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Chapter 6

After getting his other documents, Takano went straight to the doorway where Ritsu was waiting. Ritsu was rubbing his hands together to keep himself warm and exhaled deeply. It was almost Christmas, almost Christmas Eve, almost Takano's birthday.

Takano put his scarf on Ritsu, to keep the young man warmer. Ritsu lifted the scarf to his face to cover his flushed cheeks. All the more he was startled when his boss held his hand and started walking.

During their 5-minute trip home in the train, Ritsu let go of his hand and removed one mitten.

"Ah. Sorry, I forgot this was a public train." Takano no longer had to push himself to Ritsu because of everything that happened. He sighed and closed his eyes for a second.

Until he felt Ritsu's lukewarm palm over his hand. "It's… okay now… I don't mind."

Hand in hand, with their fingers crossed together, they went into the building and into Takano's apartment without a word.

Ritsu tried to break the awkward silence at that moment.

"Uh… T-Takano-san… I … about last time… that time when I… I told you that… I … I love you… it was… real! And… uhh… until now…"

Takano couldn't help but give him a sweet light kiss.

"Are you sure?"

Ritsu nodded but looked away out of embarrassment.

"Once you're mine, you're mine. It'll no longer change."

Ritsu just nodded again. His eyes widened as Takano touched his cheek and looked at him.

"I love you. I want to touch you. I want to lock you away from everyone."

"…yes, I know…" Ritsu whispered as he placed his arms on Takano's shoulders and his hands folded together.

Takano kissed Ritsu deeply as he carried him to the bed.

"I won't be able to stop this time." Takano said as he loosened and removed his neatly done necktie.

"You never did."

They exchanged sweet kisses as minutes passed by. Takano held Ritsu's hand while he ruffled Ritsu's hair with his other hand.

He started his next move by nibbling the ear of the guy under him while unbuttoning Ritsu's clothes.

"..Nnh…. a..a-ah!.." Ritsu shut his eyes tightly as he moaned. His ears were flushed as Takano nibbled on them.

Ritsu's chest and abdomen were already exposed without him noticing it.

Takano continued on licking Ritsu's collarbone up to his neck, seeing the previous kiss mark that Souchi left on him. He bit it, and sucked on it hard until it looked like a permanent bruise.

"I…Iya… Takano-san!.." Ritsu moaned out as he felt his slick neck getting wet.

"Ritsu.. unbutton my shirt for me?"

Ritsu opened his eyes slightly to unclothe the man on top of him. He was definitely nervous as his one hand unbuttons Takano's shirt.


Takano went abit harsh. He licked, sucked and bit one of Ritsu's nipple while his other hand toyed with the other one. It was slightly painful, but pleasurable.

He can feel his precum in his boxers, his member getting hard and bulging in his pants.

"I haven't even touched that part yet, Ritsu. Aren't you quite impatient today?" Takano teasingly said as his fingers glided down from Ritsu's chest to his abdomen and touched the erected part beneath the jeans.

It got harder and so did Takano's.

"Can you remove your own pants, Ritsu?" Takano said as he unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zipper and removed his boxers along with his pants, also revealing his erected hard length.

Ritsu, while looking away, removed his clothing on his lower body, waiting for Takano to do his thing.

Takano bent down to suck Ritsu's, up and down, his tongue teasing the tip of it while he slowly inserted two fingers in Ritsu's ass.

"I… Iya! Takano-san! I'm… I'm about to…nnh… AH!"

The guy underneath Takano gripped the bed sheets at his sides as he came in his boss' mouth. His feet and toes almost stretching and twitching because of the impulse.

"Ah! T-Takano-san… I'm sorry! I… uwah…"

Takano, with Ritsu's release dripping from his lips, licked Ritsu's bottom as lubrication, adding another finger to stimulate Ritsu's ass.

The impatient man inserted his cock in Ritsu's hole slowly, trying not to hurt him.

"You're twitching a lot."


"Ritsu, don't tighten up."

"…huf… but… this…ah! … I can't… a-ah…hah…hah…"

"Hold on to me.."

Ritsu put his arms around Takano as he was being motioned around by the guy on top of him. Takano thrusted deeper and deeper hitting Ritsu's spot at the same time.

"T…Takano… ah!... I'm gonna… again… I…"

"It's okay. I'm almost… at my limit too."

"Nhh….aaah!" Ritsu arched his back as he came and as he felt Takano's hot liquid oozing inside him, dripping out as Takano pulled himself out.

It was almost one in the morning. They could've gone for another round but he knew Ritsu's limits. The huffing sounds were quite heavy.



"Let's… sleep… uh… together?"

"You didn't have to ask." Takano smiled as he positioned himself beside Ritsu and kissed his lover. He put his pillow in place and laid down closely to the exhausted guy.

Just before Ritsu entered his slumber, Takano kissed him again and said, "I love you, Ritsu."

And to Takano's surprise, Ritsu smiled and replied, "Un… me, too. I love you, too, Takano-san."

Takano covered themselves under a blanket, kissing Ritsu's forehead and embracing Ritsu as they fell asleep.