Chapter 14-Afterwards (Part Two)

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"Arise." Shang and Fai got up from the floor. It had been two months since Fai's marriage and had also been a most touching episode. Fai made up with his parents and introduced their new daughter-in-law, Chuan Xi. They had been jubilant. As it turned out, Chuan Xi was the 'stuck up rich maiden' Fai so adamantly refused to marry. Fai avoided looking at his fiancée when they revealed that surprising news. Chuan Xi graciously decided to ignore the whole matter.

Now, here he was with Shang, being granted an audience by the emperor to give their reports. "Your reports, gentlemen." "No signs of disruption by the city gates and the wall, your excellency." "Captain Loong?" "Nothing by the southern and western borders as well, your majesty." The emperor stroked his beard. "Well, that means all of China is peaceful for this past week. I hope it is something that will last as long as possible." "We do as well."

"Now to more livelier topics. How is your lovely wife, Captain Loong?" "She is very well, your majesty. Thank you for your concern." Suddenly, a woman came dancing in to a melody only she could hear. She had no make up on, while her clothes and hair were disheveled. It was Lady Mai Lin. She stopped when she saw the two men. "Ming Kei? Is that you, my baby boy?" She went up to Shang and scrutinized him. She pinched his cheek then shook her head. Shang's eyebrows elevated to a great height.

"You aren't my baby son! Guards! Seize him!" Shocked, Shang could only stand and stare as she went on to Fai. His face turned into a small grimace. "Ming Kei?" Her face lighted up. "Bai Ren! Oh, how I missed you!" She threw her arms around Fai's neck. He flicked his eyes to the emperor. He nodded sadly. It was permission for Fai to try and save his neck from getting squeezed.

He pried Mai Lin's arms away then summoned a guard to take her to her chambers. Mai Lin was led away crying and shrieking about being taken away from her beloved husband. Rubbing his neck, Fai exchanged glances with Shang. The emperor calmly said, "She has been like that since last week." "If I may ask, your majesty, how?" The emperor sighed then replied. "She couldn't believe that her son was both are dismissed." The emperor rose and went into the inner rooms, a tear running down his cheek for his only sister.

Shang and Fai meanwhile, rode out of the Forbidden City. "I can't believe Lady Mai Lin could go senile just like that." Shang sighed. "When you love another and that person just goes without any goodbye, you can. You don't want to believe that they're gone, that they're still around somewhere. Some place where you can find them again." They fell silent as their houses came into view. Fai had built his house beside Shang's with help from his old friends. The people from the village where Shang had met him again.

Fai saw his new wife and Mulan outside their houses talking. Dismounting, the two men approached their wives. Shang's smile widened when he saw his wife. Mulan was four months pregnant. He hugged her, making sure he didn't squeeze his son or daughter too tightly. "How are you?" "Fine. Chuan Xi came over and helped out." They looked over at Fai and Chuan Xi who were kissing.

Mushu and Cri-Kee looked from afar. They smiled at each other. So, everything had turned out right. Love and friendship had prevailed. "So, how much do you bet it'll be a girl?" asked Mushu glancing at his cricket friend.


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