Hello everyone! I decided to write this one shot! Yay! This stroty is bugging my while writting other stories and i just need to write this so that it won't bug anymore.. it's either i decide to say it's one shot or i'll cut it and make two chapters if it's too long...either way enjoy the power of SHIZAYA!

The day you finally said I love you

The school is still normal as usual, nothing out of ordinary. Students continued their business, listening to teachers and focusing on the lectures. It's still the same old day as well for HeiwajimaShizuo, who was currently looking at the lecture on the board with a rather bored expression on his face, he didn't understand the shits that were written on it, numbers, numbers and more numbers it's damaging his brain already. With a sigh he looked at the raven seated beside him. OriharaIzaya, the smartest in guy in class one of the most silent as well, but his smug expressions are pissing Shizuo off. And what ticked him most is the special treatment he's receiving in the class, when there is recitation Izaya is exempted and was given a seat work instead, that is just not fair. He never talks. No he never had any conversations with the said raven he never really did. The raven would just sit on his chair all day and read, study or listening to his iPod, sometimes he saw Shinra talking to him and since Izaya and Shinra are friends, Shizuo and Shinra are friends. The three of them used to hang out, eat lunch together at the roof top, while was Shizuo fuming about why the hell that izaya won't talk to him. He received a letter that day from Izaya saying:

I don't talk to people I don't trust and seeing you being pissed off by it is also amusing, sorry Shizuo. I don't like people who's glaring at me the whole time. Stupid protozoan

that did ticked him off stomping through the corridor after the class ended he was headed to the roof top where the said raven was and he will make sure that he will clarify things to this Izaya. Who does he think he is! The fuming blond bumped into none other than his brunette friend.

"Shizuo! where are you going?!"Shinra asked as he saw how fired up the certain blond, Shinra knew better the look that Shizuo was having now.

"your stupid friend here pissing me off, now I need to talk to him!"

"Shizuo no! that… that is impossible"

"why impossible?! Gah never mind Shinra! And don't you dare interfere!" Shizuo gave him a glare before stomping towards the rooftop. Shinrasighed he really and badly need to go and stop Shizuo, but on the other hand he thought it might be good if Shizuo find it out for himself.

Meanwhile in the rooftop a certain raven is listening something on his iPod, it is something he was accustomed to do so, opening his mouth and followed the sounds that was blasting on his ears, he grew more and more frustrated, even how much he tried he never succeeded just one word.. just one word this damn one word he need to voice out thi-


Izaya whipped his head on the doors direction and widen his eyes. What is he doing here?! He thought and plugged his earphones out and slid it on his pocket as he stood up he smirked at the blond.

"this note! Im sorry but I don't like the way you taunted me in here" Shizuo began and threw the note in his front. Izaya shrugged, smirk still present on his face.

"tsk! You don't trust me? I don't care! It just pisses me off that you don't talk to me and instead giving me that damn smirk you had right now! It just pisses me off!" Shizuo said slowly making his way to the still shrugging Izaya.

"then I'll make that voice of you come out!" Shizuo lunged forward and threw a punch at the raven, but the smaller male dodged it quickly and tried to flee the scene, but then Shizuo caught his arm and grabbed him pinning the raven's lithe form in the nearest wall. Shizuo did quite pin him harshly on the wall but he never heard any noise, any grunt or groan. Shizuo was rather pissed at this and tightened his grip on the other's neck.

"…" Izaya was silently choking, his faced shown pure pain but never made any sounds, his mouth was opening and closing.

"what? speak! Are you mute!? Come-" Shizuo cut his sentence as the realization dawned him, he made another squeeze on his neck and again no sound came. Shizuo finally loosen his grip and let the smaller male slid through the floor coughing silently and rubbed his neck. Shizuo's heart ached at the sight for some reason, the silent coughing and intake of breath izaya was making he was feeling guilty.

"Izaya, you..you can't speak?"

Said raven looked away and took a pen and paper scribbling something, Shizuo looked down at him before the raven left and ran outside the rooftop slamming the door as he vanished. Shizuo picked the letter.

Yes! I'm a mute! Are you satisfied now!


Shizuo sat down and stared at the raven beside him. After the incident in the rooftop two days ago and Izaya is avoiding him, he really wanted to say sorry about that. After the class ended Shizuo dragged Izaya out the room and took him in the vacant laboratory room.

"Izaya I just-"

[what do you want? ]

Shizuo was cut off by the screen in his front it was like Celty's PDA, the blond stared at the text and took a deep breath.

"I want to say sorry.."

[yeah, sure ..whatever]

"im serious, Izaya I didn't want to cause this.." he looked at the mark he left on Izaya's neck and caressed it. The raven blushed at the act and quickly typed into his PDA. [fine whatever! I forgive you! Don't touch me!] . Shizuochuckled the raven was too cute when flustered.

"let's start again ok? ImHeiwajimaShizuo and I promise I won't hurt you again like I did two days ago" Shizuo said extending his hand for a handshake. The blonde realized something to days ago, he didn't like seeing Izaya hurt it aches to see him like that, especially when he was the one causing it, he realized two days ago he wanted to be close to Izaya.
Izaya once again blushed and typed, ever since Shinra introduced Shizuo to him, he already like the blond, he was glad on silently observing him when they eat in the rooftop, but he started to feel uncomfortable when shizuo keep on glaring at him. He thought maybe Shizuo doesn't like him; maybe he was bothered because he doesn't speak. Even when he wanted to he can't, he can't talk to him, and he could just simply stare and look. He doesn't have the plan to tell him he can't speak either, he was toafraid that Shizuo might pity him and avoid him and the response he was receiving now from SHizuo made his heart clench.

[im OriharaIzaya, nice to meet you]

after showing Shizuo the text he shook hands with him and smiled.


Shizuo never felt so contented before and it was because of Izaya, he knew better than that, months of being friends both of them are inseparable. They tend to know each other more and more every day. It was on the first week on January when Shizuo finally had his wish granted.

"come on Izaya! Do it!" Shizuo overheard Shinra and whipped his head to see Izaya frantically typing on his PDA. It was break and they are the only people left in the room.

"oi! What's wrong with you two?"

Shinra dragged the poor raven with him and pushed him in front of Shizuo's desk. "izaya wants to say something "

"yeah what is it?" the blond said and leaned closer at the table.

"you can do it" Shinra whispered and Izaya looked at Shizuo. Shizuo waited for the raven to type something but he didn't, he just stood there and biting his lips, Shizuo waited patiently, looking at Izaya who was opening his mouth and closing them again. "oi izaya what's wro-"


Shizuo's instantly widen his eyes as he stood up and strolled towards izaya.

"say it.." he wants to hear it.

"he..he.." Izaya was already fidgeting his shirt and frowned. Why can't I say this simple word!

"don't push yourself to much Iz, relax and say it.." he needs to hear it.

"he.. he.. hello" izaya smiled and bites his lips. "hel.. hello "

Shizuo hugged the raven and shook him, he was so happy, he never thought that he would ever hear Izaya speaks, and that voice. That cute angelic voice suits him well.

"I thought he could never speak"

"yes, though I discovered just four months ago that he was able to produce sound, so I told him to practice and he finally managed to do so" Shinra chirped happily.

[it took me three months for that simple word, it's embarrassing]

"don't be.. you did well, it's a good start, im proud of you." Shizuo said ruffling the raven locks, Izaya blushed at the act and smiled.

"say it again.."


cute Shizuo thought "what's the new word you are practicing now?"
Izaya blushed and looked at shinra "it's a surprise Shizuo" with that said the bell rang and the students fled back to the room, Shizuo smiled one last time. I'll ask him next time.


The sun was shining brightly and Shizuo can't deny that he had fallen, fallen for izaya, hard and fast he did, all he want to see isIzaya, talk to him, be with him and seeing his lovely face. And today he would ask the raven out for a date and he will confess. There is no backing away, he took a deep breath and slowly opened the door in the rooftop but halted when he heard a voice.

"okay you got that first syllable quite good.." it was Shinra's voice. "okay.. you say Z..ZZZZ"


"heh…it's not that"

Shizuo smiled izaya was practicing, he heard tapping of screen.

"no, why are you saying that… tsk! You want to know this right?...good then let's practice ..huh?... Izayaim sure he will be happy even if you don't pronounce it right….. good don't worry okay? Then from the start"
Shizuo was curious what was he practicing today so he stood there and listened.


"okay.. zzz"


"okay listen.. ShiZZZuo"

Shizuo blushed and peeked at the fuming izaya who can't pronounce the letter Z on his name, his name! it means Izaya was practicing to learn his name?!

"don't worry, this letter is one of your weakness, such as W and V, practice it more and you can do it in no time"

"yo! Shinra! Izaya?"

izaya flinched and blushed as he looked back at Shizuo and was typing frantically [h-how lhong have youove been there?!]Shizuo chuckled at the spelling of izaya's sentence.

"no I just came here what are you two doing?"

"practicing!" Shinra chirped before standing up and heading towards the door leaving the two alone. Shizuo smiled, this the part he liked about Shinra he can sense a situation at hand. The blond faced Izaya and picked up the raven's things on the ground and hands it to him. "Iz.. I want to ask you something" Shizuo said as he smiled and took the raven's hand. Izaya tilted his head on the side signalling the other to continue.

"Will you go out with me tonight?"

Izaya blushed up to his ears and Shizuo found it adorable. the raven was still blinking and quickly typed, showing it to Shizuo. [a…a date?]. Shizuo smiled and ruffled Izaya's raven locks and nods. "yes.. so.. you ok with it?"

[of course!]

"alright then, let's meet on the park tonight okay?"



Shizuo looked around him tapping his foot on the ground as he waited for his date, he blushed at the thought tapping his phone with his index finger he was really anxious. Izayatexted earlier that he was on his way to the park, there were couples everywhere and it made him blushed more. he was going to confess today and that is final, taking a deep breath before he heard a voice.


Shizuo jerked his head to the side and saw Izaya typing something before shoving it in his face. [im sorry, did I make you wait?], Shizuo was unable to say his reply he was busy studying Izaya, seeing him in deifferent clothes aside from his red shirt and black gakuran. he never saw Izaya wear other than his school uniform and today seeing the raven in different clothes was too cute. Izaya is wearing a black jeans and black long sleeve shirt with a checkered black and white scarf around his neck wrapped twice, his hair was tousled and tossed in random direction probably from running. Now Shizuo felt a bit embarrassed he was just wearing a torn blue jeans and grey shirt white jacket he looks just nothing out of ordinary he thought. But little did he know Izaya was thinking the exact opposite
he looks so handsome in casual clothes.Izaya once again tapped the screen and showed it on Shizuo's face who was currently spacing out. [shizuo? are you ok?]

"huh? oh yeah im fine, sorry.. you just look so great and cute"

Izaya's small blush tripled and was frantically typing into his PDA [shut up! It's not true either way what are we going to do now?]
Shizuo chuckled and grabbed the raven's hand and dragged him into a café. He planned it all today and seeing the raven enjoying his company, just seeing izaya silently giggle on his lame attempt of joke, actually he wasn't joking but just talking normally and izaya would suddenly laugh, saying [you are so funny today Shizuo.. you are talking about your pet cat's scratching habit thrice without noticing it]. Shizuo just laughed at that he sounded so stupid in Izaya's front really. The dinner went smoothly and they are currently back in the park walking near the fountain.

"Iz.."Shizuo started and stopped on his tracks. Izaya stopped and looked at her tilting his head as he waited for shizuo's next words.

"There is something I want to tell you".

Izaya's heart beat sped up as he typed. [what is it?]
Shizuo took a deep breath and took Izaya's both hands and looked at him.

"Iz.. I love you Izaya "

Izaya's blush became tenfold up to his ear and blinked in surprise, his heart racing in an unbelievable speed, he tried to withdrew his hand to type something but Shizuo held it still, locking eyes with Izaya. "you don't have to write it.. I will ask you..do you love me back?"Shizuo asked hoping he would receive a fruitful answer, after a long minute of silence Izaya nodded shyly. The blond's smile was up to his ear if that's possible, he was just too happy at the moment, he can't describe it. And because of too much emotion flowing into his body he pulled the raven close and captured his lips with his own, Izaya was too surprise to move and stayed still, hesitantly wrapping his arms around the taller male's neck and leaned closer, he gasped as he felt the other's tongue licked his lips . the feeling was all to new for him and he just followed what his instincts told him, he parted his lips slowly and felt Shizuo's tongue trespassed into that tempting soft lips of the raven, exploring the hot cavern he was rewarded by a silent moan, he deepens the kiss and was again rewarded with another moan and he heard it quite right.

"nn…" a small and soft whimper the raven made Shizuo smile and parted the kiss for an intake of breath and looked at the mess he had caused the panting and blushing Izaya.

"im sorry, I just… I didn't mean that, maybe you think im taking advantage or such.." he frowned what am I talking about?. Izaya was frantically typing in fast rate and showed it to him.

[eh.. no its fine reallyt! you don't have to say sorry… its. nothing realy.. I don't't minds it]

Shizuo chuckled at the spelling mistakes izaya made as he yped it was so cute and a very izaya like. With a deep sigh he pulled the raven close to him in a tight embrace. But he winces as the small male pushed him self away from him and typed something.

[im sorry, i can't voice out what i feel for you.. but i wanted too i really do] Izaya hung his head as he showed theblond his response, he felt bad because unlike Shizuo he can't tell him how much he loved him. Sure he could write it but saying what you feel is far more better that reading it. He was about to type again but Shizuo held his hand and smiled.

"it's fine.. i don't really mind as long as you feel the same thing it's alright if you don't say it."
That offended Izaya, he knew Shizuo just wanted to cheer him up but the blond doesn't understand that he wanted to voice it out he wanted to.. even if it would take him months to practice he will.

Shizuo looked at izaya who was oppening his mouth and closing ones again, is he trying to say my name? The taller man thought and waited for izaya.

"Shiss..ugh!" izaya frowned and clenched his PDA in hand. Shizuo smiled at this and ruffled his raven locks.

"Iz.. its alright.. you can call me Shi, i know you are having hard time pronouncing letter Z"

Izaya blushed and looked at Shizuo with curiousity how did he know?
Shizuo chuckled and answered Izaya's question in mind. "i heard you back in the rooftop." He smiled before he spotted a ice cream stall across the park. "do you want an ice cream?"
Izaya nodded [i'll just wait in that bench im a bit tired though...]

"sure" Shizuo smiled and planted a kiss on the raven's forehead "i'll be back" and with that Shizuo walked towards the ice cream stall.