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"What happened to you?" Kyodo was the first to speak up as I walked into the doorway of the dining room. I acted as if I hadn't heard him, but it was very obvious I had. I sat down at the empty seat at the head of the table, looking up. I looked back down at the food in front of me. Cold beef stew and some bread; man were these guys simple. Whatever though, I hadn't eaten today and I was starving, I quickly mumbled my prayers and began shoving the food in my mouth. I could feel everyone watching me, but ignored it. After 15 years of being called a 'monster', or a 'demons child' by strangers, kids and other parents, and being the only female in the monastery, I had gotten used to being started at.

"Rin." I looked at the Old Man who was sitting beside Kyodo. "Your boss called, he said he didn't want a delivery girl who doesn't bother coming back."
I sighed, that was the fifth job this year I had been 'let go' from. I heard someone coming up behind me. I looked over to see Yukio standing beside me. The light reflected off of his rectangle glasses, so I couldn't see his eyes.
"Nee, what did you do to your cheek?" Yukio tilted my face to the side, trying to examining the gash on my cheek.
"Sto e, m enin," my words were probably inaudible as my mouth was full of bread and stew but I think Yukio understood I meant Stop it, I'm eating.
"It'll get infected if it's not cleaned soon. Stop eating and come on." Yukio walked towards the other end of the room he had came from. I wasn't getting up, I was eating.
"When I'm done. I'm hungry." Yukio turned around and looked at me over his shoulder, I could see his eyes not overly impressed through his glasses.
"You should really go with him, Rin." Izumi looked at me, who also got a nod from Kyodo.
"Come on, Rin," Nagatumo gave me an insisting look.
"No." I shoved more food into my mouth, my face close down to the bowl. I saw Yukio walking towards me from the other end of the table, almost a death glare in his eyes. He grabbed my ear and started to drag me along with him.
"Okay! Okay! Ow! Ow! Ow!"

I sat down on the bench in the medical-type room of the chapel with my arms crossed. A piece of hair hanging between my eyes was quite irritating. I tried to blow it out of the way but it wasn't moving, I blew again with the same result.
"Okay, so that's how you wanna play." I glared at the piece of hair and started blowing fast air, then I realized Yukio was standing there watching me. I immediately stopped and crossed my arms once again. Yukio chuckled at me.
"It's almost hard to believe I'm the younger one of us." He placed some cream onto the bandage patch and placed it on my cheek, it stung slightly, but not enough to hurt a lot. Yukio put medical tape along the edges and wiped away the blood from my lip with a cloth. He knew a lot about this kind of stuff, as he was studying to be a doctor. Yukio even got a scholarship for True Cross Academy; which was the school he dream of going to.
"Let me see your hand," I looked down at my hands, not realizing that there were some cuts on my fingertips and knuckles from punching that guy. I gave Yukio my hands and let him tape them up.
"You have to stop getting in fights, Nee. Once I'm gone, who's gonna look after you? You and father rarely get along and I can't see you becoming best friends with the clergymen. You have to start taking care of yourself, or at least trying to."
"I know..." I looked down at my hands. It wasn't completely my fault, the fight. Those guys were shooting pigeons for no apparent reason.
"Yeah, nice one!"
"Hey, stop it!" I got off my bike and stood by a tree, watching the guys shooting the pigeons with a crossbow and arrow. They looked to be about my age, maybe 16. The guys laughed at me, as if I was a joke. The one holding the cross bow lifted it up and aimed it at me, shooting the arrow, hitting the tree behind my head. I didn't flinch though.
"Go on home, we're just getting rid of unwanted creatures." They laughed and he aimed it towards a pigeon who was eating bird seed on the ground. I dropped my bike and ran to him, punching him in the face. The guy fell to the ground, he held his nose and ground in pain.
"You bitch!"
"I said stop it!"
The other guys that were with him started to come after me as well. They punched me in the face a couple times but I easily beat them off. The guy who had been holding the cross bow stood up, not holding his face anymore. I could see I broke the skin, and his nose was probably broken. He came after me, his fist in the air. I grabbed his fist, twisted it around and slammed him down on the ground. His jaw was bleeding now. I ran towards my bike and left them there, wanting to get home soon.
"That's right! Run away!"
"That chick is a damn demon!"
I'm no demon.. you guys are the demons..!

"Care to tell me what happened?"I looked up at Yukio, breaking away from my thought. I just shook my head and looked down.
"I'm heading to bed now" I got up and walked towards the door, grabbing an elastic band off of the shelves. Tying my hair up, I looked back at Yukio and smiled.
I reached the room that Yukio and I shared together since we were born. The two single size beds were on either side of the room, with two connected desks at the back.. I walked over to my bed and laid down. I was too tired to get changed right now. Closing my eyes, it didn't take long to fall asleep.