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Robin awoke with a start; hearing that oh so familiar sound that he dreaded. A secret compartment in the wall opened, forcing out a black communicator. With a low groan, Robin took hold of the device and clicked it on, "Better have a damn good reason for not only contacting me this early but through this communicator."

There was a silence for a moment, then finally "It's almost noon. How is this early?" an equally familiar voice retorted sternly. Robin's eyes widened, then he looked to his clock; eleven forty three. He had overslept. "Since when do you sleep this late? Are you sick?"

Robin growled again before snapping back, "No Bruce, I was just enjoying one of my few chances to relax a bit. Doesn't hurt to chill every once in a while."

"In our line of work, we don't have that luxury, and you know that." the caped-crusader reminded him.

"What the hell do you want, anyways?" His patience was running thin, and fast. The fact the Tamaranian princess next to him hadn't been roused from her sleep by this argument was shocking to say the least, and he certainly didn't want to risk waking her.

Silence again for a moment, then a sigh. "I need you in Gotham." Robin's eyes widened in horror. Now was not the time for jokes. "There's been a suspicous amount of increase in criminal activity over the past couple of weeks, to the point where its getting overwhelming. It's hard for me to say this, but I could use your help."

"You? Needing help? Who the hell is this? There's no way you could be Bruce Wayne. Not a chance in hell."

"Two-Face and Mr. Freeze are headed for Jump as we speak. If you don't come out here and help me figure this out, they could destroy your entire city. Is that enough incentive?"

The Boy Wonder froze for a moment. That was even worse than the thought of leaving his girlfriend so soon into their relationship. If those two were on their way... "Tell me the details."

"I will when you arrive. I need you here as soon as possible. Alfred is already en route to pick you up. You will arrive as Dick, not Robin. I want to keep your Robin profile low for now, use you as a surprise. When you arrive, I'll fill you in."

His grip tightened on the communicator, threating to crush it. He wanted to argue, to demand a full explanation, but... He knew he had no choice. He released a defeated sigh, and then finally agreed, "Alright. I'll get ready and head out as soon as possible."

"Good. See you when-"

"And Bruce?"

Silence filled the com, but Robin knew he hadn't cut communications yet. He grinned maliciously, "We need to have the talk."

"You mean a talk?"

"The talk."

"You seem to be using "the" instead of an "a" Dick... What do we need to-"

"Adoptive father to adopted son birds and the bees talk, Bruce. That talk." It wasn't often that Robin got to mess with Bruce's head, and with this chance, he was more than happy to milk as much joy as he could out of this.

There was silence, and then an awkward grunt, a cough, and then the communicator went dead. Robin was going to have fun with this, that was for certain. He placed the communicator back in its secret compartment and sealed it, then turned to his sleeping partner. She had rolled to face him, emerald eyes glimmering in the dim light that passed through the room's curtains.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to wake you." Robin said sadly, gently pecking her on the forehead.

"It is difficult not to awaken when you are angry. You become quite loud." She giggled, not even slightly upset for being woken up.

"Yeah... Still, sorry. Bruce gets to me in the worst of ways..."


Robin chuckled under his breath. That's right, he hadn't told her. "Bruce is my adoptive father... and Batman."

Starfire's eyes widened a bit. "I can see why he would upset you then. Why did he call?"

Robin's eyes narrowed sadly. He felt defeated, knowing he couldn't stand against this sudden call to arms by Bruce. "He needs me in Gotham. As soon as possible. Our butler, Alfred, is on his way now to pick me up."

Starfire snuggled closer to him, gripping him tightly in a hug. He about melted into her arms. He didn't want to go... not so soon. He didn't want to get up. He wanted to stay right where he was, hold her tight, shower her in kisses, and never, ever let go...

But he knew that wasn't a choice. Jump City, and in turn Starfire could be in danger if he didn't go and figure out what was going on. He tightened the hug a moment longer, and then released her, climbing over her to roll out of bed, doing his best not to let her sad sigh kill his heart.

He brought himself to his closet, quickly pulling on some boxers; they had been a little bit friskier the past couple nights... Probably a good thing, considering they wouldn't be doing anything again for a while. He dug deep into his clothes, finally wrestling out a pair of cleanly folded slacks and a pressed button up shirt as well as an outer silk coat; his Dick Grayson suit. He despised this suit, not because of how it felt; on the contrary, it was a marvelous fit perfectly crafted to his body. If he could, he'd wear this every time he went out casually with the team. The reason why he hated it was because he only wore it when he went to Gotham. And right now, this suit seemed like it would look nice in a furnace on full blast.

With a sigh, he got to getting dressed. The silence in the room was destroying his sanity. He knew Starfire was going to say something soon. He knew she would. She wouldn't let this go without a fight, she-


"Starfire, don't do this to me..."

"But you do not even know what I'm about to say."

Robin glanced back at her, making sure she saw the hurt in his eyes matched the pain in her emerald orbs. "You can't come with me, Star."

The Tamaranian princess sat up with a huff, not even bothering to cover her naked body, "But why not? Why can I not assist you? Surely I could be of some use there."

"You know I'd love to have you there, but..." Robin groaned as he ran a hand through his hair, clenching a patch tightly as he tried to think this through, "There are a lot of reasons why you can't come... but there are two in particular."

"And what are these two reasons?"

Robin glanced at her again, and then resumed his dressing, buttoning up his undershirt slowly and carefully, "There are two guys from Gotham heading here... Two-Face and Mr. Freeze. Two-Face will be a challenge that I'm sure the entire team could handle with or without you... But Mr. Freeze would obliterate the Titans if you weren't around."

Starfire gasped, but allowed him to continue, "Your starbolts would rip him to shreds. He wouldn't stand a chance with you around. Everything he relies on his cold, and your starbolts would melt everything he has. Even with Cyborg as the second in command, when it comes to Mr. Freeze, you'd be the one taking point." Robin shrugged his shoulders as he finished, letting his full suit settle before walking over to his girlfriend.

Starfire stood, reaching out to embrace him in a hug. She was speechless towards what he had just said. He trusted her with so much... She knew the villains of Gotham were far more dangerous than the ones in Jump City. The stories Robin had shared with the team were nothing short of gruesome nightmares, and the thought of two of those villains coming... With him trusting her so much to take care of just one...

It filled her with a power she had long forgotten. She was relied on more than anyone to handle a task; her inner warrior was screaming with joy despite her horrid feelings of sadness to know Robin would be leaving. Finally she spoke up again, "And... The second reason?"

Robin kept quiet for a moment. He hated relating Starfire to aliens, but with this he had no choice. "Batman is paranoid of... Aliens." He felt her flinch in his arms, but continued, "He's xenophobic. He likes to have a counter for any alien that is on earth. The bastard carries a pound of Kryptonite on him everywhere he goes in case Superman goes AWOL. I don't want him to start looking for ways to take you down... I wouldn't forgive myself if he managed to do that, because God knows what he'd use it for..."

Starfire trembled as she fought back tears. She understood fully what Robin was saying, and why she couldn't come along. But it didn't mean she had to like it.

"I'm sorry Star..."

"When do you need to leave...?" She asked, acknowledging his apology with a simple nod as they broke apart.

"I should have left about ten minutes ago..."

Starfire froze for a moment, then darted for her clothes, snapping her wrist bands on and her necklace before turning to Robin, "Then you will need a faster method to get to the point of picking up, correct?"

Robin stared at her for a moment, then weakly smiled and nodded. He took her hand, and then led her to his window, opening it to allow them to leave without the other Titans seeing. "Are you sure you can fly...?" When her response was her averting her gaze away from him, he couldn't help but chuckle. She couldn't fly when she was sad. She needed something to pick her up just for this jump. He pulled her into a tight hug and locked his lips with hers, deeply, passionately, but briefly, breaking the kiss only moments later.

The way her eyes glowed far more radiantly showed it had worked. With a final nod, she took both of his hands and floated both of them outside, lifting him up into an embrace for the best hold before saying, "I suggest you hold your breath."

"The rendezvous point is on the eastern edge of town. There's an alleyway that is completely deserted where I can enter my limo without anyone seeing me." Robin said before taking a deep breath.

The moment Robin was ready, she took off like a bullet. In only a few moments they were where Robin had described, gently setting down at the end of the alley. She couldn't hold a giggle as Robin coughed loudly, trying to regain the air that had been stolen from his lungs.

He looked up with a smirk as he took long, pained breaths, "You seem to have enjoyed that."

"Perhaps. I believe I should introduce Bruce to that kind of speed one day to give him the pay back for this..."

"I'm worried you'd kill him if you did." Robin laughed as he turned toward the mouth of the alley; Alfred had just pulled up with the limo; it was time to leave.

He took Starfire's hand and slowly walked toward his ride, smiling as Alfred approached the two, "Master Grayson, good to see you again." The elderly butler said with curt kindness. His eyes then meandered to the girl next to the young master, "And who might this be?"

"Alfred..." Robin lowered his head to collect himself before continuing, "This is my girlfriend, Princess Koriand'r of the planet Tamaran."

Alfred's eyes widened, much to Robin's humor, before he bowed politely, "I had no idea the young master was dating royalty. A pleasure to make your acquaintance, your highness."

A blush erupted upon Starfire's cheeks. She shook her head roughly as she spoke, "Please, please! On Earth I am no princess, just another Titan, and Robin's girlfriend, nothing more! Just call me Starfire." She glared at Robin, who had a rather peachy grin dancing along his face. He was trying to hide his sadness behind this comedic play... Something she wished she could do as well.

"As you wish, Miss Starfire." Alfred said with a nod before looking to Robin, "We should be going. It's never wise to keep Master Wayne waiting."

Robin hesitated, and then spoke, "Could I have a moment, Alfred?"

The butler smiled, then nodded, turning and walking towards the limo, leaving the two to say goodbye.

Robin swiftly took his girlfriend into his arms, locking her tightly in his embrace. This was the weakness that Bruce had always spoken of; the weakness he despised himself so much for indulging in. It was so painful, having to go so far away when they had only just started this... But he had no choice. He lowered his head and kissed her gently, which she strongly returned. He wouldn't let the kiss go past a loving goodbye, however. He held it, and then broke away, much to Starfire's sadness.

"You will come back safely, promise me." She said softly.

"I promise Star. I'll be back as soon as I can."

She sighed, then closed her eyes. She would stay strong in front of him, she wouldn't-

"I love you."

Her eyes shot open then looked into his sapphire blues. He had never said that. In this past week, he had not said that once, only hinted towards it with other words and phrases. Tears poked at her eyes as she replied, "I love you too, my Robin."

He stared into her eyes for a few moments longer, and then slowly released her, turning to walk towards the limo, entering the door that Alfred held for him, and then disappeared behind the one way glass windows. He stared at her solemnly, knowing she could not see him. He clenched his fists and grinded his teeth, his anger finally flowing past his sadness. Bruce had better have at least some knowledge as to what the hell was going on so that this wouldn't take as long, because if he didn't...

"I know that look, Master Grayson." Alfred said from the front seat as the limo pulled off, "I believe a bit of conversation would help keep you calm. Why not tell me about Miss Starfire?"

Robin growled fiercely for a moment, then conceded, leaning back in his seat. This was going to be a long ride...


Author Cut in: Just going to say that up to this point has been done for about a month now. Problem is, I couldn't friggin' get the next part done, and deleted enough to make a deleted scenes chapter dedicated solely to the damn part that was only about a page long. So, I finally decided that it was far more trouble than it was worth just to show Raven finding Starfire in the alley (yes, that was what would have been there) and instead decided to just do a time skip. Better than waiting any longer, right?


Beast Boy gently stroked his girlfriend's hair as the empath laid on top of him. The two were resting on the couch, Beast Boy comforting Raven as she tried to recover. It had been three days since Robin left, and the sheer power of Starfire's sadness had driven the poor half demon into near insanity. She wouldn't sleep at night, her power's flying like mad as she fought to control her own emotions, and during the day she would only find comfort in the young man's arms.

However, three days was long enough. He was sick of watching his girlfriend fall apart just because Starfire wouldn't accept the fact that Robin was going to be gone for a while. "That's it!" He growled just loudly enough to show his anger to Cyborg, who was once again preparing to throw Starfire's lunch away.

The elder Titan looked up and stared, "What's it, BB?"

"I'm sick of Starfire cooping herself in Robin's room letting her emotions destroy my girl. It's time we busted in there and dragged her out!"

Cyborg stared at the green young man before sighing, "You know we can't do that BB. Besides, none of us can access that room once it's locked down. Star's gotta come out on her own or not at all."

Beast Boy was about to argue further until Raven shifted on him, glancing into his eyes wearily, "No, Cyborg… Beast Boy is right…" She shakily stood off of the young man, smiling weakly as he immediately shot up and supported her, "Starfire needs to come out. Her body is reliant on sunlight, and without food to sustain her without sun, she's no doubt close to death…" She looked down grimly, the two boys following suit as they realized what she was thinking before she resumed, "Take me to Robin's room."

Beast Boy nodded, then slowly walked her toward the boy's section of the tower, glancing back at Cyborg, "You coming?"

The older Titan sighed then followed, still adamant that the system even he couldn't crack was impenetrable. As they approached, Raven broke away from Beast Boy, stepping up to the keypad. Cyborg watched, both irritated and saddened as Raven attempted to key in the usual code, only to be rebuked. "Please…" A voice weakly called from behind the door, startling all but Raven, "Just… Do the… Away of going…."

Raven grunted in annoyance before hitting multiple keys, finally locking her fingers on the three numbers signifying Robin's birthday, holding it steady for several seconds. "Rae? Whatcha doing there?" Cyborg asked curiously, waiting to see what would come of what seemed to be random actions.

Much to the two boy's surprise, a female voice never once heard by either of them spoke through the keypad's speaker, "Emergency lockdown is active. Request to unlock acknowledged. Voice recognition is required."

"Raven, how did…?" Beast Boy stared at his girlfriend in awe. He had no idea she could access something even Cyborg had no knowledge of, though when his neck hair stood on end, he knew to shut up.

Raven's eyes glowed blood red and her powers began to cycle off of her in bursts as she summoned the little strength she had left. She took a deep breath then finally spoke, "Richard John Grayson!" her voice resounding so strongly with both her normal voice and her demonic voice that the keypad actually sparked and fizzled for a few moments before finally acknowledging her.

"Voice analysis confirmed, Emergency Lockdown has been disabled. Welcome, Team Psychologist Raven. Please take care of the Boy Flounder."

Cyborg and Beast Boy both stood aghast as the door gently slid open, revealing the darkness that pervaded Starfire's hiding place. Both looked to Raven, silently begging for answers before she smiled weakly, "A couple days ago, Robin requested that I add my voice to his secret entry code just in case something like this happened, though he originally planned it for himself… Not Starfire…" She sighed, then strolled into the room, sealing the door behind her. She overheard Cyborg object to not being able to come inside, but was pleased to hear Beast Boy agree with her reasoning; it was time for a girl talk. Thankfully, the kind that Raven was particularly good at.

As she moved for the bed, she heard a weak groan, and couldn't help her own feelings of sadness as Starfire slowly unrolled from the blankets she had cocooned herself in to glare harshly at Raven, "Please, friend Raven… Leave me… Alone…"

Raven ignored her request completely, sitting down on the edge of the bed, "I won't, Starfire. If I did, then I wouldn't truly be your friend." She remained quiet as Starfire sighed angrily, and then resumed, "What would Dick think about this?" Starfire flinched violently at his name, "He'd be sickened, terrified, and ashamed if he saw you like this. He'd blame himself for all of this… For you practically dying because he had to leave."

"I'm fine… I'm not… Dying…"

Raven sighed then opened the curtains, allowing sunlight to blast into the dark room. Starfire let out an initial cry, then sighed almost contently as the sun caressed her skin; she was drenched in sweat, her eyes were barely aglow compared to their usual shine, and her cheeks were stained with her tears. This wasn't the Starfire Raven knew, and she refused to allow her to be this way any longer. "It's time to get out, again Starfire. Robin has a job to do, you both knew this when you got into this relationship."

"I know… I know…" Starfire sobbed, her eyes dry from so long of crying, yet she couldn't contain her emotions at all.

"How about we all go out tonight?" Raven offered a comforting smile, to which Starfire slightly lit up to. "I'll even buy you as much food as you want to make up for how much you've missed the past three days."

Starfire's eyes lit up like fireworks at this mention, her stomach growling loudly to signal her agreement before finally she spoke, "That… sounds wonderful… It would… help take the things off my mind."

Raven couldn't help but giggle gently at that. Without Robin around she was already messing up her phrasing again. "Alright, we'll head out tonight. Get cleaned up and dressed so we can have some fun, alright?" She stood, returning the smile that Starfire offered, then headed out the door. That was far easier than she had planned it to be.


The sun was beginning to gain an orange and pink hue as it set, marking the time for the team to leave for their friendly excursion. The boys had freshened up only a little, wearing casual clothes to fit the scene a bit more, Raven simply wore a hoodie and jeans, mimicking her usual cloak, and Starfire….

"You sure she's coming, Rae?"

Raven shot a glare to her elder Titan, "I'm certain. Just give her some time. She hasn't left that bed in over three days, so it's no wonder it's taking a bit of time for her to get ready."

Beast Boy strolled up to his girlfriend and placed a hand on her shoulder, calming her. He knew that it was going to take a while for Raven herself to recover from all the emotions she's been feeling, but when she reached up and placed her own hand on his, he could tell that things would work out well.

The doors to the ops room slid open to reveal Starfire, dressed in an outfit none of the other titans had ever seen before. Black jean shorts with a matching short sleeve top, black fingerless gloves and black shoes that screamed Robin. Her hair was tied into a long ponytail that fell down her front over her right shoulder. Cyborg couldn't contain a howl that lit a bright blush upon the poor girl's face, though she couldn't help a giggle as Raven cracked the enthralled and red cheeked Beast Boy across the head.

Upon recovering from his beating, Beast Boy stood fully and smiled, "Good to see you back, Star."

"It is… Good to be back, friend Beast Boy" Starfire said weakly, but with a strong smile. She strolled down to her three friends, smiling to Raven, who nodded in kind, then turning to Cyborg, who grinned cheekily as he tossed the keys to the T car up and caught them again.

"Glad you're feeling better, fly girl. Let's go get you some food, a'ight?"

Starfire's eyes lit up again at the mention, as did her stomach alight with sounds of tortured joy, "Yes, please!"

The two boys smirked and darted for the garage, immune to the fact the two girls idled behind them. Raven stepped up to her friend, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder, "I can feel it, you know…"

"I will be fine, Raven…"

"If you need to head back early, let me know and I'll take you personally, alright?"

"Thank you, but… Again, I will be fine."

Raven nodded, then took her friend's hand and led her downstairs only to find the T car practically jumping off the ground to the music Cyborg and Beast Boy were pumping in it. She glanced at Starfire, prepared to give her usual sigh, but instead smiled as Starfire giggled, then joined her in laughter as they slipped into the backseat.

In barely any time at all, the orange sunset glowed upon Starfire's emerald eyes, reflecting the sadness she was doing her best to hide. She stared out the window, not giving her friends the chance to witness the tears well up then slowly fade. She had to do this. She had to be strong, for both Robin and for her friends. The rest of the Titans were doing their best to support her… She had to make the best of this…

She glanced away though as they pulled into the parking lot of the mall. The last time she had been here was with Robin, and it was a wonderful day… Their first date was marvelous. They had gotten ice cream, some of which ended up on her nose, and he teasingly licked it off…

Perhaps this wasn't the best idea after all….

Cyborg, ever the caring older brother of the Titans, opened the door and helped her out of the car, offering a great grin, "Come on, flygirl. That food won't eat itself, you know." With a nod, Starfire returned a weak smile, then followed the team inside.

As they made their way to the food court, she couldn't contain a small amount of happiness as she watched Raven and Beast Boy. The two had adapted to being a couple far more quickly than she had thought, and they were more than okay with holding hands in public, though Raven insisted it was simply so his hands wouldn't wander on their own. She was happy, especially when Raven looked to her and gave a reassuring nod as the smell of food wafted around them.

Before she even realized what she was doing, Starfire's primal instincts kicked in. She hadn't eaten for three full days. In a flash she was darting around the food court, collecting more and more food onto multiple plates that she continued to place on the nearest table before finally sitting down. She ignored the stunned looks her friends sported as she began to devour the helpless pounds of meat, vegetables, and other foods she had slammed together.

"Cyborg…" Raven mumbled in shock.

"Don't worry, I'll cover what you can't Rae." Cyborg chuckled gleefully, though his cheerfulness dissipated when Beast Boy began growling menacingly, "Whoa, string bean, cool it. If you want to help your girlfriend then I understand, but-" he stopped his comment short when Raven's eyes lit red. Something was wrong.

"You feel it too?" Beast Boy looked to his girlfriend, who nodded silently. Both of their eyes shot skyward, both locking onto a black figure in the rafters, eyes glinting menacingly.

"Cyborg…" Raven said, barely containing her demon side, "Check the security system. Find out if anything has slipped through recently."

Cyborg looked up to see the same figure, then scoffed, "I doubt it. My alarms would have gone off if…" he froze as the information rose up from his arm's holofeed, "Well damn…" He immediately changed his arm into its cannon form, aiming right for the figure, "Three unconfirmed arrivals, plus signs of hacking. Someone cracked my system, and cracked it hard. I don't like when people crack my system like that!"

It was then that Starfire, finally happy that her stomach had food, came to her senses. She traced her friend's looks skyward to see the figure as it leapt from its perch, falling into a spinning axe kick that struck Cyborg down before he could even charge his plasma cannon.

The assailant stood fully, her straight red hair dangling in a ponytail behind her as she looked at the other Titans, holding her high heeled boot firmly on Cyborg's head. Beast Boy's eyes shot wide, "Wait a second… That costume…! She's dressed like Catwoman!"

Raven's eyes lit even brighter. She had heard many stories from Robin about Catwoman, or Selina as he called her. She was a villain in Gotham, but at the same time a motherly figure for Robin, or the closest person to a mother he had. But this wasn't her, and this lookalike had just downed Cyborg in one shot.

The assailant smirked, before flipping off of the elder Titan just as he aimed and fired his cannon at her, landing nimbly several feet away. Cyborg stood slowly, growling quite loudly himself now, "And I really don't like it when people drop kick me from half a mile away!" He aimed and let loose another fully charged blast, eyes widening as the girl flipped through the air, landed on the side of the beam, fell to her back then thrust her right heel up, kicking his arm skyward before rolling into a whirlwind kick and finally sweeping his legs, dropping him once again, all in a matter of seconds. In another instant, Cyborg's wrists and ankles were bound. He had been defeated in mere moments.

She spun to glance at Beast Boy, who was already charging her in a bull mode. The girl waited calmly, then just as he was about to impact back flipped, anticipating his transformation into his T-rex form, riding down his back while thrusting multiple charges into him before leaping off his tail, detonating the charges to unleash multiple blasts of noxious fumes, instantly crippling the poor changeling and his sensitive nose, leaving him a cringing heap on the ground.

With a giggle the girl turned only to barely dodge a magic infused punch, thrown by Raven. She had no intention of controlling her anger against this mystery assailant. Not after what she had just done to her boyfriend. She brought up a mass of energy and brought it down full strength, barely missing as the girl slid under the empath. Raven immediately spun from the crater she had created and infused her leg with her power, bringing it down with an axe kick of her own. She was never physically inclined, but when her demonic power flowed this freely, it was like a meteorite slamming into the ground.

The assailant barely rolled out of the way, flipping onto her feet only to continue dodging a flurry of punches and kicks. She waited patiently, dodging each move, waiting until finally an opening presented itself. She jumped into the air and somersaulted, pulling out a cluster of flash grenades which she dropped, immediately pulling a veil over her mask to protect her eyes as the blinding explosives detonated. She back flipped, landing on the shoulders of the blinded empath, then threw her weight backwards, landing on her right hand before continuing, slamming Raven's face into the ground.

She stood, looking to her final opponent, the shaking Tamaranian. With a grin, the assailant finally spoke, "Gee, that was easy. I certainly hope Dick's girl isn't as weak as-" in a blink a fist slammed into her face, sending her rolling across the food court before slamming into a wall. Without missing a beat she leapt to her feet but immediately dropped down again as another punch barely missed her, impacting the wall with such force that the wall shattered, barely holding up. Above the girl stood the now infuriated Tamaranian Warrior, eyes glowing a fierce green, a low growl emanating as she slowly removed her arm from the wall.

"You said his real name… You know who he is…" Her right arm charged a starbolt threateningly as the assailant leapt to her feet and flipped away, preparing to fight, "You hurt my friends, you ruined my day to try and do the up of cheering, and now…" She held out her hand and unleashed a flurry of bolts, grinning almost maliciously as the catgirl struggled to dodge each one, "You will tell me why you are here, why you know Dick, and most of all you will pay for hurting my friends!" in a flash she was in front of the girl, still in mid flip, and snapped her knee up, slamming into her back to launch her only to be caught by the foot, spun, then thrown across the food court.

The girl righted herself and slammed her heel into a table as she flew, flipping it up before landing on a chair and slamming her feet onto the now stable table, grinning quite cheekily before pushing off and falling out of the chair, rolling to dodge another punch of the Tamaranian Princess. She thrust a kick up, attempting to nail her in the gut only to be once again grabbed. As she was lifted again, she wrapped her other leg around the gripping arm, swiftly lifted herself and twisted, barely escaping the crushing grip. She grappled her opponent, seemingly succeeding in suplexing Starfire only for the warrior to catch her fall with her hand, wrap her legs around the assailants neck and bring her down, slamming her full strength into the ground.

Starfire rolled onto her knees, locked them around her target and held a starbolt only inches away from the now pinned girl's face, "Now… You will tell me, right now, who you are and what you know about Robin… or I will melt that mask into your face!"

Through the mask Starfire could see the girl's eyes fidgeting, darting around. She was looking for something. But it wasn't frantic, as though looking for a means of escape in fear. It was… Scanning, specific, she was looking for something in particular. Then they stopped, looking straight into Starfire's eyes; the girl grinded her teeth, causing a loud metallic crunch. Then Starfire's grip weakened. The assailant's mask flashed, only for a moment, and certainly not in a blinding manner, but upon the mask a very familiar Red X lit then faded just as fast as it appeared.

Starfire finally fully loosened her grip, allowing the girl to escape. With a sly grin she played her role, kicking Starfire convincingly in the gut, rolling out from beneath her then flipped to her feet, silently pressing a button on her wrist to release Cyborg's restraints as she flew past the team. She had to admit, the alien girl was indeed just as smart as reported, if not still naïve.

Cyborg jumped with a start the moment his bindings were released, turning to Starfire, "Yo, Flygirl! What're you doing, she's getting away!" Before he could even blink Starfire shot by him full speed.

"Get Beast Boy and Raven up, and meet me back at the tower!" She called back before she was gone.

Within moments Starfire burst into the tower, charging full speed into the ops center to hear a… rather familiar laugh. "Robin…?"

On the couch sat the girl who had attacked her only minutes before, looking quite comfy. Her mask was off and her red hair was relaxed back. She glared into a black communicator… One that made Starfire gasp in both surprise and relief.

A stern voice came through the com, "You can break a few bones, but only once the operation is complete."

"Might want to be a bit more specific, because to me, a few is at least eighty percent of the bones in his body."

"At least leave his face intact. Don't want to upset his girlfriend." At this the laughing abruptly stopped, though Starfire couldn't help a little giggle of her own.

Behind her a portal opened and the rest of her team flew in, immediately charging the assailant only to be stopped by Starfire, "Hold, friends! This girl is not our enemy!"

"Star, she beat the hell out of us! If you hadn't gone ape shit crazy, she probably would have killed us!" Beast Boy retorted, though calmed as a pale hand scratched his head. Beside him, Raven stared, contently, at the girl who was now comfortable lounging on the couch.

Cyborg grunted angrily, but held his tongue. He knew that look. Raven was tapping into the girl's emotions, checking for hostility. She was calm, so this girl wasn't a threat. At least not anymore.

"Now then…" The girl stood and smirked hardily, "Since we've all calmed down, now I can introduce myself…" She took a long bow, "My name is Barbara, the Batgirl." She waited for the round of gasps, then looked up and smiled, "But you can call me Babs."