Spin the Bottle

Author's Note: ... I... Regret... Nothing... Most of my watchers have come from either Pokémon or Golden Sun based fanfictions... So this is going to be a shock but... I like this couple damn it! Plus I need practice that ISN'T Pokémon based for this upcoming contest, so that when I dive into Pokémon again I'll be able to use more vivid imagery for the romance! So sit back and relax, and enjoy!


Cyborg gulped down the last of his whiskey before turning his attention to his friends. The birthday had gone without a hitch, the leader of their group happily tearing Beast Boy's character a new one on the team's video game console. The poor changeling claimed he was taking it easy on the birthday boy, but everyone knew he was terrible at the game.

Starfire was enthralled not with the game, but the goofy party hat that was all but stapled to Robin's head by Beast Boy. Oh, it wasn't the glitter, the sparkles, or the shape of the hat that possessed her to stare at it intently. It was the fact that it was attached to Robin's mask, and Raven had taken the honor of sealing his room (and numerous secret entryways into said room) to ensure he couldn't remove the mask in secret.

Speaking of Raven, Cyborg shot a sly glance toward her, receiving an even more devious one in return. It was almost time. Operation "Hook the Flounder" was about to begin.

He swung the empty whiskey bottle around in his fingers then stopped it mouth up, attaching a small but powerful magnet just inside the neck. He grinned to his empath friend, who was now casually tossing a similar magnet up into the air and deftly catching it, ensuring to keep it out of the rest of the team's sight.

The time was now.

"Alright, y'all!" Cyborg called out with gusto, immediately capturing everyone's attention as he made his way to the center of the room, placing the bottle on the ground, "Gather round!"

Beast Boy darted to his best friend's side, immediately knowing what was up. He wasn't exactly filled in, but he had heard parts of the plan through eavesdropping, and he was ready to help keep the plan rolling smoothly.

Robin stepped over to eye the bottle, only to turn deathly pale, "Ooh no."

"Aww yeah!" Cyborg grabbed his friend by the wrist and brought him down into a sitting position before he could even imagine fleeing the scene.

"Wait, no! Not cool guys!" Robin whined, all but breaking his normally cool composure just from the sight of the empty bottle, "We can't do this! We don't have enough people, we-"

"Chill out, bro" Beast Boy said coolly, his grin almost too smug, "We can't have a twenty-first birthday without a bit of bottle spinning. It's a human tradition!"

Immediately Robin's eyes widened. Only one word shot through his mind, and multiple times at that one sentence. Shit!

Starfire immediately shot to Robin's side, folding her legs under her as she leaned forward, eyes glistening madly, "Human tradition? Please, do tell! I wish to learn!" her glittering emerald orbs locked onto Robin, who always explained everything for her, something he knew she enjoyed more than she should.

"I... Um... It- ah..." Robin stuttered, completely at a loss for words. How the hell was he supposed to explain this to her? It was nearly impossible considering the implications of the game.

"Robin? I'm not understanding. What is this Spinning of the Bottle? It sounds simple, yet if it is a human tradition there must be something to it!"

Cyborg let out a hearty laugh, "Here Star, let me translate. I speak flounder," he stifled further laughter as Robin shot him a horrific glare, "Whoever's turn it is spins the bottle, and whoever it lands on goes into the closet with the one who spun. You stay in for seven minutes, and then come out. Simple as that!"

The grins on Beast Boy's and even Raven's face said otherwise, but like always Starfire's naivety shined brighter than her strongest starbolt, "That is the tradition? Then please, friends! Let us begin!"

No one noticed a small object fly into a nearby air vent, or the ever so prominent grin on Raven's face growing more and more twisted under her hood.

"Alright, since Robin's still stuck in flounder speak, I say we let..." Cyborg glanced around the room oh so innocently before smiling, "Beast Boy will go first!"

The changeling cheered happily, "Whoohoo! Let's go! I'm gonna get some in the closet!" he grabbed the bottle and spun it hard, watching eagerly to see where it landed.

Raven nodded to Cyborg when the bottle began spinning, barely stifling a laugh as the elder team member fluttered his eyebrows, expecting the plan to go without a hitch. Raven had... other ideas in mind.

The empath had learned over the years how to "silently" use her powers in limited bursts. With this ability, she controlled the bottle's spin with the magnet that she had sent through the air vents. It now rested just below the floor, spinning with the bottle's movements. Cyborg had placed the bottle perfectly.

The bottle started to slow, looking as though it would land on Robin, as part of the plan to humiliate him at first... however, it continued moving, ever so slowly, much to Cyborgs chagrin, until...

Beast Boys eyes lit up and a blush dusted his cheeks as the bottle stopped, pointing at Raven. When she ducked her head, hiding her face further in her hood, he cheered again and shot for the closet, not even waiting for her. But under her hood, Raven was doing more than blushing. She was smiling like a mad scientist who had made a critical breakthrough, and only Cyborg with his enhanced vision could see it.

Cyborg leaned in close, whispering in her ear, "Hey, what about the plan?"

She lowered her hood to reveal her out of character smile, "I've had enough of tossing the stick for this dog for him to come back without it. I think it's time I finally teach him how to get the stick."

Robin stared in shock. Did Raven just openly admit to wanting Beast Boy's attention in a sexual innuendo, or was he losing his mind? He hadn't even had his first alcoholic drink, yet he could have sworn that after hearing what Raven had just said, someone must have spiked the punch.

Starfire, adorably oblivious as always, just smiled with curiosity shining in her eyes, "Why would he need a stick in the closet?" She asked simply, becoming even more confused as Robin released an exasperated sigh.

Raven giggled, causing even more shock to Robin, before casually strolling to the closet, closing the door behind her.

At first, there was silence, then Beast Boy's voice resounded through the heavy wood door, "Hot damn!"

Cyborg buckled, falling onto his back, rolling with laughter as tears welled in his good eye. Starfire giggled cutely, unsure of why Beast Boy had shouted that, but the loudness and tone certainly gave off a hint of humor. Even Robin couldn't help chuckling. The changeling had always wanted Raven, and he finally had what he wanted for seven minutes. His reaction was all too predictable.

The minutes ticked down, and when seven finally came about, Cyborg prompted the two with a shout to come on out. It took a moment, but the doorknob finally rattled and the door opened. Beast boy was the first out, staggering as he walked, a dopey grin plastered to his face. He looked like he was drunk on happiness as he slouched down by Cyborg, his eyes glittering more brightly than Robin's party hat.

Raven calmly strolled out, a wicked smile planted on her features. She looked a little too happy as she settled herself next to her new hubby, looking up to Robin with glistening eyes, as though welcoming him to begin praying for mercy; he was next. She took command of the magnet once again as Robin gulped down the rock that had suddenly found residence in his throat.

"You're turn, Rob" Cyborg said with a mirthless laugh, "Get spinnin'."

Robin looked at his friend, then to Raven. They were doing this on purpose. They had control of this. There was no doubt in his mind that this was a conspiracy against him. He'd get stuck with Beast Boy as a prank. He wouldn't get who he wanted- Wait... What the hell was he thinking!?

The Boy Wonder gripped the bottle tightly, debating taking off into a sprint for his room- wait... no, it was bolted shut with Raven's powers. He had nowhere to run... No choice but to spin. He twisted his wrist then spun the bottle hard, attempting to control the power to make the bottle go where he wanted; back toward himself, the only way to avoid going into the closet. He watched carefully, scanning for any irregularities to show that the game was rigged.

The bottle finally began to slow before stopping abruptly on Starfire. The alien girl's green eyes lit up like firecrackers, excitement screaming just from the look on her face. Without warning she grabbed Robin's hand and dragged him off, but not fast enough to deny Robin the chance to shoot a warning to his friends, "I know what you're up to! I'll get you back for this, I swear!" His glare could have incinerated an entire forest as his friends giggled and, in Cyborg's case, laughed hysterically.

Before he knew what had happened, the door was closed and tightly locked. Emerald spheres shone brightly in the dim light of the closet, eagerly waiting for him to move first. Robin couldn't help but notice that she wasn't just looking at his face, but his mask. She was willing it to come off with those gorgeous eyes.

His identity had finally fallen out a year ago, but even with the acceptance of his teammates he still refused to take the mask off, but... Those eyes... those terribly beautiful, pleading eyes... No, he wouldn't buckle. He barely heard Starfire over his thoughts when she finally cleared her throat and spoke, "Robin, is there something more to this?"

Robin snapped back to reality, shaking his head gently before speaking, "Uh- um... yeah, there is Star. But..."

"By the way friend Beast Boy reacted upon exiting, I believe something wonderful happened to him in here. Could you tell me what it was?" She batted her eyelashes seductively.

Oh shit, she's part of their plan.


The three remaining members sat on the floor, eager grins on their faces as the door closed behind the adorable couple. Beast Boy had snapped back to reality, and couldn't help a toothy grin as he spoke, "Alright, bets! Bets everyone! Let's hear them! How long until the boy flounder snaps and begs to be released? I say four minutes!"

"You're giving him too much credit, BB! I'd say two minutes until he snaps!"

Raven couldn't help a rather cute smile. She could sense the feelings between the two in the closet. Although Starfire was part of the plan and knew what to do, she was a little nervous about what Robin was going to do at first. But... His heart was fluttering with glee despite the fact that he shot that threat to the rest of the team. He wasn't going to bail when he finally had his chance. "I say he'll last the whole seven minutes."

"Who's giving him too much credit now?" Beast Boy stared at his friend in shock.

"How do you figure that, Rav? There ain't no chance Rob can stay in close quarters with her that long. His brain will snap!"

"Call it a girl's intuition" Raven said, floating over to the couch to sit down, "Now all we can do is wait."

"Alright, then whoever wins gets twenty bucks from the rest of us!"


She stepped closer, leaning against him, barely keeping distance between them, a giggle fighting to escape her lips as Robin shuddered, his blush escalating to the point that his head was ready to burst from the heat.

"Well Robin...?" She purred, staring into his mask, waiting for him to respond. The Boy Wonder stared in shock. He had no idea what he should do. This was the moment his heart had been waiting for years to present itself, yet his mind still denied it. It wouldn't allow it. He couldn't risk a relationship... Not yet at least...

A sigh escaped the alien girl's lips as she pulled back, turning towards the door, "If you won't tell me... maybe I'll ask friend Beast Boy to show me what happened." As she gripped the doorknob she gasped.

Robin gripped her shoulders and spun her before pressing her against the door, ignoring the seductive smile she was now sporting. He didn't say a word; he just simply stared into her eyes... Those shining green eyes... Inviting... Taunting... Pleading... Needing...

She let out a small squeak, leading Robin to finally speak. "Star, I... Yeah, there is something we are supposed to do in here... But..." He turned his head to the right, doing his best to avoid eye contact. If he continued to stare into those eyes, he'd lose the little control he had left... or so he hoped.

"Then... Are we not going to do it...?"

His grip slid down to her wrists, holding them tightly as he turned to look at her again. The sensual seductive look was gone. Her eyes had softened, almost glistening like she was ready to cry. His mind screamed this was part of the plan, but... His heart knew what it wanted. And it finally had its chance. "Y...Yeah... We..." Robin mumbled as he leaned in, smiling gently as her eyes slowly drifted shut, eagerly awaiting lip contact. "I'll show you..." he said finally as their lips connected gently. His hands loosened, and she slid her own up to tangle her fingers with his.

He didn't press further at first, letting his mind have its tangent before finally letting his heart take control and test its boundaries. He leaned into her, pressing her against the door as the kiss deepened, only to have it break. He opened his eyes to look into hers, a devious smirk spread on her face. "Is it not impolite to kiss a lady while wearing a hat?" She giggled cutely as Robin furrowed his brows. She had effectively completed the plan with those words.

Robin wanted to decline... but he'd never have a chance like this again. He released her hands, and then bowed his head, welcoming her to have the honors. He couldn't help a chuckle as she giggled with glee. She reached up, slowly gripping the mask. She hesitated though. She knew that this whole plan had been a violation of his trust but... Now he trusted her... This was ok, right...? She took a breath, and then removed the mask (and hat) to reveal the blue eyes of Dick Grayson she adored so much.

The moment the mask was off, he dove back in, kissing her more passionately this time. She could barely contain herself as their lips locked in, her grip on his mask loosening until it fell to the floor. She wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug which he happily returned.

She flinched slightly as he pressed his tongue against her lips, begging to enter. She didn't know what to do; she had seen in movies how these kisses worked, but she wasn't prepared for this. She didn't even know that Robin knew how to kiss. She swallowed gently, and then opened her mouth, granting him entry.

As his tongue dove in, her entire body shuddered. It gently played with her tongue, prodding it to join until she too was clashing her tongue with his. Her legs grew weak, and she began to slouch, bringing him down to the floor with her until they were both in sitting positions, her back still to the door. She could barely contain her emotions as they both broke the kiss for air.

Starfire gazed into his eyes longingly, a weak smile forming as she spoke, "You're a good kisser, Robin... I would have to guess you have been practicing since we first met?"

Robin snickered innocently, "Well... Let's just say my hand could probably use some therapy from how much I practiced on it..." He couldn't help but laugh at the look she made. Once again her ignorance to human practices was all too adorable to resist. He leaned in again, "You're the only girl I've kissed... and the only one I ever want to kiss" he said with a smile, which the alien girl happily returned as their lips locked once again.

Time seemed to evaporate as their kiss heated up even more...


Raven gently licked her Whiskey-Pop as she watched Cyborg mercilessly beat Beast Boy's character into submission on their video game console. Beast Boy hardly had licked the liquor lollipop before he passed out, his controller still gripped in his hands tightly, his head back and the candy barely hanging on his tongue, threatening to fall down his throat.

The empath giggled gently at the thought of him waking to it suddenly falling in, the look on his face would be far too hysterical for her to contain her laughter, especially with the limited control she now had after consuming this lollipop. For such a small candy, it certainly packed a wallop. Even Cyborg's face had flushed, even though he himself had consumed an entire bottle before their game.

They had hoped the entire team could have shared the candies together for one last chance to embarrass the birthday boy should he get drunk, but...

"Looks like I definitely won my forty dollars from you two." Raven said smugly to Cyborg, who merely grunted in reply. She could sense everything that was happening in the closet, and she had to admit it was more intoxicating than the candy. She looked at Beast Boy once again, a blush creeping along her cheeks. She suddenly had a few ideas filling her mind that were far from innocent.

Before she could even entertain those thoughts, the entire party jumped with a start as the closet door finally opened. Beast Boy barely avoided gagging on his candy as his head snapped back to witness Starfire and a maskless Robin step out. Their hair was messy, and their eyes shone with far more light than simple romance could cause. The two lovebirds looked at their friends for only a moment before Robin grasped Starfire's hand, leading her slowly from the Ops room towards the door to the living quarters.

"Make sure to play it safe you two! I don't need another Robin running around here so soon!" Cyborg called after them teasingly, though he was a little shocked when he didn't receive a reply, not even a finger from Robin.

"I'd leave them alone, Cyborg... Their relationship has just started. They need their privacy." Raven said calmly, the grin still not leaving her face.

"You know, that smile hasn't disappeared once since you came out of that closet, Rav. If I didn't know any better I'd say that you have your own ideas brewing." Cyborg said, leaning in close to smile deviously.

Raven turned to him with a bright blush, "I... Um..." She glanced at Beast Boy, whose eyes had lit like the Fourth of July. She stuttered a moment longer then lowered her head and strode over to Beast Boy. "Heel." She said firmly, her grin returning slightly as he stood to attention next to her, though he didn't lose the gleam in his eyes. "Come." She commanded as she turned and headed towards the living quarters herself.

"Oh, not yet, sweety! We haven't even gotten to bed yet!" Beast Boy shouted gleefully, though he quickly regretted it as Raven created a black mass to smack him before leaving him in the Ops room, her vigor officially neutralized, "Damn it..." the changeling groaned from his newfound place on the floor. His glare intensified as the ground rattled from Cyborg once more falling onto his back in fits of hysterics.

Robin could hear the laughter all the way at his door. He glanced back lightly, and then looked into Starfire's eyes. Those pleading emeralds... He smiled then keyed in his code and led her into his room. It was obvious by this point that the plan was complete, considering his door had opened without issue.

This night... is just beginning. Happy Birthday to me.


A/N: I have to admit, this turned out a lot differently than I originally planned. I had to erase about three pages of work to get this done, since it originally had a much longer startup, from the beginning of the party to where this version actually begins. Right after I finished those three pages, I was reading the fanfiction "Touch" by Kryalla Orchid. Just as I thought I had grasped an idea that wasn't going to be tapped much, I read the chapter that, of all things, involves Seven Minutes in Heaven. You could imagine my reaction (lots and lots of obscenities). I had work the rest of the day and that entire day I racked my brain for a way to change it. I have to admit that, with the way this came out, there's no way I stole anything. This came out far better than I originally planned, and I'm honestly glad I read Touch because otherwise, I might have accidentally copied another writer's idea without realizing. I also need to pitch a special thanks to my mother, who added the final bit of convincing needed to start over and make this the way it is now. Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this! I actually am planning a sequel interestingly enough...