The Heart of the Right and Wrong.


Egypt is a beautiful place, although they all see it as a bloody city, the landscape is perfect and for a city that everyone knows because of the pyramids and the ancient stuff, the city is quite updated, I have lived in Cairo for my entire life ...

That if I'm a stinky old man? No! no at all! I have eternal youth as having 26, I have red eyes and my thirst is not water at all, but rather accurate blood ... what you think, I'm a vampire, a different one, one that does not equals fiction books about us ... I have a very low blood diet compared to other vampires, while they kill five human to satisfy their daily thirst, I'm satisfied with the blood of one human and I can live up with that for two days and a half, I have a lot of self-control and I feel that humans do not deserve to die so many because of the uncontrolled need of vampires for blood.

You'll never be able to gaze me choosing a random victim, I am very selective with my prey, I try to look for non-required human, senseless people, bad human beings ... thieves, indigents, drug addicts, people who does nothing for the sake of their existence or does bad things for it, you'll never see me attacking a man with family at home or a single mom ... I may be a vampire, but I do have feelings.

I do not live alone, I am part of a group of vampires called "covens" I belong to the Egyptian coven, along with Amun, the man who created me, Kebi, the companion and if I'm not mistaken the wife of Amun and Tia, my companion and true love for all eternity, I changed her into a vampire because I couldn't imagine my life without her, even more so if being immortal.

Anything else I should tell you about me is that in addition to my basic vampire skills ... I have a secret power, a gift… what keeps you warmed at night, I control it, what you drink in order to satisfy your body, I control it, there where you plant and harvest, I control it, what you breathe to live, I also control that. Yes, water, air, fire and earth, I direct them ... all of them, since I was born, with this gift is that I had plenty to feed on back when I was human, but that's part of another history that I may tell later

now I'm going to focus on the problems that have occurred in my coven, Amun is not my biological father, I cannot remember the man who gave his genes to create me, Amun changed me because he is highly interested in my gift of elemental control to somehow seek vengeance, however, I'm not planning to let anyone use me as a weapon, with more reason if it is to hurt people... despite the intense attempt of Kebi to attract attention from Amun, she does not make it at all and rathers thinking he can control me that pay attention to his wife and I was really done with that, I've told Tia all the possibilities, Kebi… I really don't know if she hates me, but I think she does so because of her attention fault, who could blame her?

so I feel that the best thing I could do is leave the coven, but I still thinking matters on that ... by the way, my name is Benjamin, is pronounced with y and not with j, I hopefully think you'll like to be with me and not against me, by my side I will be sweeter as the land ... I cannot say the same if you have me against you.

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