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How not to Fall In-Love, with Hinata Hyuga

"Home sweet home."

Home is where your heart is.


Outside Konoha…Somewhere in the forest

Hot summer breeze hit Sasuke's face as he jump another branch. "Home sweet home" he smirked at himself. He finally killed Madara. It took him eight long years nearly nine to kill the fucking Uchiha with his bare hands.

Sasuke let out a contented smile as he came to a stop. Standing from the tallest branch of the tallest tree in the forest was Uchiha Sasuke. The Notorious Missing Nin.

"Not anymore"

Meanwhile at the Hyuuga Compound.

Exact place: Hyuuga Hiashi's Office

"I don't need your opinion!" Shouted an angry Hinata Hyuuga towards her Father.

Hiashi noticed the stuttering was gone. He didn't want to get angry to Hinata so he just massaged his temples.

"It's uncanny for a woman to be shouting like that…Hinata" Hiashi said coldly.

Hinata exhaled at her father's statement. "Ok…I'm just letting you know. " She said while looking at her lap.

Hiashi couldn't bear to see her daughter like this. Of course he wanted to be a good Father to her daughter. He doesn't want Hinata to be sad again.

"Do you really like to participate in that affair?" He asked. Still trying to convince himself that Hinata is a grownup now.

"H-hai, Otousan" Hinata said shyly. She didn't want to burst out right in front of her dad. She didn't mean it. Of course she wanted to prove to herself that she too, can compete in that contest. She's a Hyuuga after all.

"Then…I give you my blessing" Hiashi said with a soft smile. It was so unlike him to smile like that. Well, maybe he has an exception. Hinata is his daughter after all.

Hanabi felt relieved when she heard her father gave his blessing to Hinata. She came all the way home when Hiinata told her that she's gonna' ask their Dad's blessing into joining the competition.

Hinata hugged her Dad, Hiashi almost choked. Hanabi giggled at the sight of their dad receiving a deadly bear hug.

"Thank you Dad!" Hinata exclaimed again.

"Okay, okay, you two are excused now…go rush outside before I change my mind" He said with a small smile.

Before Hinata and Hanabi went outside their Dad's office Hinata once again thanked her Dad.

"I never knew he'd approve! I'm so happy Hana-chan!" She hugged Hanabi.

"can't-breathe-here-I'm-choking" Hanabi said while trying to cathch her breath due to her sister's deadly hug.

"Oooop! Sorry" Hinata said with a smile.

Tsunade's Office

(Sasuke's arrival)

"What are your reasons on coming back Uchiha?!" Tsunade said with her loud voice. She's still not convinced that Sasuke came back.

"I've finished my mission." Was his short reply after letting out a sigh. He's so damn tired. He travelled all the way from Kami knows' where. Of course he wouldn't let anyone see that the great Uchiha Sasuke is tired.

"Are you shitting on me now Uchiha! What do you think? We'll just accept you after you've ran away for eight years? " Tsunade gulped her last bottle of sake. "fine!"

Sasuke smirked. Finally. The old woman will stop her ranting and will let him go home.

"Shizune!" Tsunade called her assistant.

"Tsunade Sama" She handed Tsunade a black scroll. After a few minutes of reading and studying the scroll she snapped her right finger and Shizune quickly took the scroll away from her and handed it to the young Uchiha. Well, not so young. He's turning twenty-one for pete's sake! He's old enough.

"Probation?!" Sasuke flinched. "I just came back! I didn't even kill anybody! I come in PEACE! The hell's your problem!" He finally lost his cool. He's too tired for arguments. His body isn't responding well. He tried to be cool but he just couldn't.

"It's not that hard Uchiha. " Tsunade explained. "They never called you genius for nothing" She stated as she took another bottle of sake. Shizune just let out a sigh.

"You just have to be on probation for one whole fuckin' year! Understand?" Tsunade tried her best not to shout. Damn this Uchiha is getting to her nerves.

Sasuke let out an annoying scowl. "Hn" was his only reply. He just wanted to go home and sleep for the rest of the day. Good thing Tsunade didn't tell neither the Blond Uzumaki nor The pink haired medic nin. They might rush here and talk to the restless Uchiha non-stop.

"You just have to comply Uchiha. First: You must Be present on Any Konoha Festival. I repeat any Event/s." Sasuke flinched. Of course he's not a people person. But what could he do? If he wants to prove himself here, then he must comply with every punishment that Tsunade is stating.

"Number two. You must bring back the hidden data that some of Akatsuki has take away from our village" Sasuke threw five scrolls containing Konaha 's top secret stuffs. He smirks at Tsunade and Shizune's look. They're both shocked.

"Cross out number two then. Good job Uchiha" Shizune exclaimed.

"The last one…since you've killed almost all of Konoha's enemies…which happens to be some of Akatsuki's members, then... Just be good Sasuke. You're only on probation for one year; you could go on mission since you've gain a higher rank as a ninja. But, you must have at least two shinobi watching you. Prove your loyalty to Konoha"

Sasuke listened to all of the clauses that Tsunade gave him. He only disliked the first part. But of course, he'll be good. He wouldn't do anything to blow this one up.

"What about my Inheritance?" Sasuke finally spoke.

"You'll have it all today. You're turning twenty one; you know what to do with your enormous amount of inheritance"

And with that, Uchiha Sasuke was excused.

"One more thing" Tsunade halted Sasuke leaving him staring at her.

"This is your last chance"

Sasuke nods and pooffed in a black smoke leaving the double doors of Tsunade's office.


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