Shizuo chuckled at the spelling mistakes izaya made as he yped it was so cute and a very izaya like. With a deep sigh he pulled the raven close to him in a tight embrace. But he winces as the small male pushed himself away from him and typed something.
[im sorry, i can't voice out what i feel for you.. but i wanted too i really do] Izaya hung his head as he showed the blond his response, he felt bad because unlike Shizuo he can't tell him how much he loved him. Sure he could write it but saying what you feel is far more better that reading it. He was about to type again but Shizuo held his hand and smiled.
"it's fine.. i don't really mind as long as you feel the same thing it's alright if you don't say it."
That offended Izaya, he knew Shizuo just wanted to cheer him up but the blond doesn't understand that he wanted to voice it out he wanted to.. even if it would take him months to practice he will.
Shizuo looked at izaya who was opening his mouth and closing ones again, is he trying to say my name? The taller man thought and waited for izaya.
"Shiss..ugh!" izaya frowned and clenched his PDA in hand. Shizuo smiled at this and ruffled his raven locks.
"Iz.. its alright.. you can call me Shi, i know you are having hard time pronouncing letter Z"
Izaya blushed and looked at Shizuo with curiousity how did he know?
Shizuo chuckled and answered Izaya's question in mind. "i heard you back in the rooftop." He smiled before he spotted an ice cream stall across the park. "do you want an ice cream?"
Izaya nodded [i'll just wait in that bench im a bit tired though...]
"sure" Shizuo smiled and planted a kiss on the raven's forehead "i'll be back" and with that Shizuo walked towards the ice cream stall. He was so happy that he can't explain how giddy he was. Izaya was his finally and no one could take him away from him. Paying the man on the stall he took the ice cream, both strawberry flavoured.
"hey Iz I bo…. Izaya?" he tilted his head as he saw the bench where the raven should have is vacant. Looking at the bench and to the park he felt a sudden wave of worry when he spotted the discarded scarf of izaya, dropping the treats he ran and fetch the cloth clenching it tightly.

Izaya heard Shizuo's voice and tried to scream "….." but none would get out.
"ahh.. someone is looking for you Orihara-kun~" one of male said as he gripped Izaya's hands tight above his head. Izaya knew him he was from his school he looked around to see that a group of seniors is the one responsible for dragging him in this abandoned alley. Izaya fought but his chances of escape was futile.
"yeah.. why don't you call for him?" the other one said and lifted the raven's face. "oh I forgot you can't speak", they all laughed.
"go on scream.. too bad we won't be able to hear your cries" the leader said as he ran his hand underneath the raven's black shirt. Izaya closed his eyes in disgust, when his jeans were being unbuttoned. "you know I have always wanted you since I saw you in the opening ceremony" he hissed and licked the raven's neck.
Izaya's eyes shot open.
"tsk! Your boyfriend is so damn noisy! Anyway he won't hear you right.." he smirked and continued his task on licking at the raven's neck while the others jeered at the act and was also starting to touch izaya here and there. Tears were threatening to spill on his eyes. "shi.."
"shi.." Izaya clenched his fist as he trembled. "shiz.. "

Shizuo's head shot right to a certain direction, he heard his name and he was sure that it was Izaya's voice, running towards where he heard the voice he ran into an abandoned alley, he ran as fast as he could following the straight alley until he turned to left and saw the most raging scene. Izaya was pinned against the brick wall with three men touching izaya where 'he' should be the one doing so. Upon seeing Izaya's trembling and crying frame he grabbed the nearest thing he could pick unfortunately the heaviest as well, he grabbed the concrete stab and hurled it above his head.
and with that said the concrete past his seniors head before dragging the one with red hair and threw him in the brick wall. He grabbed the second one and punched him, sending the male flying across the alley. With raging fury he faced the leader his anger was above the clouds itself, he never felt this fury before the rage was too blinding, he didn't care anymore. The leader stared at Shizuo with wide eyes he grabbed a metal tube and hit Shizuo's head with it without hesitation. Izaya's eyes widen and saw Shizuo froze, blood starts to trickle down his forehead but he didn't mind it, in fact he grabbed the tube and crushed it with his bare hands.
"!" the leader growled as Shizuo took the tube away from him.
"you should have known better than awaken a sleeping monster" with that said Shizuo growled and raised the tube up his head ready to make a fatal blow, but he stopped when he felt a light tug on his pants. Shizuo looked back and down to see Izaya holding his pants with a pleading face.
"Shi.." he shook his head I don't want you to become a murderer izaya wished to say those words. Shizuo looked at izaya then to the leader.
"go away and don't show your face to me ever again" and with that said the leader fled the scene away. Shizuo looked down at Izaya once more, his anger starting to cool down, looking at the vulnerable raven, his hair was tousled and he was a mess, the zipper on his jeans were down and he was crying. Shizuo sank on the ground and hugged izaya tightly, but he was also watching his strength as he did so. He promised that nobody could take Izaya away, yet he just turned his back and he almost lost his little raven.
"im sorry.. izaya…" he chanted as he hugged the raven not wanting to let go, Izaya on the other hand clung to him for his dear life as he silently sobbed, small whimpers escaped his lips as he grasped Shizuo's shirt.
"im so sorry Izaya I should have not left you" shizuo murmured. Closing his eyes he tried to calm himself so that he was able to calm izaya down, and they stayed like that for minutes.


The next following months Izaya and Shizuo already buried those memory, and Shizuo haven't seen those three bugs that harassed izaya. They kept their relation to themselves not even Shinra knew but of course the witty bespectacled teen noticed it already.
"my, my aren't you both going to tell me what's really happening?" Shinra said while they were having lunch in the rooftop, Shizuo sweat dropped while izaya bit his chopstick and looked at Shizuo as if asking permission if he would say anything. "this is so unfair, why don't you admit it already… you are keeping it a secret to me… TO ME" Shinra continued his whining and Shizuo rubbed his ear in annoyance.
"agh! Fine yes we are.. Izaya's my boyfriend, happy!?"
Shinra gaped and looked at the blushing raven beside Shizuo.
"really izaya?! Since when!?"
"two months ago"
Izaya flinched and nods as he looked at Shizuo, the blond chuckled and wrapped his arms around his little raven and pulled him closer. Izaya blushed and smiled, not getting used at the affection Shizuo was showing him in front of other people even if it was Shinra.
"ehh.. what's that Izaya your blushing like a girl~" Shinra teased.
Izaya was frantically typing and shoved it on Shinra's face. [I AM NOT! AND STOP TEASING!]
Shinra laughed and continued eating "okay, okay don't yell" he smiled and looked at the two in his front who was all now sitting close together. Finally Izaya…how long did you wish for this..
the three were interrupted by the bell and looked at each other.
"well we have no class after lunch right?" Shinra smiled and looked at the frowning Shizuo.
[what's wrong?]
"im sorry Iz, there's something I need to do" with that he gathered his things and kissed the raven on his forehead "I love you Iz"
[I love you too] Shizuo ruffled his hair and stood up heading to the door. Izaya locked his gaze at the blond who vanished in closed door, then he frowned and continued to eat. Shinra who was looking at him blinked. "Izaya are you alright?"
[im fine]
"what a liar come on tell me.."
[can I ask you a favour?]
"of course anything!" Shinra smiled and blinked as he read the next words Izaya wrote. "heh! Are you sure? This might take long and its hard."
[I don't care I want to do it.. please.]
"okay fine"


"iz? Shizuo called as he strolled towards the raven bringing a sandwich and stood beside Izaya. Izaya on the other hand had been busy listening to his iPod closing his eyes as he continued to listen. Shizuo growled, this past few days Izaya always use his free time to listen on that damn iPod of his, seriously his getting jealous of it.
"iz? Izaya?" he poked the raven's shoulder as he looked at him. Izaya looked up at him and took off his earphones and started to type.
[sorry Shizuo I didn't notice you there]
"you keep on listening on that, what is it? Im getting jealous to an inanimate object that caught more of your attention" Shizuo rubbed his head and sat beside izaya. The raven blushed and quickly typed.
[idiot! Im just practicing, I want to learn how to speak]
"I know that, but don't push yourself to much, you will in time okay? Don't rush" he smiled and ruffled his raven locks another thing that makes the raven flustered. Looking around Shizuo noticed no one was around it's already late in the afternoon everyone went home except the certain raven who preferred to stay. With a smirk Shizuo leaned closer and poked Izaya's shoulder.
"hey iz.."
As Izaya turned to face him he was greeted by a pair of lips that was on his own, blinking and looking around the room he realized that Shizuo was already kissing him, his eyes shut and returned the kiss they always share, the warm and tingling feeling that always makes Izaya's blood rush quickly to his brain, it always makes him so complete. Shizuo lifted izaya to the table and placed his upper body there as he slid a hand under the raven's shirt and caressed the smooth skin, izaya gasped and Shizuo used this to slip his tongue into that hot cavern that he really loves to explore. Deepening the already deep kiss Izaya coudn"t help but moan into Shizuo's mouth as his body leaned closer and didn't noticed that he was already bucking his hips into shizuo. a low chuckle was emitted In Shizuo's throat as he pulled back, looking at the blushing and panting raven in his front.
"someone's seemed to be excited" Shizuo commented as he rubbed the hardening bulge on the raven's pants.
"nn.." izaya blushed in a deeper shade of red, shizuo touching him like this never crossed his mind all they did was make out sessions and they didn't gone too far from that, izaya looked at Shizuo and the lustful stare the blond was giving.
"izaya do you want more?" Shizuo asked before diving into the raven's delicate neck. Izaya nods and wrapped his hands around the blond's neck and gasps as he felt the bite the other was making. Upon Izaya's approval Shizuo continued to lick and suck on the spot that he marked, his hand slowly snaking down the raven's front when….
"Izaya! Shizuo! there….you…are…"
a dumbfounded Shinra stood in the doorway looking at his two friends, Izaya struggling on the small table while Shizuo hovered at him and they are making out- no almost going all the way to-
"WHAT THE FUCK SHINRA!" Shizuo roared and gave his friend the most deadly glare he could muster, Izaya stood up immediately with an embarrass face.
"sorry! Sorry ! I didn't notice you guys.. I guess I should leave?"
[no it's fine, Shizuo I need to go with Shinra today for check-up, what to come?]
Shizuo frowned and shook his head, "I can't today im sorry I need to go home soon, my mon is expecting me early, im sorry Iz" he said ruffled Izaya's hair as the raven blushed and pecked a kiss on his cheek.
[ok then!]

As they walked out of the school Shizuo really want to go with Izaya, something was really telling him to go with them. "I think I better go with you" he said as the stood to the direction where Shinra's house is. Izaya shook his head and smiled
[it's fine, your mom will be mad you know]
"ugh.. but I don't want to part yet~" he said and pouts as he ran his hand on his hair and sighed. "fine, fine" he smiled and kissed Izaya as he headed to the other direction and waved goodbye. Izaya blushed and smiled as he and shinra headed to shinra's house.
"hmm.. im really sorry about earlier I didn't mean to interrupt like that, I ruined your first~" Shinra tease light blushed went on Izaya's cheeks s typed something showing it to Shinra
[mention it once again I'll make sure you will regret it!] Izaya smiled and skipped beside Shinra, he was so happy just by seeing Shizuo. he became more alive when he was with the blond. Stretching his arms up the air before he stopped when he heard familiar voices.

"there is no way im going with Ichiko, damn that monster almost killed me"
"yeah, I thought that pretty boy can't speak? Hell he even screamed"
Izaya's eyes widen as he continued to listen to them, he stopped walking while Shinra proceeded not noticing he was alone. Hiding behind a vending machine he listened again while two of the seniors talked in an alley way.
"he said he wanted revenge, I wanted too but man I doubt he can jab that knife into that blond"
Izaya gasped and was about to leave when the last words made his sweat drop.
"heh! He said he poisoned the knife"
hearing the conversation Izaya ran back to where he came from, ran back to the direction to Shizuo's house before he heard Shinra yelled his name asking where he was going, but the sound of Shinra's voice were just air into him, his goal is to go and save Shizuo or warn him. Pushing himself further as he ran he stopped the blond lazily walking with his hands on his pockets, looking around he noticed the guy called ichiko on the next block, with his heart beating so fast he ran desperately. "shi.."

Shizuo looked back and saw izaya running towards him before the raven threw himself at Shizuo and hugged him tight grasping his shirt before he felt izaya's body jerked.
"oi? What's wrong iz? Did you miss me already?" he smiled as izaya cupped his face close to him as if he was trying to get shizuo's attention to him all alone. Izya smiled, caressing his thumb on Shizuo's cheeks and opened his mouth.
"shis..shizu ..o" he smiled "i.."
Shizuo saw the faint blush on izaya's cheeks and he ran his hand on the raven's back until he felt a sticky liquid, lifting his hand he widen his eyes as he saw crimson, his hands were covered with blood he pried himself into izaya's hold on his cheeks and looked at izaya's back a blade was driven deep into it.
"Izaya!" Shizuo started to panic as he looked at izaya.
"shh.. don't talk okay everything will be fine" Shizuo assured as he held izaya looking around for help he fumbled on his phone and dialled Shinra's number.
"love you…I " Izaya smiled again and reached for his iPod and handed it to Shizuo, tears started to spill their way when shizuo stared at the auburn eyes slowly closing, leaning closer he pressed his lips into izaya's pale and trembling lips.

"I….. Love…….. I love you" Shizuo gripped the ipod on his hand, it was Shinra's voice pronounching each syllable of the words, there was nothing else in the device aside from the "I love you" being said in a different way. Is this what you are practicing, listening to this over and over again. Shizuo clenched his fist as he stared at the small device on his large hands, reminded him izaya of how small and fragile his little raven was, of how bright and wonderful his smile and silent giggles, of how beautiful his red eyes were or how soft his lips were. Shiuzo gripped his hair as he looked up in the sky. I didn't even responded to him, I could have at least said I love you too. As he listened to the continues playing of I love you on the earphones closing his eyes as he listened it was izaya's trembling and stuttering voice was the one he heard. Fumbling the small device he pressed record.

I don't know if id be happy because I heard your sweet voice
but I will never forget you, I don't know how or when or if I could, you always say that you wanted to tell me that you love me through your voice, and I say its fine because im satisfied just by reading it, but I won't lie to myself that I really want to hear you say you love me, maybe I'll be the happiest person alive if that happened seeing your flushed face and listening to your sweet voice saying you love me,
but then… how could I be happy now?...
When the day you finally said I love you…
is the day were I finally lost you…