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Robin was starting to doubt his ability to stand and watch as Bruce told the entire league and team his life story. He was feeling the pressure to say the least.

"We're so happy you're awake, Robin," Superman said kindly, joy in his eyes. Robin smiled back at him and offered a small "thanks".

He said "Robin" though because Dick had put the mask back on and Bruce had replaced his cowl to it's original position. They were the dynamic duo at the moment, but they were about to be revealed to the league, and re-revealed to the team.

Even though the league know that Batman's Bruce Wayne, they were never informed of the fact that Robin was his adopted son; and and orphan. It's actually very surprising still that they couldn't piece anything together knowing Batman's identity. I guess because none of them live in Gotham, and because none of them wanted to risk trying to piece things together when it comes to the bat they never thought about trying in the first place.

None of them knew why they were here; only Batman, Robin, Black Canary, J'onn, and the team knew. But they were all about to find out.

"I brought you all here," Batman started rather dramatically, "for more reasons than just showing you that Robin is awake and well." Robin could tell that Batman was slipping into the role of Bruce Wayne judging by his tone of voice. He sounded like he usually sounds when he's making an announcement at once of his parties, just a lot more genuine and happy. But his tone of Bruce did the job, making all the leaguers and the team look over to the uncharacteristically happy bat. Though, understandably so.

"What then?" Green Arrow asked before Batman had a chance to say anything more, "Because I think that knowing Robin's okay is good enough for me right now, I don't want to hear any bad news or nothing." The other leaguers hummed in agreement. Batman sighed.

"This isn't bad news," Batman said, gaining full attention back.

"Well, what?" Green Arrow asked, looking bored with Batman's words. He just wanted to go out with someone for a drink to rejoice not only for Robin, but for the weight lifted from his shoulders.

"If you would shut up Oliver, I could tell you." And, Batman's back. Barry snickered at Green Arrow who looked ready to bolt. Batman sighed, suddenly regretting his decision to tell them about Robin. Robin could tell what he was feeling, and stepped forward.

"No, I'll tell them," Robin said sternly, hoping he wouldn't regret this decision. Batman was about to say something, like how he could tell them, but Robin gave him a firm look and face the Justice League and his team. In other words, his family.

"I guess that this has been building for a while, and Batman here finally agreed to give up the protective mode for a moment and let me tell you who I am, and who I was," Robin started. Batman took that as his cue, and both him and Robin took off the things concealing their identities.

The League seemed genuinely surprised by this, for they had not expected the bat to consent to something like this. But as they looked at the bright blue eyes before them, they forgot all about that.

"Hi, my name's Richard John Grayson, but my friends call me Dick." Green Arrow was about to say something when, "And before you say anything, I've already heard all the jokes about my name, every single one. So lets not got there, thanks." Green Arrow shut his mouth, and the rest of the league and team snickered.

"I'm a freshman at Gotham Academy, because I skipped a year in elementary school then another one in middle school." They all nodded rather impressed, and Dick continued. "I'm also the adopted son of Bruce Wayne." Dick gestured to Bruce, who let a small smile slip past his lips.

The league seemed genuinely shocked by this. They knew Batman and Robin were close, but they had never realized that Robin could be Batman's son; blood or otherwise.

"Wait," Superman spoke up, directing his words to Batman, "but you said that you had told Robin's parents that he was taken by Scarecrow."

"I lied," Bruce said simply. "But being his parent what I said to you wasn't entirely untrue." They nodded, but then Green Arrow spoke up.

"Wait, if you were adopted by Bruce here; what happened to your real parents?" After he said this he could tell he struck a cord, and Dick's face cringed slightly. They all saw the flash of sadness in his already sad eyes, and Green Arrow wasn't sure he wanted to know anymore.

"My parents..." Dick wavered as to how he would word his explanation, and Bruce seemed ready to jump in at any moment.

"They're names were Mary and John Grayson," they all took note of the 'were', "we together as a family were the famous Flying Graysons along with my aunt, uncle, and cousin." Some of the leaguers recognized the name and tensed up. "We were the best acrobatic act in the entire world, only ones who could all do a quadruple flip in mid-air. Plus, we always performed without a net." The implications of this made them all dread the continuation of this story. "We were an act in the Haly's Circus, and we all traveled around a lot in our trailer with the circus." Artemis felt a stab of guilt for all her thoughts that Dick Grayson was a pompous rich kid when he used to be poorer than her.

"But we were happy, and life was great." Dick smiled at the memories, but his face darkened. "But I guess that wasn't to be..."

"When I was eight, on the night of my first finale performance with my entire family, I was wondering around the tent before the show. As I was walking I heard Jack Haley, the owner and ringmaster of the circus, arguing with someone. He was talking to a man who wanted money in exchange for 'protection' from Haley, but Haley told him to leave. The man said that he would regret this and that his best act would pay for it." The tension in the air began to rise because of these foreshadowing words.

"I didn't think too much about it, and went back to my parents. We went to perform, and we did wonderfully as usual. Then came the grand finale, and I was finally going to be in it, I was so excited." Dick's eyes flashed with memories again, and a few tears he refused to let slide. "We started out the routine as usual, and I was waiting for my mother to swing over and grab my hands. Her and my dad were linked together and they came towards me."

"I reached out my hands and..." Dick couldn't help the tears that were filling his eyes, and neither could anyone else. "And the wires broke."

A wave of sadness and pain filled the room, and Dick frantically swiped away the tears streaming down his red cheeks.

"They all fell, and I saw it happen." They all cringed with pain at this, suddenly realizing why Bruce took him in. They have more in common than anyone had originally thought. "Both my parents died, along with my aunt and cousin. But my uncle was paralyzed and put in a coma." Another rush of pain flowed freely. "I was taken away from the circus, and put in Gotham Juvenile Detention Center because all of the orphanages were full." Wide eyes and gasps filled the room. How could anyone send an eight year old boy who had just watched his family die to a detention center to fend for himself?

"I spent about a month there," More cringing, "until a very kind billionaire came and brought me to his mansion, away from that place forever." Dick smiled, and so did Bruce. This caused the rest to smile too, happy that this story could have a relatively good enough ending. "I later found a secret cave below the manor, and asked if I could be Batman's partner; and I did."

"After that I found out that the name of the man who murdered my family was named Tony Zucco, and I got my justice." Batman found himself frowning, but then again glad that Dick was able to get the man who killed his family without him dying. Just plain justice. "And don't worry, he's currently residing in Arkham Prison where he will stay." Sighs of relief came from both the team and the league.

"You pretty much know the rest I guess."

Wally was the first to run up and hug Dick, and Dick hugged him back not caring about anything anymore.

"I'm glad you trust us," Superman said on behalf of everyone. They all nodded in agreement and went to get their hugs from Dick too. They all got one.

But then M'gann could sense something more.

"Dick?" Dick looked up at M'gann and gave her a questioning look, along with everyone else. "Is there anything else?" She got confused looks from everyone but Dick and J'onn. Dick just looked at his feet when everyones' attention turned to him.

"I guess... but it's not important," Dick mumbled, and Wally placed a hand on Dick's shoulder and gave him a look that said I-know-there's-something-else-and-not-just-because-Megan-said-it-but-also-because-I'm-your-best-bud-and-I-know-these-things.

Dick sighed, "It's just that.. I guess sometimes when I think about my parents, I blame myself for what happened." They all looked even more shocked, and Dick continued to look at his feet. But before anyone could say anything he continued.

"I could have told my parents about what I heard, and then maybe none of this would have happened. Maybe I wouldn't have had to see them... die... and I wouldn't have gone down to the floor- and hugged their br-broken b-bodies- screaming for th-them to not l-leave me..." Dick's words were starting to come out in gasps now as tears cascaded down his face like a torrent. Wally was about to pull him into another hug when Bruce beat him to it.

He pulled Dick in tight and let Dick bury his face in his shoulder to cry.

"There was nothing you could have done," Bruce said to him. "You were eight and didn't know any better. Besides, who's to say that telling them would have made any difference regardless." Dick sniffed loudly into Bruce's shoulder, and looked up at him with red puffy eyes.

"I kn-know. I just..." Dick didn't know what to say, he never knew what to say when it came to this very topic. But Bruce just hugged him tighter, and refused to let go.

"You're here now. That's all that matters," Bruce said to him, and Dick nodded. He then pulled himself together and let go of his adopted father.

"S-sorry guys," Dick murmured. Wally just gave a dramatic gasp and pulled Dick into another hug.

"There is nothing to apologize for. You can cry all you want any time," Wally said, causing Dick to laugh. He let go of Wally and Wally did the same in return. Dick smiled up at all of them, and he felt like all the weight he ever bared was now off his shoulders. It was a great feeling to say the least.

"Thank you, by the way," Dick said. They looked at him for reasoning. "I'm just glad that I now have so many people I can trust." They smiled, and Green Arrow spoke.

"Don't you have any friends at school or something?" he asked. Dick let out a short breathy laugh.

"I have approximately one friend outside of the hero business." Green Arrow frowned, and wouldn't accept the answer.

"Oh come on, you have to have more than one friend!" He exclaimed and Dick laughed his cackle.

"Nope, basically just the one. I mean, there is Betty too I guess. But Barbara is really my only friend at Gotham Academy besides Artemis now."

"Wait, are you saying that the only friends you have at Gotham are all girls?" Green Arrow asked cocking an eyebrow, and the rest of the league were about to hit him if he didn't stop talking.

"Yep!" Dick just said completely okay with this not seeing anything weird about it, and they all laughed.

Joking and prodding was all that was left in the mountain as they all entertained themselves finding things out about each other, even Bruce. A family was really what they were, joined together by their desire to protect the innocent; none of them could ask for anything more.

And Dick Grayson couldn't be happier.

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