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Chapter one: "Why is it always me?"

Neal raised his eyes skeptically, "And this'll work?"

"Yes…" Aurora replied hesitantly.

"Are you sure?"

It was Mulan who answered him this time, after a small furtive glance in Phillips direction. "…No"

Neal sighed, and turned away from the threesome. He rubbed his tired face, trying to sooth the small headache he had acquired through the day's stress. They had finally found a way. A way to get him to Neverland. To his son.

Mere day's after his return to the Enchanted Forest he had been awoken by a woman's screams. Aurora, trapped within a nightmare had woken their entire campsite. The 3 of them swarmed around her, but it was him that she had immediately sought out after being shaken awake. She had spoken 3 words. Just 3 words which had made his already aching heart pound painfully in his chest. "Henry's in Neverland."

Every moment since then, every single moment, Neal only had one goal in mind: finding his son. He knew the horrors of that island personally, and there was no way Neal would allow Henry to be stuck there as long as he was. Who knew what the crazy islanders would do to him when night fell.

The only problem was how to get there. His newfound friends had been more than willing to help him find his family, and now he had to put his trust in them. If Mulan and Aurora said they had found a way to get him to his son, he would have to listen to them. Neal might have been through many portals in his time, but these ladies were resourceful. Along with Emma and her mother they had found a way to Storybrooke. More recently they had found a way to bridge the gap between 2 worlds and retrieve Phillips lost soul.

There was no doubting that he was nervous though. This portal might rip him apart. Send him somewhere far worse than Neverland. Or worst of all, find a way to manipulate his family's life more than it already was.

However, if he thought about it logically… what did he really have to lose? His son had already been kidnapped, the love of his life most likely thought he was dead… this was his best chance. Not only to save his son, but to escape all the torturous what-if's he would concoct if he stayed in the Enchanted Forest, bored and virtually alone. It was so crazy it just might work.

Nodding to himself slightly, he turned. Making eye contact with Phillip before looking over at the girls, he felt his stomach clench in anticipation.

"Alright… Just do it. It's our best chance."

Mulan nodded back at him and they all took a step away from her, preparing for the worst.

Emma was hot and sweaty and ready to kill whoever had suggested this plan of action.

They had arrived in Neverland after a long oceanic journey through the land Henry had been taken to. After hiding the Jolly Rodger from prying eyes with one of Gold's handy spells, someone had suggested they scope out the island, and look for clues that would lead them to Henry. And they had. But now that they knew where all the children were being held hostage, they needed to find a place to set up camp that provided a good view of the situation. And that same annoying someone had suggested the top of a freaking mountain.

She was a fit person, especially recently with all the running around she had been doing, but her father and Hook had to help Gold, with his messed up leg, climb the rather large mountain. Therefore, Emma had been lumped with their massive bag of supplies whilst Regina and her mother walked up ahead, scot free, scouting for a good vantage point.

"Here will do," Emma vaguely heard as she entered a small clearing near the top of the killer mountain. "We can kind of see their camp from here, and with some binoculars or something we will be able to watch what happens down there all day." Mary Margaret explained as Emma dropped the bag heavily to the ground, and her father lowered Mr. Gold onto a small boulder.

As Emma collapsed on the grass, and momentarily closed her eyes, Hook approached her. "I see you've had a good work out Swan, I'm sure I can think of a more pleasurable one, let me know if you ever want to give it a go." He drawled as he bent down to unzip the bag.

"In your dreams" Emma murmured in reply as she glared at him through her lashes.

"Every night" was his cocky retort as he yanked something from the depths of the bag. Emma rolled her eyes before noticing what he had pulled out.

"A 3 liter container of water? What the hell Hook!" she exclaimed, finally standing up. "You made me carry all that water up a freaking mountain although he-" Emma cried with a frustrated flourish in Mr. Gold's direction, "is more than proficient at making things appear out of nowhere… such as … I don't know… WATER!"

"He's not the only one." Regina added, with a pointed look in her direction. Emma's shouts had attracted the attention of her family, and her mother was looking at her with something akin to concern or pity hovering in her gaze.

Emma, suddenly feeling claustrophobic, took a deep breath and broke eye contact with her mother whilst taking a step away from the group. "How about I go collect fire wood" she mumbled, not waiting for a reply before she turned and walked off into the forest.

She put a good distance between her and her strange travel group before picking a fallen log to sit on. Emma watched through the trees as the setting sun sunk closer to the horizon, letting the rays illuminate the beautiful island landscape. She was exhausted. Both mentally and emotionally. Her whole life, she had been moving from place to place, never really stopping to take stock of her life. Therefore, the fact that she hadn't had a moment of peace since the curse broke didn't bother her that much. It was slightly annoying, but it didn't bother her. What bothered her was that she now had people to care for, which also loosely translated to 'people that it would hurt to loose'.

First Neal had been shot, and then he had fallen down a portal. It was too severe an injury for her to have any hope he survived. Then Henry had disappeared. Emma would never forgive Tamara or Greg for kidnapping her son. If she found them they had better hope to god that there was someone willing to hold her back, because she would most certainly kill for her son. For what they did to him. For what they did to her family. To her.

Emma closed her eyes as the sun finally dipped beneath the horizon, and let a tear roll down her cheek. Why did this always happen to her? Something good would happen, then that happiness would be taken away. She was born, and then separated from her parents. She had a family who then had a kid of their own and didn't want her anymore. She found a nice, non-abusive foster home then the parents or some foster sibling would go off their meds and do something crazy or the family would have to let her go. Then Neal happened… then Henry. After that she didn't really have any happiness until Mary Margaret, who almost got sent to jail. And now, here she was. Having lost Neal and Henry once more. crying. All alone. In the middle of the forest in Neverland.

The feeling of desperation was both, nothing new, yet unbearably painful at the same time. No wonder she had snapped at Hook.

As the distant noise of abandoned, crying children filled the air, Emma wondered momentarily if Henry was out there somewhere crying as well. She felt much closer to him now that they were in the same land, but also… unsettled by the familiar sound of children separated from their parents.

As the first stars in the night sky begun to twinkle, Emma heard someone approaching. Dropping to the ground, Emma pat around in the darkness for anything that might protect her. She grabbed a long pointy branch from the dirt then stood up and raised it like a sword in front of her.

Her efforts were unnecessary though, as when the person pushed through the branches and foliage near her fallen log it was only David. He took one look at her, with her stick pointed out towards him, dirt on her hands and knees, tear tracks covering her face, and paused.

"Emma? Are you alright?" he asked in a slow, yet worried tone.

She coughed quietly and rubbed her face with her free hand to destroy the evidence of her tears. The mud on her hands only made her look worse though, as it stuck slightly to her damp face. "yep… I'm fine, just collecting firewood." Emma replied in what she hoped was a light tone, as she brandished the stick she was holding to indicate she was fulfilling her task.

David didn't say anything. He just grabbed the stick from where it was still positioned as a sword in front of Emma and dropped it on the ground before walking towards her and enveloping her in a hug.

They said nothing as he stroked her hair and she snuggled into his warm arms. Nor whilst they collected wood for a fire. They were on their way back to the clearing, when they saw green flashing lights and loud banging noises penetrate the silent night halfway down the mountain.

Emma briefly looked at David, who seemed confused. "What was that?" he asked Emma as they watched the trees sway dangerously down below.

Looking out into the darkness, Emma thought back to the last time she had seen anything like it and shivered. "Let's get back to the campsite. I'm sure they'll know."

David nodded. "Yes they're the ones with Magical knowledge besides your Mom is probably freaking out right now."

Emma winced slightly yet increased her pace, leaving David to keep up with her.

If she was right, and she had no idea if she was, then someone had used a portal in the area. It was the only thing that made sense. The green light, loud noise and the uncharacteristic wind. She knew it well.

As they broke through into the clearing, Emma found it much emptier than when she left it. As she and David dropped the wood that they had collected they looked around the almost empty campsite. Not seeing who they wanted.

"Mary Margaret's gone to check on that disturbance." Gold's voice floated to them from where he sat perched atop a large rock. "She and the other's went to see what had happened, she was worried you two were caught up in it. What took you so long anyway?"

David looked at Emma as he processed what Gold said. "uhh… never mind… what was it anyway?" he eventually replied, before grabbing some matches from Mary Margaret's backpack, and starting up a fire.

Gold had no idea what the noise and lights were, and if he did, didn't say anything. Emma found a spot on the grass near her father and watched as he created warm glowing flames. Just as he placed the last of their twigs over the built up flames, the three of them heard footsteps returning up the mountain.

Emma looked at David, confused. She could definitely hear more than 3 pairs of feet climbing up the final steep hill towards them. Despite the fact that they could distinctly hear Mary Margaret's voice chatting away, she was nervous. Who was she leading towards them? What was going on?

Hook and Regina broke through into the clearing first, looking a strange mixture of shocked, bored and relieved. Emma stood as Mary Margaret came into view next, however she didn't seem to notice Emma as she was too caught up in chatting with whoever was behind her.

But as those people entered the clearing behind her mother, Emma understood. It was safe to say she was shocked to see Mulan and Aurora again, in Neverland nonetheless. As a stranger entered behind her friends Emma began walking towards them, oddly happy to see her old travel companions.

But then.

"Emma look!" Mary Margaret called out to her loudly across the clearing with a large smile on her face. And pointing not at Mulan, Aurora or the man accompanying them, but to someone in the shadows, someone just coming up over the ridge and into the campsite.

Emma couldn't believe her eyes at first, not until Gold beside her pushed himself up from his rock and asked in a strangled tone, "Bae?"

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