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Training was going as smoothly as ever. Each member of the team were going up against one another. No room for hesitation in training. Even though they were all friends, they would not hold back on each other. As to improve themselves. At least, they aren't supposed to hold back on each other. As to prepare for real life missions.

But, there were exceptions in the team member's minds. Kaldur would only keep slightly back if he felt necessary. Superboy didn't know the meaning of the word. Artemis wouldn't hold back, and she would put more effort in to annoy/one up Kid Flash. M'gann would hold back on Superboy, as not to make him mad. But with everyone else it was fair game...mostly...

Robin always keeps back on his real fighting to tease them. Like how he'll use his acrobatic moves to avoid and evade them, as to make them feel aggravated. Kinda cruel, he'll admit, but it's always fun, and they all know that it's a joke. But in really serious situations, he'll never kid around. He's not that immature. If however he felt as though he were going to lose during training sessions, he will not strain. But Robin could tell that everyone on the team, even Kid Flash, held back on him. As if they thought he couldn't handle it, or they thought he wasn't old enough to take full force. If only they could see Gotham...

"Alright. Robin and Kaldur'ahm. You're up next," Black Canary stated once Artemis and Kid Flash had finished. Kaldur and Robin looked at each other, then nodded, giving each other an encouraging smile. They went to the center, and got into their individual fighting stances.

"Robin, do you want me to hold back?" Kaldur asked politely. Robin just smirked at him and replied,

"No thank you. I would really appreciate it if you gave it all you got," Robin said smirking, very pleased with himself. Kaldur smiled at the boy wonder, and kept his stance. He really didn't know why he had asked in the first place. I guess that he just feels like he doesn't want to hurt him at all, or anything along those lines...

"Whenever you're ready," Black Canary said. The two then began to go around each other, waiting for one of them to commit the first strike. Kaldur took that first strike.

He flung himself forward, keeping his water barriers steady, and ready. Robin easily avoided this predictable attack. He then flipped directly over the atlantean, landing behind him, where the boy wonder then delivered a forceful kick to Kaldur's back. It made him stumble, but not fall. In this short time of hesitation however, Robin was able to flip back over into a handstand on Kaldur's shoulders. He gripped his shoulders tightly, and had his feet come forward, kicking Kaldur out from underneath him. Kaldur was on the ground, the little message that said "FAIL" over his head. Black Canary nodded in approval at Robin's technique. Robin however, did not seem pleased with what had just occurred. Kaldur got up from the floor, and saw Robin's frustration.

"What is it Robin? You won. Why are you not pleased?" Robin shot him a small glare, then replied.

"You held back," Robin simply stated. Kaldur realized why now the boy was upset. "You said you weren't going to hold back, but you did anyway." Kaldur realized his mistake in the matter. He saw then that he should not have let Robin's age blur the definition of training for the both of them.

"Robin, I apologize, I-" Kaldur tried to make amends, only to be interrupted by Robin.

"Why? Do you think I'm incapable? You've seen me on missions! You see how well I perform out there! And they most certainly don't hold back!" Kaldur tried to get in some sort of explanation, but Robin would be having none of it.

"What makes you think I can't handle you, when I can handle them?" Robin asked. He was very frustrated by this whole matter. He couldn't figure out why they all felt the need to treat him like a child, like he didn't know anything. This confrontation had been building for a while, and Robin couldn't handle it anymore.

"How am I supposed to get any better in training, if the people who are supposed to be helping me learn, hold back?!" He stated a valid point. They all knew this. Why they had never brought that factor into mind, they couldn't figure out. "I mean, seriously! Batman doesn't hold back on me! And he's BATMAN!" Robin was practically shouting now. They all understood why.

"I'm sorry Robin. I never took those factors into consideration. I only didn't want to hurt you because you're so much..." Kaldur didn't get to finish his sentence.

"YOUNGER?! YEAH, I'M YOUNGER, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN A THING CONSIDERING THE FACT THAT I'VE BEEN DOING THIS LONGER THAN ALL OF YOU! WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO HOLD BACK ON ME! IN FACT, I SHOULD LET YOU KNOW THAT I'VE BEEN THE ONE HOLDING BACK. AND YOU REALLY WOULDN'T WANT TO SEE ME WHEN I'M ACTUALLY FIGHTING!" That struck a cord in everybody. Robin flipped into the shadows disappearing from the room. The team just looked at each other, shell shocked. While Black Canary just looked stunned. She had never seen Robin like that in all the years she's known the boy.

"Wow," was all Artemis could get out about this entire crazy situation.

"Who knew he felt that way?" M'gann added.

"I didn't," Superboy added plainly.

"Nor did I," Kaldur replied.

"Yeah... I've only seen Robin get angry like that before once..." Everyone just looked at Wally.

"What happened?" M'gann asked.

"Well... He and Batman kinda got in a fight..." Wally let out, he would've continued too, but Artemis butted in.

"Wait. How would that even work? Like, how could you even muster up the courage to even disagree with Batman?" Artemis was right. Just thinking of having that man angry at you was frightening. Even Black Canary shuddered slightly.

"I don't know... But I think Robin actually won that fight." Wally said. That was just too hard to believe. How does one win a fight with Batman? Wally upon seeing the team's confused expressions, gave them a small shrug.

"Well... I'm going to find Robin and see if I can't talk him into talking to you. Although, Robin does have a point. He has been in this business longer than all of you, and he is trained by Batman. I really don't think you should hold back. I mean, really, how do you expect him to learn? You have to let him fail and make mistakes in here. Otherwise, he'll make those mistakes in the field, where there is no room for them." Black Canary left them with that thought to ponder over. They could see now that their decisions had been very idiotic. And this was most certainly about to become very apparent...

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