Tony's P.O.V

Today had been pretty good. He had actually slept the night before which shocked Pepper so much she thought he was sick and then he had a breakfast for the history books. Eating poptarts with a hungry Thor was not something Tony planned to forget. After that he got to work on his latest suit, Mark he-can't-even-remember-anymore. Which, not all that unfortunately, was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Spangles, Clint, and Natasha who were determined to spar with him. Bruce and Tiny did some science afterwards, which was always fun, and now he was hanging out with Pepper. They were having a movie night and he had somehow gotten roped into watching No Strings Attached. It wasn't bad, having Pepper in his arms never was, but he really wished she could have picked a different movie.

That's why when the doorbell rang Tony had to force his enthusiasm from showing when he volunteered to get it. Pepper made a pouty irresistibly adorable face but released him so he could run to the door.

Tony flung the door open and found himself staring at a confused but jarred looking Natasha and some teenager. Natasha opened her mouth but her eyes said she didn't exactly have the right words for what was going on. Tony watched her carefully but when she shut her mouth in obvious dumbstruck shock he turned his attention to the girl. He hadn't really paid much attention to her so far, Natasha was an attention demanding person in all situations, but now that he was looking at her he felt kind of like he should have been watching her. There was something about her that seemed eerily familiar and the smirk on her face just added to it. It looked amused but there was a huge wave of relief, hurt, anxiety, and most of all anger coming from the girl.

Tony was just about to ask her why the deadly redhead was speechless when the girl opened her mouth. The words that came out made his heart skip a beat.

"Hey dad."

Natasha's P.O.V

Natasha had just gotten back from a quick five mile jog when the girl pulled up in a piece of crap pickup truck with a horse trailer attached to the bumper. She, of course, demanded to know what the girl was doing here. When the girl said she was here to see her dad Natasha told her she had the wrong address, no one here was a father. The girl had shook her head though and said it was the right address cause Tony Stark was her dad. Tony. A dad. Svyataya korove! (Russian for "holy cow") Natasha stared at her for a minute and realized just how much like Stark she looked like, especially with that smirk. Then she said "I know I'm hot as hell but it's a little rude to stare" in such an egotistic way that there was no doubt in Natasha's mind who her father was.

So of course Natasha brought her up to Tony's door, having the sense to knock just to give him some kind of warning. She didn't need to knock, her and the other Avengers had moved into Stark's house a long time ago, but it seemed right. But when she tried to tell Tony what the girl had told her she didn't know what to say. Natasha remained speechless and when Tony looked towards the girl, his daughter, she just watched them. The girl smirked but there was so much anger coming from her.

"Hey dad." The girl said with so much snark it was unbelievable.

Tony Stark had a miniature heart attack.

Gypsy's P.O.V

They escorted me to the kitchen and the redhead practically slammed me into a chair. Her shocked expression was gone, replaced with the cold calculating look of a professional interrogator. I glared up at her for a minute but my eyes seemed to want only to stare at my dear old dad. Ha, as if I was ever going to seriously call him my father. He had practically died when I called him "dad." It had actually been kind of funny. That is until his expression remained horrified. I couldn't help feeling kind of hurt. I was his kid, wasn't he supposed to love me instantly?

I swallowed down my feelings though. They were useless things and they just led to pain and heartbreak. So instead of letting Stark see how upset I was I gave him a cold smile. He was leaning against the kitchen counter, watching me closely. A ginger haired woman came out of the living room and placed herself beside him, giving me a confused look. Stark instantly wrapped his arm around her waist and she leaned into him causing a surge of anger inside me. Any girlfriend of his was not going to be liked by me, not after what he did to my mom. Any girl dumb enough to be in a relationship with him deserved to be hated.

"Who are you?" The red haired woman asked, harshly snapping my thoughts away from my father and the ginger.

I smirked up at the lady. "A sarcastic, brilliant, hot as hell eighteen year old." I told her. None of that was a lie of course. I was incredibly sarcastic, you should be able to tell that by now; beyond brilliant with an IQ of 160 (when I applied it that is), and I thought I was pretty damn hot. Curves in all the right places, big boobs, tight butt, stunningly beautiful facial features. Also guys were always saying the long wavy dark hair gave me a much desired sexy mysterious look. It made me proud to hear that, though I was of course immediately turned off by the dudes. They weren't even paying attention to what I was saying about subatomic particles.

The redhead looked over at Stark, an expression of anguish on her face. "She has your personality." She said in a rather upset tone.

Stark shook his head but he didn't seem to be denying Red's statement. He seemed to be denying my entire existence. "Are you trying to pull a prank or something? Trying to sue me into giving you cash?" Stark finally asked me.

I was, of course, instantly furious. "You're kidding right?" I asked, my voice low and threatening. My teeth were clenched together so it came out through my teeth. "If this was a scheme I pretty sure it would have happened eighteen years ago or a little after that, when I was still a kid. What money could I possibly get showing up when I'm a freaking legal adult now?" I asked.

"Who's your mom then?!" Stark instantly snapped at me. He was glaring now and so was I, my eyes locked firmly on his. Even when I guffawed at him I didn't let my eyes leave his.

"Like you would remember her. But if you really must know…Tanya Walters." I told him furiously. I hated saying my mom's name; it was disrespectful to call your parent by their first name. Which was exactly why I planned on calling dear old dad by his first or last name in the very near future.

Stark searched through his brain for a moment then finally let out a sigh. "Jarvis? Run through the files, see if you can find any mention of Tanya Walters." He said, seemingly talking to no one.

"Right away sir." I jumped when the kind of British kind of robot voice filled the room. I looked around but saw no one.

Stark seemed to notice my confusion because he chuckled. "Jarvis is an AI. He runs the house, helps me with projects, that sort of thing." He told me, seeming almost smug. Apparently he wanted me freaked out and mad.

After a few minutes of awkward silence where both woman in the room stared at me while I had a glaring match with Stark, the AI seemed to come back to life. "I have found the name in folder 6 document one in the collection marked 'Things to remind myself on how not to live.'" The AI said. My anger seemed to visibly grow because the ginger tightened her grip on Stark. The proud look she gave him though at the title of the collection pissed me off. "All contents of this collection were originally under 'Accomplishments.' A file you started at sixteen and ended at twenty two when you remarked that recording such things was childish. Said collection was moved after the Ivan Vanko incident. Folder 6 was made during your twenty first year, sir." Jarvis said.

"Show me the document Jarvis." Immediately a strange holographic blue screen appeared in front of Stark. He gently pushed the ginger away saying "I don't know what's in here Pepper. Let me read it first." Hmm, so the ginger's name was Pepper? Good to know, I could make up a lot of annoying nicknames for her now.

I watched Stark read the document but I quickly got bored waiting and wanted to read it for myself. I cleared my throat but Stark didn't look up at me. I wasn't planning on talking to him though so it didn't matter. "Jarvis?" I said awkwardly, it was weird talking to an invisible person.

"Yes Miss?" Jarvis immediately replied. Stark did look up this time, mostly to glare at me, but quickly looked back at the document.

"May I see the document too? It is about my mother after all." I said politely.

"Of course Miss." Jarvis said and a blue screen instantly appeared in front of me.

"JARVIS!" Stark boomed, obviously mad. He was glaring at me but I was already deep into the document and my blood was already boiling.

I could have sworn I heard the ginger, oh yeah Pepper, sigh in annoyance. "What sir?" Jarvis replied innocently. "Do you have a good reason why she shouldn't read it?" I couldn't help chuckling at his attitude though I was still reading.

Stark didn't seem to have an answer though Pepper did. She opened her mouth to say something but Red shook her head, silencing her. Stark went back to reading and the whole room fell into silence. We seemed to finish reading at the same time because we looked up at each other simultaneously. His expression was, surprisingly, ashamed but mine was full of anger. I tried to hide it all behind a smirk but even the smirk came off as pissed.

"Went a little overboard at your birthday party huh? You seemed awfully proud of yourself for not even remembering doing it with my mother." I said, just barely containing the growl that I wanted to unleash. It hovered over my words though giving them a very sinister sound. "You talked to her in the morning though, that was nice of you. Asked her what you guys did, got her name, left her immediately after. Oh but you sent her chocolate and flowers afterwards, how romantic! But that was the last time you contacted her, wasn't it?! I bet you were just full of guilt and couldn't bear contact with her, right?!" Sarcasm and venom dripped off of every word that passed through my now clenched teeth.

Stark shuffled awkwardly while Pepper stared at him in shock. The blue screens disappeared, giving me an unblocked path if I wanted to attack Stark. "I was young and stupid; I didn't have much respect for anything until a few years ago." He said, casting Pepper a look that was somewhere between "I'm sorry, please forgive me" and "Thank you."

I jumped to my feet, sending the chair crashing backwards onto the ground. I winced a little at the noise but I was too pissed off to really care. "Do you realize how much that hurt my mother?! Do you not care that you ruined her life?!" I shouted so loudly that my eardrums throbbed in annoyance. "Hell, you ruined mine! I had to grow up knowing who my dad was and knowing he didn't give half a rat's ass about me!"

"Like I knew you existed! If I had I wouldn't have abandoned you like that!" Stark shouted back, his face turning red with anger.

"You could have asked if you accidentally impregnated my mother the next morning! They teach about protection in school for a reason asshole but obviously all that went out the window once you got a couple of bears in you!" I shouted. More people were entering the room but I didn't pay any attention to them. My mind was buzzing with adrenaline, adrenaline I desperately wanted to use to beat the crap out of Stark, while my ears were filled with the sound of my fast beating heart.

Stark's face went redder. I had a feeling mine was pretty red too though so I decided not to make fun of him. "It would have taken more than just a couple of bears to get me that drunk! I was probably close to get alcohol poisoning!" He shouted.

"Oh yeah that makes it all okay!" I shouted. My fists were clenched so tightly that I could feel my fingernails cutting into my skin. "I just love knowing I was the product of blacked out drunkness with a side of alcohol poisoning!"

"Will you stop it! I! Was! Dumb! We all make stupid decisions in our life and your conception just happened to be one of them!" Stark shouted. I had to stop myself from wincing, that kind of hurt. Mom had never said me being born was stupid just her getting knocked up without being married. She had blamed herself, blamed Stark, but never me and the way Stark said it just made it sound like he thought it was my fault. Like I had seriously asked to be born. "We are getting a blood test!" Stark finally declared when he realized I was too furious to speak.

"Fine by me." I managed to growl out.

Stark promptly marched from the room, grabbing a set of car keys off the counter as he did. Everyone watched him go, even me, and then all attention was directed towards me. There were a lot of people here and it kind of freaked me out to have so many eyes focused on me. Though seeing as three of them were extremely hot guys I didn't really mind it. In fact, as the anger slowly began to drop inside me, I managed to start thinking about how much like crap I had to look.

"Um, what's going on Natasha?" The guy wearing glasses asked Red.

Red, Natasha, looked at me for a moment longer before turning to the guys who were all now extremely focused on her. "Um, well, Tony has a daughter." She said rather awkwardly.

"Not for long!" Stark shouted from outside as the guys' jaws dropped.

Okay so I added a chapter cause I know you can't really judge a story till a little bit in. It'll probably take a few more chapters before I get any response from anybody. Buuuuuut, if you read this and think it doesn't suck too bad could you tell me? Please?