheer force of the impact. This fight may have been heated, but the situation outside is even worse. Despite being heavily wounded, the determined Kazuma kept fighting with Axel's robotic doppelganger as their fight raged on with fist battles.

"You are nothing like Axel, but I sure as hell like your enthusiasm this time around unlike the last round," said the arrogant blonde android.

"Don't congratulate me yet since I'll keep fighting you until you're reduced to nothing but scrap metal. You are the quite the machine for giving me trouble unlike the average Yakuza gang member," said the serious Kazuma.

He managed to grab hold of the robot in an attempt to deal a judo slam, but the android had countered him with a familiar Bare Knuckle technique. After getting sent skyward, the Yakuza member aimed for his metallic foe's head and executes a falling drop kick. He managed to deal some damaged to Break, which caused the main processor unit in his "cranium" to be knocked out of place. He cringed in pain and held his body down with both hands on his head.

"Damn it, not again! This damn processor can't be knocked out right now. I can't seem to control myself properly and my body's feeling like it's getting hotter!" he shouts in agony.

Kazuma actually noticed Break's body turning slightly red and visually sparking with blue electricity, giving him the sign that his foe is now slightly crippled.

"Now it's time for me to show you why anyone regardless of whether they are human or not should fear the Yakuza!" he says while charging at him.

Break relentlessly tried to gather the strength he needed for a counterattack, but couldn't due to the loss of control in his limbs. He was grabbed by his black haired opponent (despite how dangerous the sparking electricity on his body was) and slammed onto the ground at full force. Break's eyes went black and his body finally felt limp from the force of the attack, but he was lucky that he didn't combust like the last time due to his upgrades. Kazuma walked up to the android's body and observed it as it "stared" back at him with the dead eyes of any corpse he had seen.

This was a really tough one, but I've managed to defeat him with tactics that I'd use on any tough fighter. But the real question is whether his "death" was in vain or not. I'd doubt that burying a machine is worth it in a place like this anyway.

Earl had run up to the body and lifts it as Toejam tells him to do so before Kazuma's eyes.

"What are you planning on doing with him?" he asked.

"Don't chu worry, buddy. Me and Earl might plan on fixing him up a bit since he might to useful in the future. I'd rather not have a good robot like this go to waste anyway," said the red alien.

"Yeah, TJ said that it would be nice if we've had him as a partner in the future since he was pretty strong based on how things went in your fight. By the way, are you hurt?" the yellow alien asked.

"I'm fine despite the heavy blows I've dealt with. He may have been stronger than the thugs I've normally fought, but I can still keep going since we have something urgent to deal with," said the Yakuza member.

Despite this, Kazuma's arms and chest were in some serious pain due to such attacks even when he's trying to shrug it off. Some of these wounds were even bleeding, yet they couldn't be seen though his dark gray suit. Even Kazuma himself was honestly surprised that he's still standing despite being dealt with such wounds and survived fighting his first non-human opponent. He eventually gazed at the Bonanza Bros., where we unsurprisingly arguing with Toejam and Earl about whether Break had any loot in his pockets or not. A few feet away, the blonde dominatrix had looked at the situation and groans in disappointment due to the sheer unexpectedness of it.

Unbelievable! After all the hard work that Neo-Chaos and the Syndicate went though, that tin can Axel lookalike managed to fail us that easily. The worst part is that Axel wasn't the one to beat him, but some Japanese criminal instead.

She eventually turned back to Honey, who had no trouble fighting her the last few minutes unlike the first time they have fought. Honey herself was breathing heavily due to all the energy she had used to even dodge Electra's shocking whip and deal a few kicks to her. Her legs managed to have a few lash marks from the whip and her top managed to be ripped from the aforementioned weapon, the later which could normally embarrass Honey a lot. But she was more focused on defeating Electra at all costs regardless of whether the other guys would mind her appearance or not. Now all that's left is for me to defeat this little wench. I'm surprised that she's still standing despite her semi-exposed body being lashed by my precious electrical whip. But that still doesn't mean that I'll go easy on her from her on out.

"Well what are you waiting for, hussy? Why don't to lash you stupid whip at me like the so called dominatrix you are!" the fighting idol yelled.

Electra groaned and lifts the arm that held her trademark electric whip to do as her opponent had asked for.

"I'll make sure I'll maul that pretty face of yours so that you won't show it to any man ever again!" she shouts while lashing at Honey.

The peppy idol managed to dodge the whip's attack to attack her foe head on, which triggered the blonde dominatrix to counter the attack by swinging the outstretched whip sideways. Honey did a quick dodge roll to the left and keep running her surprised opponent.

"Time to end this catfight like a real cat!" she yelled before dealing a powerful Cat Punch to Electra's belly.

Her beautiful face expressed a horrific face during the impact of the attack and her whipping hand held itself back from the pain. Honey winks like she's usually do during her show and kicked her opponent away to end this fight. The blonde dominatrix bounced and rolled across the dead earth before stopping within a good 12 seconds. She was out cold from the attack as her beautiful eyes stay close during this moment. Despite being tired out from the fight, Honey jumps for joy to express her delicious victory. Ryo ran up to his energetic girlfriend and hugged her tightly while spinning her body around with care. Honey laughs while looking back at her concerned boyfriend who was seriously worried for her during the battle with Electra.

He eventually lowered her to the ground hugged each other more during this expectedly heartwarming moment, which even caught the other guys off guard. Toejam looked at them wide eyed since he was jealous of their relationship, despite already having Latisha as "his girl". The Bonanza Bros. were looking down in disbelief since seeing love was one of the main things they hated more than seeing the cops' ugly mugs. Jacky was jokily smiling while Akira kept trying to make the most serious face possible during this situation. Kasumi and Kazuma were the only ones not paying attention since the former was tending the latter's wounds after seeing how serious his wounds were from his fight. Same thing went for Beat and B.D. Joe since they were still discussing about how things would go for the future of the New G.G.'s.

"I'm very glad to see that you've managed to beat her Honey I was so worried for you," he said sincerely.

Honey felt something warm in her lovely heart and couldn't help but to adore Ryo's words of concern. Then, she noticed that Ryo's jacket was wet with some clear liquid that smelled like meat.

"I'm sorry, but what were you doing while we were fighting with that wet shirt," the idol fighter asked.

The black haired boy looked down at his clothes and remembered what happened when to them, feeling utterly embarrassed at the same time.

"I was back there helping Knuckles fight that yellow lardass, until he swallowed me whole and spat me towards where you guys are," he said bluntly.

They both turned towards the west to see Knuckles still fighting Zomom with no problem since the later was getting tired out from the fight. The obese Zeti was already tired out since Knuckles was too fast and strong for him to handle, even at his weakest strength.

"No fair, you were cheating the whole time! Why don't you hold still so that I can squash you like a pumpkin!" he said while stamping his feet angrily.

"I was fighting you at full force, fatty. If anything, you were too slow to handle me in the first place," said the hotheaded echidna.

Zomom clenched his fists even tight and made an even angrier face since being called fat was one of the main things he have always hated.

"Who are you calling fat, you red rodent! I'll make sure that I deep fried you with my special technique if I ever want to taste your flesh!" said the ticked off Zeti.

He eventually bounced himself into the air at a height of a skyscraper and inhaled a large amount of air for his next attack. As a large ball of energy started to form where his mouth was, Knuckles grew even more cautious since he know that his foe's serious about killing him this time. Everyone else had focused on the yellow Zeti as we since what he planned on doing next wasn't that grew. Zomom eventually belched in front of the energy ball to fire a massive blast that went towards his opponent.

"Whoah!" the surprised echidna yelled before running towards where his friends were.

Everyone else started to run towards the west to avoid its impact. The beam managed to hit the ground and create a massive yellow explosion that started to expand at the fast rate as the heroes escape it. Since the explosion was already catching up with everyone else, Knuckles thought of a plan that could save everyone from being vaporized.

"Guys, I'll quickly dig us something to hide in until the explosion is over! Trust me, everyone will be perfectly fine!" he yelled.

Everyone quickly nodded in fear and let the red echidna execute his quick plan to save them all. He jumped ahead of everyone and quickly dug a long, twenty foot deep trench for everyone to jump in. The entire group managed to hop inside as the blast barely tears the trench's opening and slowly started eating away at the hole that Knuckles had dug. Everyone had lowered their bodies in hopes of the explosion ending soon and not devouring them despite their efforts of avoiding it.

After a few minutes, the sounds of the explosion died down and everyone had felt a draft above themselves. Beat and B.D. Joe looked towards the sky in awe as the Bonzanza Bros. had stopped cowering from their side of the trench. Big pats both Toejam and Earl's backs in order to let them know that hiding time was over. Earl himself was surprised that Break was unscathed from the explosion's onslaught to the duo's relief. Akira, Jacky, Kasumi, Knuckles, and Kazuma glared at the slowly descending Yeti. Zomom was laughing his massive butt off since he was amusing by everyone's sudden cowardice when he had shown his true power. Honey was still holding onto her boyfriend, who was being smothered in her breasts to much of Mobo's annoyance.

"Quit it with the huggin' and focus on the situation at hand if you don't want to die!" the blue thief shouted.

Ryo looked up at his beautiful girlfriend and smiled at her before they both looked at the laughing Zeti.

"At first you guys didn't take me serious, but you all were running away like little piggies once I've shown my true power. You guys are so hilarious with your tasty cowardice," said Zomom before he laughed again.

Knuckles leapt out of the little left of his trench and raised his fist angrily at him in the massive crater that was created by the blast.

"Hey, there's difference between being a coward and fighting for your life. We get it that you're destructive and all, but there's no need to call us cowards!" he shouted angrily.

"Yeah right, you definitely felt like you've lost your lunch the first time I've fired my Deadly Mouth Breath," he said in a self righteous tone.

As Knuckles continuously barked at him while everyone else started to leave the miniature trench, the yellow Zeti took a glance at the building above him from the distance. He slowly started to make a big smile, which was more devious unlike the usual goofy smiles that he would normally do.

"And on top of that, we could have nabbed the Master Emerald shard more easily if you didn't show your ugly mug in the first place!" Knuckles had finished.

Zomom started to laugh in a more sinister tone with this expectedly evil grin, which angered Knuckles and shocked the others. He kept laughing even harder while patting his belly viciously like he had heard a very funny joke. Beat had a bad feeling about this since any bad guy wouldn't be laughing out of the blue for any reason like that. Big wondered what he was even laughing about in the first place while titling his small head. Kazuma grimaced during the situation since he's well aware that what ever Zomom thought of, it wasn't a very pleasant though.

"Hold on, what the funk are you laughing at this time? More "We R total cowards" Earthling crap?" said Toejam angrily.

The gluttonous Zeti had stopped laughing and started at his enemies with the same devious smile.

"Nothing special. Just though that I should destroy that building in front of us with the same technique so that you'll never recover that Master Emerald. It will be such a shame if I vaporize it or kill anyone that's in that building too," he said slyly.

This was so serious, that Ryo was the first one to walk closer to the devious Zeti.

"What? You can't be that serious if you are willing to destroy on of the fragments of the Master Emerald that Knuckles need to recover! Who in the building at the moment?" asked the black haired boy.

"No one special. Just that black haired man that part of the Syndicate and some blonde man that he's fighting at the moment based on what I've seen earlier," Zomom said.

Akira gasped when he had realized who he was referring to, the same man that defeated him in the tournament that he was fighting in before the Subspace Invasion had even occurred.

"Don't tell me that person you're planning on killing is Axel Stone? And why would you kill someone that you're working with in the first place?" said the serious Japanese fighter.

The obese Zeti had slicked his lips as if he was thirst for blood after Akira's last response.

"I may not know who that blond guy was, but thanks for reminding me of his name. We are the Deadly Six, we should show no mercy towards anyone at all. Whether they are friends or foes and I'd doubt that there will be a penalty for killing anyone on our side. It's his fault that he chose to be even near the Master Emerald shard in the first place and I'll destroy that building before your frightened faces if it's the last thing before supper!" he bellowed.

With that, Zomom bounced into the air and continued to fly towards the highest point in the sky. As the determined master of the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds, Knuckles had started to run out of the crater to find anything to climb.

There's no way that you are going to destroy a piece of the Master Emerald. Not when I'm around to stop you nonsense, fatty!

A few feet from the crater's mouth, Electra had slowly wakened up from her concussion and shook her throbbing head slightly with her hand on her forehead. The beautiful dominatrix looked behind her and couldn't believe her eyes at the sight of the massive crater that had formed during her concussion.

"What the hell just happened? Did they manage to do this while I was sleep?" she said quietly.

Another thing managed to catch her attention, which was Zomom flying straight into the air with his evil laughter.

Maybe that fat yellow punk had something to with this if he's so happy about the damage done to our city. What is he planning on doing next?

She also noticed Knuckles leaving the crater and ran towards the building in the north for climbing purposes.

"It's that red rodent. I wonder why he wants to climb that building all of a sudden?" she said in the same near quiet tone.

The next thing that really alarmed her is that Zomom starting to breathe in a lot of air while an energy ball started to form in front of his big mouth. Electra started to widen her eyes in horror upon witnessing the yellow Zeti's next devious plan.

That fat bastard planning on destroying the same building that Shiva and the Master Emerald shard is in. I have to get up there and warn him before it's too late!

The blonde dominatrix then started dashing towards the building's entrance and heading towards the elevator. Meanwhile, both Shiva and Axel were sweating rapidly and breathing heavily from fatigue. Both of them were equally as bruised from their previous attacks since they were evenly matched in terms of strength and speed. Not to mention, Shiva had trained himself proactively ever since he last defeat at the hands of Axel and his gang. He still glared at his foe while his dukes in position as if they were getting ready to clash for one last time.

"You may have been keeping up with me throughout this bloody fight, but I won't give up until you are dead Axel!" he said seriously.

"You'll still the same Shiva and you haven't changed quite a bit since the last time we've fought. Except for the fact that you're still at bay since I'm fighting you alone this time around," said the tired, yet glad cop.

"Let's finish this and end our feud and end this grudge one and for all! I'll use my strongest technique immediately if I have to defeat you right here and now, Axel!" the black haired man shouts while swiping his left arm.

"You do realize that we've already caused enough damage to the throne room while avoiding the Master Emerald shard. I would be more concerned about what would happen to the both of us if I were you," Axel remarked.

But it was too late since the arrogant Koppou practitioner had launched himself into the air with a handspring and holds back his left open palmed hand to prepare for the final hit. This gave Axel the sign to dash for the encased green shard and nab it before the room's eventual destruction. Shiva managed to attack the ground with a severe downwards palm strike, which was powerful enough to rupture the ground below him and the entire room. After he realized what he did wrong, he knew that arrogance always had gotten the best of him no matter what. Both fighters had leapt into the air in an attempt to grab hold on anything on the walls, but they eventually fell down the dark abyss.

"Now see what you've done, Shiva! This is why I've always questioned the decisions that any Syndicate member like you would make!" Axel shouted while holding the green shard.

The fighters had noticed that everything that fell (from the debris to the much throne room furniture) crashed into the next floor and caused it to break as well.

"I really wanted to defeat you at all costs, even if it meant sending the both of us to hell! This is what happens when you are too persistent for you own good, Axel," Shiva remarked.

As the blonde cop could tell from his foe's tone of voice, he was scared which was a feeling that he had never felt in years. Part of him really wanted to kill both himself and Axel while the other actually regrets everything he had done back in the throne room. Both of them continued falling as the massive G-Forces pushed below their midweight, yet muscular bodies.

I have a bad feeling about this. If only there was a miracle that would keep the two of us from falling to our deaths.

Electra was quickly packing up her valuables on the Twelfth Floor before she would continue heading for Shiva, until she heard some heavy smashing noises above her. She knew from the sound of it that something must have hit the building and started heading for the elevator's door. After she had pressed the down button and the elevator door had opened, the ceiling of the Twelfth Floor caved in from the force of the previous floors. She quickly had retreated into the massive elevator and watched as the room was eventually destroyed in horror. The elevator itself fell out of balance due to the door and part of the elevator's tunnel being destroyed from the falling debris.

Damn it! Was I too late or did he manage to destroy the throne room himself?

She held on to the sloping elevator platform as it fell into the gaping abyss caused by the collapsing floors. She turned around after hearing a few loud thuds, which turns out to be Shiva and Axel since they managed to hit the elevator platform before hand. Both of them quickly got to their feet and noticed the beautiful whip wielding woman next to them. Shiva grew concerned for her since he was the type of man that had always looked out for what happened with his subordinates.

"What are you doing here, Electra? Didn't you manage to take those fools out before you can here?" he asked sincerely.

Axel smirked while shaking his head since this was a side of him that he had never seen before: being concerned about the safety of a woman.

"Now is not the time, Shiva. We have to focus on getting out of here since that yellow guy that had joined us recently will destroy the place with power. Not to mention killing you two and that green gem in the process," she said in a panicky manner.

This caused the man with the long dark hair to look at his right fist and clench it in deep anger. Even Axel was surprised by him getting angry at something that had nothing to do with him.

"That fat bastard! Tell me what happened to the others before you've escaped to this building!" he demanded.

"Based on the massive crater I've seen, they were most likely killed by him before had I waken up," she said sadly.

The sight of Electra's sad face and the revelations of Zomom's insane plan had caused him to get even angrier as he thought about how Mr. X would feel for failing to keep things in check while he was gone. Shiva punched the solid floor of the elevator out of anger, which caused both Electra and Axel to lose their balance since there was no floor to keep it stabile as it kept falling down the abyss.

"Damn it! That son of a bitch is going to regret interfering with ours plans and trying to kill of the man who even invited him in our group! I'll definitely use that same technique to make us reach the grounds faster and avoid being destroyed!" he shouts.

Before he could do another handspring, Axel grabbed his left hand to stop him before hand to much of his anger.

"What the hell are you doing? I need to do this so that we can make it out here alive!" Shiva barked.

"No, we need to do this together if we are getting out of here safely. After all, the force from all three of us would be enough tot give it the speed we need to fall faster," he said with a concerned face.

Shiva didn't know how to react to the fact that his nemesis is doing an act of kindness to him. Electra hand put her right hand on his shoulder and looked into his eyes as he stared back at her. He had never felt comforted like this before since times he was usually told to protect Mr. X at all costs.

"Like he said, we're in this together and we won't need the Legion of Subspace anymore. If a member of them had turned against use for no reason, then that's a reason enough or us to turn against all of them," she said softly.

He eventually smiles at her and takes into consideration of the advice from his new partners. He looks towards the ground and then his own bare hands before clenching them in confidence.

"Alright, let's do together to crush the Legion of Subspace!" he shouts.

Meanwhile, Zomom had already had the energy he need to wipe out the entire building as he prepares to fire the beam at it. Beat and the others were already out of the crater and feared for the safety of Axel and his enemies as time had begun to run out. Knuckles glides towards him at full speed in an attempt to stop the gluttonous Zeti from executing his plan.

"I'll stop you before you even thin about destroying that building!" he shouts as he nears the yellow Zeti.

Zomom notices him and fired the blast at the building before he was punched by the red echidna. The blast had reached the building at a blinding speed and destroyed it within minutes from the expanding yellow blast.

Knuckles gasped in shock as the building fell apart from Zomom's last attack.

"Noooooooooooooooooooooo!" he screams in horror.

Despite efforts of defeating the remaining members of the Syndicate, things had gone downhill do to Zomom showcasing his true strength. This eventually resulted in the death of the defeated Syndicate members sans Electra and destroyed the Syndicate's old building before Axel and the others could escape. Whether or not they managed to survive is currently unknown until the next chapter. The last thing I'll tell you is that another fan favorite Sonic character might make an appearance and she/he's definitely connected to the emeralds like Knuckles and Shadow. Remember to rate and review as usual. This is TheFlyingRedJerk signing out. *cue Streets of Rage ending theme*