Klaus was sitting alone at home, drinking away his misery.

He was pissed that his brother had wanted to give the cure to Rebekah instead of letting him use it to kill the bastard that way trying to kill him. He was pissed because he had let Tyler Lockwood see Caroline on prom night and then not chased after him to kill him. He was pissed because Katherine was still alive and weaseling her way back into Elijah's life. He was pissed because no matter how hard he tried or what he did, Caroline always chose Tyler even when he was chased out of town and ignoring her. He was pissed because he had somehow gotten himself into the friend zone with her after all of his flirting. And he was pissed that he was going soft and no longer thought of as a force to reckon with.

He was already pretty wasted when he had finished all of the liquor in his entire house. But all of that was not enough to wash away the pain, so he left the house to go walk to the Mystic Grill.

He could barely walk in a single predetermined direction, despite his increased balance from being a vampire and a hybrid.

It took him much longer to find the Mystic Grill than it should have, but finally he did find it and stumbled his way through the doors.

He headed over towards the bar, ignoring the looks that he was getting from the other people at the restaurant and the disapproving whispers as he headed straight for the nearest bar stool.

He sat down in it and then turned to the bartender and said, "Give me your strongest drink."

"Um, I don't exactly think that's the best idea," The bartender began to respond. "You look like you've already had more than enough to drink."

Klaus stood up and grabbed him by the collar of the shirt, his eyes dilating to compel the bartender as he growled out, "Did you hear me stutter?!"'

"N-no," The bartender responded in a frightened tone. "I uh- I'm sorry.. Here, take the whole bottle."

"Much better," Klaus said before grabbing the full bottle off of the bar and turning to leave without paying.

Once he was back outside, he opened the bottle and began to chug from it as he headed down the street, stumbling over his own feet every few steps as he weaved in and out of the road.

He finally ended up at Caroline's house, not quite sure of when he had decided to go there.

Klaus headed up the steps and then knocked hard on the front door.

A few seconds later, Liz Forbes opened the door and looked at him, clearly unimpressed.

"Is Caroline home?" He slurred out.

"No," Liz told him in her most intimidating tone.

"Are you sure?" Klaus asked.

He moved to lean against the frame of the door, causing himself to almost fall over.

"Caroline!" Klaus wailed out, causing a dog from a few doors down to bark loudly at him.

He waited for a few seconds and when no angry response came, he decided that Liz was probably telling the truth.

"There, are you happy now?" Liz asked him as she moved to close the door. "You should really go home, it's late and you're drunk."

Klaus scowled at the closed door in front of his face.

"No shit I'm drunk," He slurred at it before turning to storm off in search of Caroline.

"If I was Caroline Forbes and it was nighttime, where would I be?" Klaus muttered to himself as he stumbled on. "..Not in Klaus's bed clearly…"

She wasn't at home, she hadn't been at the Mystic Grill, and Tyler had run away with his tail between his legs once again, so Klaus figured that she was probably at one of her friends' houses.

He began to head towards Elena's house after vaguely remembering a conversation that he had overheard about her, Caroline and Bonnie making plans for an upcoming sleepover. Klaus figured that it was as good of a bet as any that she was over at Elena's for the sleepover that night.

When Klaus arrived on the Gilbert lawn, he instantly spotted three shadows moving behind the curtain upstairs in Elena's room. The silhouettes were all female.

"Jackpot," Klaus whispered to himself before drinking the final sip out of his drink and then dropping the bottle on the grass.

Klaus looked up at the window, trying to figure out what he was going to do. The whole time he had been too busy trying to find Caroline for an irrational reason without really thinking about what he would do when he found her.

Suddenly the song Sweet Caroline popped into his head and he was already standing under the window, so he figured why not.

"Where it began! I can't begin to knowing, but then I know it's growing strong," Klaus began to drunkenly sing to the window extremely loudly.

He saw the silhouettes freeze in the window and took that as a good sign and began to sing even louder. "Was in the spring, and spring became the summer. Who'd have believed you'd come along!"

The curtain pulled back and Klaus saw the three girls staring down at him in confusion.

"Hands, touching hands-" Klaus continued loudly.

Caroline opened the window and looked down at him angrily.

"Reaching out," Klaus continued.

"Klaus, what the hell are you doing?" Caroline shouted down angrily.

"Touching me, touching you," Klaus continued with a drunken grin.

"No, stop!" Caroline screamed at him, clearly not as amused as he was.

"Sweet Caroline!" Klaus continued to sing in his inebriated state. "Good times never seemed so good!"

"I swear to god I am going to kill you!" Caroline threatened him.

"I've been inclined," Klaus continued to sing, completely ignoring her anger. "To believe they never would!"

Bonnie began to snicker a little and Caroline turned to shoot her a death glare.

"But now, I look at the night!" Klaus continued, even louder now since he had taken the laughter as encouragement. "And it don't seem so lonely, we fill it up with only two!"

Elena began to laugh along with Bonnie.

"It isn't funny," Caroline said seriously, before she herself broke out into laughter. "Okay, yeah maybe it's a little funny watching a drunk original singing in your yard. But people are going to get mad. You do realize that, right?"

"And when I hurt!" Klaus continued obnoxiously. "Hurting runs off my shoulders. How can I hurt when holding you?"

"If you want him to stop, then maybe you should go do something to stop him," Elena responded with a grin. "Because it doesn't look like he's going to stop anytime soon and I mean, I certainly don't have any control over him."

"Warm, touching warm," Klaus sang. "Reaching out… Touching me, touching you."

"Like what?" Caroline asked. "I already told him to stop several times and it's not like I'm going to go swoon because he's drunk singing. And why would I reward him for his obnoxious drunk singing?"

"Sweet Caroline!" Klaus warbled to her. "Good times never seemed so good."

"Maybe because your favourite movie involves a guy serenading a girl outside her window," Bonnie pointed out with a smirk. "I mean technically it isn't your window, but it's pretty damn close."

Caroline rolled her eyes at her friends.

"I've been inclined! To believe they never would!" Klaus shouted. "Oh. No, no."

"Please stop!" Caroline begged him.

Klaus smiled up at her.

"Sweet Caroline!" He continued. "Good times never seemed so good."

Caroline groaned.

"Sweet Caroline!" Klaus sang anyways. "I believe they never could. Sweet Caroline… Good times never seemed so good…. Sweet Caroline..."

"At least the song's over now," Elena told her.

"I'm actually impressed that he's so drunk that he can barely stand and yet he still remembered all of the words," Bonnie commented.

Klaus looked up at the window expectantly.

"What are you doing here?" Caroline asked him.

"I went to your house, but you weren't home!" Klaus called up to her, his words still slurred just as his singing had been.

"So you decided to come stand here and sing in Elena's yard?" Caroline asked him, clearly not following his train of thought.

"Not really," He told her. "I was drunk and sad and looking for you. And then I found you here and I just kind of started to sing... And then you yelled at me."

"Yeah, I remember that part," Caroline responded, not sounding very sorry for him. "I was here for it, remember?"

Klaus stared up at her, looking incredibly pathetic as he did so.

Caroline sighed dramatically before finally turning from the window and heading for Elena's bedroom door.

Bonnie and Caroline followed closely behind her, not wanting to miss any of what would happen.

Caroline reached the front door and walked out onto the edge of the front porch so that he hopefully would stop screaming like an idiot.

"So why are you drunk and sad?" Caroline asked him, her tone was slightly gentler although she still sounded impatient.

"Cuz," Klaus responded defensively.

"That's helpful," Caroline said sarcastically. "You came to find me because you're sad and wasted and you can't even tell me why?" She raised her hands up dramatically. "I'm done."

She turned around to go head back into the house where Bonnie and Caroline were curiously watching from the doorway.

"Caroline wait," Klaus slurred after her.

She turned around and crossed her arms expectantly.

Klaus jogged over to where she stood, tripping on his feet and practically face-planting about three times on his way.

He stopped in front of her and looked into her eyes with his sad ones.

"Well then what?" Caroline asked in an irritated tone, although the sadness in her eyes did strike her. "Because I'm not just going to stand out here all night because you don't want to be sad and alone if you aren't even going to talk to m-"

She was cut off by Klaus forcing his lips against hers.

Caroline pushed him off of her quickly and then looked at him angrily.

"What the hell are you doing?" She asked him. "Did you think that I was just going to pity sleep with you? I'm not the drunk one here."

"I just-" Klaus began to say, but he was too drunk to even form a full sentence, so instead he just looked at her with tears in his eyes.

"No! You aren't going to get out of this with your stupid puppy eyes," Caroline told him aggressively. "You know what; I've gotten over a hell of a lot of shit that you've done just to be friends with you. You can't just show up here and obnoxiously drunkenly sing and then kiss me and expect me to kiss you back. And you sure as hell cannot look at me like that afterwards to try and make me feel bad about it!"

Klaus stared at her for a tiny bit longer as he exhaled angrily before turning and walking off. He would have run off at vampire speed, but he was far too drunk to successfully run at that speed. It was very likely that he would end up running face first straight into a tree.

Once he was gone, Caroline re-entered Elena's house. As much as she would refuse to ever admit it out loud to anyone else, Klaus had been quite successful at making her more than guilty with those eyes. Even if she knew that it was completely illogical for her to feel guilty for rejecting him after his stupid actions, she still felt that way.

Klaus walked down the streets as fast as he physically could while completely inebriated.

Finally he found his way back home and went inside, really wishing that there was still more alcohol left there. But there wasn't since he had already drunk it all before he had left.

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