Chapter 1-Strong Against The Wind

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A month had passed after the war with the Huns had ended. Shang had stayed for a night at the Fa's home after the dinner Mulan had invited him to. Then the Emperor had called him back to the Imperial City for there were some urgent matters to discuss. Mulan still remembered the morning he left. It was one of the sweetest moments in her twenty-one years.


Shang: Well, here we are (awkward silence follows)....

Mulan: Are you coming back?

Shang: (smiles) I am. I, um, wanted you to have this before I went. (presses a small box into her hands) Don't open it till I leave.

Mulan: Thank you, Shang. Have a safe journey.

Shang: Your grandmother's blessing guaranteed me that. (winks at Mulan) I still smell like incense, don't I?

Mulan: Granny does tend to overdo it. (smiles apologetically)

Shang: Your family is one of the many reasons you, Fa Mulan. (Looks left and right for anyone. Seeing they were alone, he leans over and kisses her on the cheek. Shang mounts his horse immediately and rides off.)

Mulan, who was stunned but pleased couldn't breathe for a few seconds. Then, with dignity, ran like the wind to her room, ignoring her family's looks of disapproval. In the privacy of her room, she opened the box he'd given her. In it was a blossom, one that Shang had picked from her own garden. A piece of paper lay under it.


The blossom that you hold now represents you. A seemingly delicate flower yet strong against the wind. I will return soon but in the mean time, please say you will wait for me. As long as you are not someone else's wife, I remain hopeful.

Li Shang.

(Welcome back to the present!)

Mulan still couldn't believe that Shang, stern, apparently unapproachable now General Shang, could write such words. Not that she was complaining only it didn't seem like him. It didn't matter now though, at least she knew he loved her. She'd wait until she was 100 for him!

Well, she could wait until she was 100 but her patience was starting to wear off. She hadn't stopped loving him but Mulan missed Shang. Now a guardian, Mushu and Cri-Kee (the newly appointed gong ringer) hadn't shown up. They probably would but only if any of the Fas' were in need of help. Missing Shang wasn't exactly a cry for help but she did miss the dragon's company.

All of a sudden, hooves were heard clicking across the courtyard. Mulan ignored it. After all, Khan was sometimes allowed to wander around. Minutes later, Fa Li knocked on her door and walked in calmly.

"Shang is here, Mulan."