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"You are the night life rippin' my wicked world how you make it sparkle and glow… This is the best thing that I've ever had for real."

-Motion City Soundtrack (This is for real)


(Three months later.)

Hiashi Hyuga gave one last hug to her daughter. "D-dad, it's gonna be okay…" Hinata tiptoed and kissed the forehead of her Father as a small sob escaped his breath. Hiashi Hyuga never imagined that he'll act like a fag on his daughter's precious day.

Hinata couldn't hide the fact that even with her four and a half inch. Heels, she still needed to tiptoe just to kiss the six foot three heights of her Father.

Her father bid her goodbye as the stylist did some last minute check on her wedding gown.

As she scans her reflection in the huge mirror, she couldn't help but sigh a little. She's really nervous right now. "Okasan, how did you manage to shoo away the butterflies…" Her face softened at the mention of her late mother. "I hope you're watching me from above." She took a peek at her engagement ring. "Gambatte Hinata!" She pumped her fist but not so high. The gown might get broken.

She again looked at her reflection, she studied the gown that she wears.

A small smile crept onto her face as she let her eyes wander on the white gown that she is wearing. The front of her gown reached her toes while the back three-foot long. She wanted her gown to be simple but her father and Hanabi doesn't agree. Man, even Neji teamed up with her Dad. She giggled at the thought.

The gown is covered with crystals; at the back of it the Hyuga crest is carefully embodied.

As she took her seat waiting for them to call her, Sakura, Tenten, Temari, Haruka, Hanabi and Ino made their way inside and tackled her slightly. "Are you ready for action soon to be Mrs. Uchiha?" Hanabi and Sakura wiggled their eyebrows and it freaked the hell out of her. "I'm nervous." She finally spat it out.

"Oh honey, you'll be more nervous when you got to see Sasuke's naked hot body." Temari stated. This caused Hinata to hyperventilate. To be honest, she and Sasuke never did it… yet.

"Temari! You're making her nervous!... Oh well, who wouldn't be? Sasuke is really HOT! Omigosh!" This time, it was Ino who blurted the weird words.

Hinata covered her ears while blushing madly. "Shut up! You're gonna make her faint!" Sakura and Hianta gave the other teasing girls a threatening look. Hinata couldn't afford to faint.

Not on her wedding day.



Sasuke was calming his nerves when all of a sudden... He heard his door open wildly. A nerve propped on the side of his head as the blond Uzumaki made his way inside.

"A Sasuke teme… don't get too nervous or you'll piss your pants." He let out a sigh as Naruto continues to tease him. Luckily, Hyuga Neji came rushing together with Shino, Kiba and Lee… not to mention the white fang of Konoha, Kankuro and The Kazekage himself.

"My oh my, our Sasuke have grown a lot… I f you know what I mean." Hatake Kakashi focused his gaze at Sasuke's thing.

Kiba and Naruto couldn't help but laugh while Neji frowned and moved his head back and forth like a disapproving mother. On the contrary, Shino didn't seem to mind while Lee. Well, to be honest… Sasuke was quite happy that he's not wearing his green spandex. Gaara seemed amused at how uncivilized this high ranking Shinobi can be. "Maybe because of stress." He mentally noted not to stress himself or he'll end up like them. Perverted.


"Oh come on Sasuke teme… don't play innocent, we all know that you're dying to see Hinata huge rack!" Neji smacked the head of Naruto Uzumaki. "Thank you very much." Sasuke gave him a thankful look. Neji responded with his trademark "Hn."

"Ow! Neji don't tell me that you never stared at Hinata's rack? Man are you ga-" Naruto earned another hit, but this time it came from Sasuke who is now slightly blushing.

"Don't talk dirty about Hinata dobe!" He gave Naruto an icy glare. Gaara and Kankuro sighed in annoyance as the blond Uzumaki massages his head.

Naruto pouted. Shino gagged at the sight, a pouting Naruto sure is displeasing to the eye. It wan't long when a late Nara Shikamaru entered the now crowded room. "What a drag…" He said to himself as he eyed the pouting image of Naruto.


Sasuke couldn't believe that he is now standing in the aisle together with his nine bestmen. Well, who says it's supposed to be one? Of course, the more… the merrier!


His palms became sweaty as he felt her chakra nearing the door. The church sure looks beautiful, cherry blossoms covered the whole red carpet making a Sakura festival effect. White, pink and lavender cherry blossoms covered the entire red carpet.

It wasn't long when Hinata came into his view. He couldn't avert his gaze towards her. The moment she entered the premise with her father caught Sasuke in a state of coma. His breathing became unsteady as he let out a small smile.

After waiting for almost two years… finally.

Hinata entered the hall right after her six maids of Honor made their way.

She walked slowly together with her Father. Her hair is arranged in a mermaid like braid thus, making the look more elegant. Her heart is pounding every time she made a step. She can see Sasuke is mesmerized just by looking at him. She smiled at the thought that he's really nervous too.

Soon, Hiashi halted and slowly gave Sasuke his daughter whispering to his ears the words… "Hurt her and you're dead." Sasuke replied before taking Hinata from Hiashi. "Roger that sir." Hiashi smirked in reply.

It wasn't long when Tsunade started the ceremony. Sasuke was about to tell Hinata how beautiful she is but Tsunade gave him a death glare. "Wait till the wedding is over Uchiha." She managed to say between her gritted teeth and clenched jaws. Hinata giggles at the sight.

(Wedding vows.)

Neji and Temari handed Tsunade the couple's wedding band. Their ring is quite unique. It's like a band aid only shaped into a ring. Tsunade smiled as she saw the design. The ring's design symbolizes how they both mended each others' broken soul so they decided that a wedding band-aid will be quite reasonable.

"It's time for your wedding vows, you ready Hinata?" Tsunade asked the Indigo haired bride and she nodded nervously in response.


I, Hinata Hyuga take you Uchiha Sasuke… as my lawful wedded husband, To hold your hand… guide you and to always be there even in your darkest nights, your nightmares, your fears. I promise to love you forever, with every bit of my heart, every cell in my body, every chakra that flows inside me.I promise to be your light when you have no one to look at. I promise… to hold your hand when you cannot do your hand seals anymore and when the time comes that you can no longer do you Chidori. I promise to love you from this till the world ends, cause if that so happens… I'll just stop the world and melt with you.


Tsunade almost shed a tear as Hinata says her wedding vows. A small tear escaped Hinata's eyes but Sasuke quickly brushed it off her face.

The guest couldn't help it any more. Some are crying due to the love that they are feeling right now.

Tsunade Handed Sasuke the microphone. "Don't mess this up Uchiha brat, Hinata's vow is way too emotional." Hinata managed to giggle in between her sobs. Sasuke winked at her. It made her wonder why. This time, Sasuke cleared his throat as he began to say his wedding vows. Unlike anyone, he doesn't memorize his vows. He just wants to let it flow with all his heart.

Everyone in the room went silent waiting for Sasuke's vows. Maybe it'll be a short one since he's not that showy. Sasuke heard Kiba whispered to Lee. He smirked.


I, Uchiha Sasuke

Take you Hyuga Hinata, to be my lawful wedded wife; my Queen, my boss, my weakness.

I promise to make you smile whenever you're sad, to carry you around when your arthritis is bad,

Because all I want to do… Is grow old with you.

You might not know but I wrote before a number of reasons to avoid you… But every time I try to plan on something… I just came rushing into your arms. I end up doing the exact opposite.

I may not be a man of words, but I promise to love you with all my heart and soul to protect you with all my life.

Because I love you Hinata hime

To infinity and beyond.


Sasuke's words struck all of them. Never in their precious life did they imagine him to be so vocal like what he just did today. Naruto began to cry and Kiba petted him while he also is crying. "You're so romantic Sasuke (sobs) teme (sobs)." Kiba, Naruto and Lee became really emotional.

Hinata on the other hand shed another tear as she savored Sasuke's words.

It wasn't long when an amused Tsunade finally declared the Man and wife thingy. Of course, after signing the wedding contract.

"I now pronounce you… Man and wife. Uchiha, you may kiss your bride."

Sasuke didn't hesitate. He grabbed Hinata's waist and lifts her veil up. "I love you my hime." Hinata giggled again and Sasuke sealed it with a kiss.


(One year later)

The three months pregnant Hinata sat on the floor while sorting some stuffs that Sasuke needs to get rid of. It wasn't long when her attention was caught by and odd looking journal.

The odd looking journal seemed to be hidden deep inside the duffel bag that Sasuke used three years ago when they went on a mission together to Suna.

Hinata finally took the journal and opened it. She grinned evilly as realization hit her. "So this is the thing that he hid from me… let's take a look."

Her heart raced in excitement as she scanned each page of Sasuke's journal. She couldn't help but laugh once she reached the How not to fall, section.

It wasn't long when her husband; None other that the great Uchiha Sasuke came rushing to their room.

He quickly scooped Hinata from the floor and kissed her forehead. "So what are you giggling about?" Hinata pouted. "Eeew saucecakes, you smell like sweat." Hinata scrunches up her nose.

Sasuke smirked in return. "So you don't like my smell now huh?" He gave light kissed to Hinata's face. She couldn't help but laugh. "P-Put me down or else-" She manages to say in between her laughter.

"Or else what?" Sasuke raised his brow as he and Hinata sat on the couch. Well, maybe he's sitting on the couch while still carrying Hinata.

"Or else I'll tell Naruto about your journal." Sasuke froze. "How did she?" Hinata immediately caught Sasuke off guard and flaunted him his journal.

"To be honest, your How not to fall section; is kinda lame." She quickly made her way towards the kitchen.

Sasuke just followed her and smirked. "Well, if it wasn't for that you wouldn't be Mrs. Uchiha Sasuke." He said teasingly as he embraced Hinata and caressed her now showing stomach.

Hinata giggled as Sasuke whispered something into her ear. "I love you too."

Deep inside Sasuke's mind, he knew that avoiding your feeling and making some sort of silly list would do you no good. Because in the end, the How not the fall in love with Hinata Hyuga changed into… How to fall in love with Hinata Hyuga.



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