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"So.. You are a Senior Exorcist? First Class?" Tsubaki had joined us and stood in front of Shura as he looked her up and down as she stood in front of him wearing the boys uniform pants and her very revealing top.

"Correct. Here is my license.." Shura held up ID for Yukio and Tsubaki to see before putting it back in her pocket.

"Altighty then... Just in case, I am Intermediate Exorcist, Kaori Tsubaki."

"Ah, never mind that. I'm not one to stand on ceremonies. Anyway..." She looked at me and smirked. "I'm taking this one back to the Japan Branch. I also nee to talk to the preceptor, Mephisto, so drag him to me if necessary."

"Yes ma'am." Tsubaki nodded.

Shura leaned towards me and wrapped one arm around my neck, smirking. "There are so many things that I would like to ask you.." She shoved my face down slightly, my face coming in direct contact with the side of her boobs. I struggled to push myself away but she gripped my neck tighter and began to walk.

"L-let go! Come on!" I got no response as I she continued to walk. I heard the voices of Shima and Konekomaru but I couldn't make out what they were fully saying. Knowing Shima, it was probably something to do with Shura's boobs. After a few minutes of being forcefully dragged along, I gave up, knowing it was no use to keep struggling. I was still tired from the fight with Amaimon. I couldn't tell how long we had walked but Shura finally stopped and it seemed to have gotten darker. "Where are we going?"

"Oh right, you haven't been to the base before, have you?"

"The base?" I looked up to see Yukio stopped in front of us as he unlocked the door with his keys. He opened it up and walked in, Shura following behind dragging me along. As the door closed behind us, the inside of the building looked almost as if it was like the inside of an old castle. Tall arched pillars aligned the walls as they rose up the ceiling and fell back down to the floor. "What is this place?"

"It is the center of the Japan Branch of the Knights of the True Cross." Yukio started to walk

down a hallway, followed by Shura and I. "Our headquarters are located beneath St Pier Paulo's Basilica in the Vatican, from where we oversee all branches around the have a long history, as it has been our duty to exterminate monsters for more than 2,000 years."

"Quite true!" We stopped and looked up to see Mephisto standing before us, Tsubaki standing behind him."Welcome to the Japan Branch of the Knights of the True Cross. It has been quite some time, Shura. Who would have thought that you would have been able to infiltrate the cram school as an inspector? I certainly had no way of knowing."

"Mehpisto, let me get right to the point." Shura's voice was harsher than before towards Mephisto. "Why did you hide the existence of the daughter of Satan?"

"Hide her?" Mephisto put his hands up. "Far from it! It is all for the sake of the Knights of the True Cross."


"We shall tame the spawn of Satan as a weapon for the Order. For the last 2,000 years, we exorcists have only fought defensively. Now, suddenly, we have the chance to switch to an attack mode."

"You are not answering my question, Mephisto." Shura smiled at Mephisto even though she was clearly irritated. "I am asking you why you didn't report this to the Vatican."

"As you can see, his power isn't at its full potential. Surely Gregory wouldn't be convinced by the sight of an unfinished project?" Unfinished project? I was starting to feel more like an object than I probably should have felt.

"I have one more question for you. Was Shiro Fujimoto also involved in this scheme of yours?" They way she said his name almost had a sour tone to it..

"There is no scheme, though! Until the flames grew overpowering, Fujimoto raised her. I was merely her guardian."

"I see.. Either way, I will be reporting this to the top. But before I do, I want to interrogate this kid, so I'll be using the Great Cell." Interrogate?

"Please, do as you wish..." Mephisto turned waved his hand at Shura and smiled. "She is quite an amusing one."

"Tch. You don't seem phased at all.. But I'll break you before we are through." Shura smirked at Mephisto before motioning to turn around.

"Shura, please wait!" She turned to look at Yukio as he spoke frantically. "There is no point in interrogating my sister! Let me explain in her place."

Shura leaned close to Yukio, still gripping my head. "Still the same old Yukio in that sense, huh? It's not good if you've only grown physically, y'know."


"Good work! Go get some sleep!" Shura waved back as she dragged me off along with her to the Great Cell. The opened a door and shoved me in, following behind me. The room was fairly large for an interrogation room, but also very bare. As in nothing was in the room. Shura looked at me and smirked as I clutched the sword. "You sure went down easy on the way here."

"Did you know my old mand and Yukio?"

"You could say that. I was a disciple of Shiro Fujimoto's."

"Wait wait wait wait... A disciple?" A picture of Shura and the old man popped into my head of Shura wearing a nun uniform and hat. "You mean, like a nun?"

"Actually, I've never once prayed to God in my life." She smiled and looked down. "But it's because I've lived in some pretty lousy places. But back when I was living just for the sake of surviving another day, there was a man who rescued me... That man was Shiro Fujimoto. But that was long before you two were born..." Shura clutched her chest and fell to the ground in a sudden motion, gasping for air.

"Shura! Are you okay?" I slowly approached her and reached my hand out to place on her shoulder. Before I could react, Shura had grabbed my bag and ran behind me, laughing.

"Moron! Falling for the oldest con in the book! Do you really want to keep giving this thing to other people?" She smirked as she held it across her shoulders.

"Like hell I do!" I felt the flames cover my body as I ran towards Shura, lunging at her and reaching for the sword. She took a jump back as she looked at me in confusion. Was she not expecting me to burst into flames? I have the tendency to do this.

"Devour the eight princesses..." Shura placed her hand to her chest and a purple flow appeared where the tattoo was. "Sever the serpent." She pulled a sword out just like when she had done it for Amaimon at the park. Except this time, the blade was pointed at me.

"Why would my old man's disciple point a sword at me?"

"The day Shiro died, I received secret orders from the Vatican Headquarters in my capacity as an upper-level Inspector. Suspecting Shiro Fujimoto and Japan Branch Preceptor Mephisto Pheles were conspiring ever since the "Blue Night" Sixteen years ago, possibly shielding a Satan-related entity, I was sent here to investigate. Along with this, I had the go ahead that if I found anything Satan-related I was to eliminate it immediately."

"Eliminate..?" I looked at Shura as she held the sword vertically in front of her face.

"I just saw your blue flames with my own eyes. Proof that you are indeed the offspring of Satan himself. And as ordered, I am going to kill you. In other words, the disciple will clean up her mentor's mess."

"K-kill me? Wait!"

"Kirigakure-style Demon Sword Technique... Serpent Fang!" Shura swung her sword in my direction and literal blades of wind came flying at me. I dodged out of the way, hearing the walls of concrete slice away behind me. Not only was she different than Amaimon, but she was on a whole different level of power. And she was used to dealing with demons! Lost in my train of thought, I msised one of the blades as it flew into me, knocking me into the wall. Shura walked up towards me and looked down as I lay on the ground. I looked up at her, glaring. "Pathetic. Even if I trained her, this good-for-nothing couldn't put a scratch on Satan."

I forced myself to sit up against the wall. "Excuse me?"

"You were senile, Shiro." Shura pointed the sword at my neck. "Yo give up the battle and cling to an impossible hope..."

"You're wrong! My dad died protecting me! He was in no way a coward!"

"Oh yes, he was a coward."

"You know nothing about it, so don't just make up shit like that!" Images flashed through my mind... The look on his face when I told him to stop trying, when he stabbed himself in the chest, and the blood running down from his eyes... I bared my teeth and snapped my fingers, lighting my body on fire once again. "So what if you were his disciple or whatever, I don't care who you are..." I slowly stood up, keeping my eyes glued onto her. "You cannot diss my family and get away with it!" I lunged for her neck, missing but managing to grab a hold of the bag strap. Shura flung me off using her sword and sent me flying to the wall. I quickly stood up and ran for her again, jumping out of the way of her sword as she sliced the air around me. We continued on for a few minutes, repeating our exact same movements as before. I tried to trick her out of it, but as soon as I made an unexpected move, I miscalculated and she winde blades slammed into me, sending me onto the ground as I collapsed onto the floor.

Shura stood about 10 feet away, watching me. "What's the matter? I thought you said I wouldn't get away with it. If you aren't coming, then I'll go. Kirigakure-Demon Sword Technique. Rattle!" I felt a strong breeze blow past me as my flame went out. As I opened my eyes I saw Shura lunging at me, the tip of her sword in my chest before I could react. I let out a scream of pain as it went through my back, piercing me. Tears were streaming down my face as I tried to keep a straight voice, but it was as shaky as ever.

"I refuse to die in a place like this." I grabbed the sword and gripped it tightly. "I promised him, right in front of his grave! That I would become a great exorcist, and beat the shit out of Satan!" Blood was starting to trickle down my hand but I couldn't feel it through the numbness.

"Beat the shit out of Satan, huh?"

"I'm gonna become the most powerful exorcist - a Paladin! If I become a Paladin, then that will convince everyone.. That my dad was right all along!"

"A Paladin? Don't make me laugh!" Suddenly Shura's face went pale and she began to laugh. She ripped the sword from my chest and I fell back to the ground, clutching where she had gone through. She continued to laugh as I looked up at her through my bangs. "You were right.. She's amusing.. This kid. No, actually, maybe the ridiculous one is me." Shura snapped her fingers and the door to the room opened up. "Hey, kid. Did you love Shiro?"

"What? I.. It's not like that!" I looked down and away from Shura.

"...a daughter."

"What?" I looked up at her, confused.

"Oh nothing." Shura smiled and pulled me up to my feet, dragging me by the hand out of the room. "Yukio, go treat your sister!" Shura pushed me towards Yukio and smirked at me. "Very amusing indeed.."

"Ouch! That stings!" I sat in the infirmary shirtless wearing only my bra. Yukio had been gently placing disinfectant onto my wounds from both battles before wraping a bandage around my chest, upper torso, and across my shoulder where Shura had stabbed me.

"So what exactly happened in there?"

"Not a whole lot really..."

"Yo!" The door opened and Shura stepped in. "Here ya go!" She threw a piece of wood in my direction. I reached my uninjured arm up and caught it, looking at it confused.

"What's this?"

"Are you that stupid? It's a wooden sword."

"What about mine?"

"I will be holding onto this for a while. If you have it, who knows when Amaimon would make not only it, but you his playtoy again? If you want it back, get stronger. Take it back by defeating me. And prove to me that Shiro was right all along."

I sat on the dorm rooftop, looking over the town. It was only two in the morning but I couldn't help but have other things on my mind. I felt a soft pounce on my back and I looked over my shoulder to see Kuro, looking at me with curiosity.

'What are you doing up so early, Rin?'

"I just couldn't sleep, that's all..."

'What's wrong?'

"Nothing really, just thinking about my dad..." I smiled softly. I was starting to wish I could have called him dad more often to his face.

'You mean Shiro?'

I nodded and smiled. "I was such a brat towards him when I was a child. I was a brat towards everyone. There was this one time in day care, a kid had called me a demon and a monster. I hit him, I hit him so hard. He was sent to the hospital. I threw a fit and nearly tore apart the daycare. But they called Dad and he came. I told him it was the boys fault but he told me it was my fault for hitting him. I continued to throw things at him as the daycare workers called me a monster, asking how he could raise such a being. All Dad did was hug me. I still remember it. I punched him hard enough that his glasses fell off and shattered behind me. It was scary really, I thought I had hurt him seriously. But he laughed it off before telling me 'Rin.. If you don't change your ways, you're going to find yourself all alone. That power of yours, use it for some else... use it to be gentle to them. I want you to be surrounded by friends one day, be the beautiful young girl that all guys fall for, although if they lay a finger on you they will have to deal with me.'" I smiled softly as a tear rolled down my cheek before I continued on. " I didn't think I could ever do that, but he kept talking to me. 'Struggle!', he told me, 'If you keep on struggling to show other people kindness, then before you know it, you'll have become that person.' After that he nearly passed out and they had to call an ambulance.. But even then he made a pervy old joke about getting to go see the nurses with huge breasts. I wanted to be cool, just like my dad..." I promised I'd prove them all wrong.. for you, Dad. "Say, Kuro? How about we play a little?" I smiled as I stood up and held the sword out in front of me.

'Let's play! Let's play!' Kuro jumped off my back and transformed into the larger version of himself, ready to play with me.

"Alright, then!" I smiled and laughed as Kuro and I jumped off the roof, ready to play fight with one of the beings that cared just about as much as I did about my father.

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