My first fanfiction EVER!.. but warning! Yaoi..
A Takano x Onodera Fanfiction + a fan-made additional character name Souichi Saga, Takano's step-brother... (well, I love to see the ukes in pain :] )
Hope you'll like it .

Chapter 1

It was another day at the Emerald department. The so-called "cycle" was at its end. Everyone went on their way home to rest and recharge for the next day.

Ritsu was on his way to the library before going home. The entrance was under construction so he had to go to the other side. He sees the old library room, which is now the library's storage - the place where Ritsu and his senpai usually hanged out before. He remembers those days where they talked about useless stuff, nonsense and random books.

The library was closed unfortunately. He decided to go home. He again passed through the library's storage and a faint memory crossed his mind. Taka… Someone who looked like Takano was smirking.

Ritsu rushed home after getting off the elevator, not noticing Takano at the other door. He didn't bother to change his clothes nor eat dinner, he went straight to bed. Seeing the visions of a man he was afraid of made him tremble. He tightly held onto his pillow and shivered under his blanket until he fell asleep, leaving his door open and some files left scattered at the entrance.

While Takano was changing clothes, he remembered something to mention to Onodera. It was about work. He went his way to his neighbor's apartment and saw the important stuff scattered, and also the door unlocked.

He was mad, of course, for being too careless of everything. Walking his way in the messy place, he hears heavy panting of his kouhai, "..p..please… stop..".

It was ten years ago when Ritsu was cornered by a man named Saga Souichi, the step-brother of the first guy he loved.

Probably out of envy of his step-brother, he made Ritsu his prey. Luring him out with a letter from "Saga Masamune", the innocent guy immediately ran to the closed library room with excitement.

To his mistake, it was a trap.

"Uhmm… excuse me. Is Saga-sempai here?"

"I am Saga."

"..I…I mean..Saga Ma…"

Souichi shut him off by forcing his hand on Ritsu's mouth and pushed him to the wall. His evil intentions showed up on his face.

Ritsu had no idea what was happening. All he knew was the fact that he's in danger. He tries to escape but his hands were already tied up. He couldn't blink in panic. This man could devour him in any minute.

A violent kiss was forced on him. Not that he gave in, but he was helpless and could do nothing. He couldn't even think straight anymore… nor think of kicking the guy in front of him on his balls.

He was drugged… probably through the kiss. His feet could no longer bear the weight of his body, his knees were far too weak, his hands were strengthless to break free of the bondage.

Tears were falling down his cheeks as he felt his flesh being exposed. His shirt was ripped and his pants were pulled down. All of him was already feeling numb but strange.

"So, did my brother fondled this?", Souchi whispered as he was biting and sucking on Ritsu's nipple. The violated guy could only groan in fear, pain and pleasure at the same time.

After teasing every other sensitive part of Ritsu, he went his way to bite the skin connecting the nape and the neck of the helpless guy. He sucked it hard until it left a big dark red mark.

And with no preparation or whatsoever, he went straight to penetrate both Ritsu's member and inserted his huge length in him, thrusting in and out, even if his partner was already bleeding and crying in pain. All that Ritsu could do is clench his fist and bite his lip until it also bled.

Takano rushes to his kouhai and sees him sweating and trembling a lot. It didn't seem like he was in pain, he IS in pain. Takano shook the shoulder and patted the cheek of the young man to wake him up.

All the more he breathed heavily but he was about to come to his senses as Takano held him in his arms. The body warmth calmed him down abit but his nightmare still made him feel sick and dizzy.

Ritsu opened his eyes and saw Souichi in his vision, causing him to push himself away from the guy embracing him. Not too soon, the man he thought he was afraid of was actually his real senpai.

"..ah!. .. i-I'm truly …s-sorry.. I didn't.. I didn't mean to… I just…"

"Don't worry.", instead of giving him a helpful of lecture and feel remorse, he gave him a sign to be relieved. "Do you need any…"

"..please…get out…"


"Get out! Please!"

"Oi, Onodera, what's the bi…"



"..Leave me alone!"

Takano had more important things to do. Of course, Ritsu would be his priority but his situation could be worse if he stayed with him. He left Ritsu's apartment but reminded himself to check on him if anything happens.

Ritsu on the other hand just took a cold shower to forget those memories and to calm him down, atleast he thought. He had an hour of shower and slept on the sofa instead without drying his hair.