The world of the living is a well known place to us, though dreary and bland it may seem, it can hold amazing instances. This is the story of one of these strange times, a tale of life, death, and marriage. This is the story of how not even death can hold love apart and how things do not always turn out how we plan.

Oliver Kirkland, a well known baker in his town, stepped out on to his porch in his finest clothes. "It's a beautiful day!" He chimed, fixing his tie. His husband, Frankie Bonnefoy, stepped out behind him, smoking a cigarette.

"It's an okay day," He added blandly. The pink-haired man next to him smiled.

"It's a glorious day for a wedding!" He sighed happily.

"A wedding rehearsal." Frankie reminded him. Oliver waved his hand in dismissal.

"No matter. Our son is getting married soon! As long as nothing unexpected happens, he shall be married, and we will be part of the upper class!" Oliver sing-songed.

"Yes, we'll be able to forget everything we've ever been, and will be seen rubbing elbows with the finest. I do believe this why you agreed to marrying Matt off?" Frankie again dead-panned. Oliver laughed and nodded, stepping into their carriage to go to the Braginski's household.


Natalia Braginski watched the Kirkland-Bonnefoy adults from her window. She watched Frank Bonnefoy pull their long-haired son into the carriage against his will. "It's a terrible day for a wedding," She sighed. The tall brunette man next to her nodded.

"How could we have come to this? Marrying our sister off to commoners?" Sergei scoffed at the prospect, yet it was still the happening.

"It couldn't be worse," Natalia said with a slightly disgusted tone.

"I'm afraid I disagree," Sergei replied, walking over to a safe. "We could be marrying her into a poor family without a cent to their name, much like us." He opened the safe to reveal nothing but dust and spider webs.

"Oh my. . ." Natalia groaned. "Everything must go according to plan, so we may be saved from the poor house. But who would have imagined in a million years we would have sunk this low?" She sighed and turned to go to their sister's room, Sergei right behind her.


Katyusha gasped as her corset was tightened once more. "Nadezda, what if Matt and I don't. . . Like each other?" She asked her nurse maid. Nadezda opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off by Sergei at the door.

"Ha! Like that has anything to do with marriage!" He laughed gruffly, with hints of bitterness in his voice. Katyusha turned her head away, frowning. That couldn't be right. . . Katyusha bit her lip and turned back to her siblings.

"I'm very sorry Sergei, Natalia." She apologized, allowing her head to drop. The addressed persons nodded stiffly and Sergei turned to walk out.

"Get those corsets laced properly now, I can hear you talking without gasping," Natalia added before following Sergei out. Katyusha muffled a groan as the corsets were tightened once more around her large bust.


Matt let out a noise of displeasure as Oliver adjusted his clothing. "Mom, let it be," He commanded. Oliver lightly smacked his arm and tightened his tie.

"Be proper, Matthew. You're meeting with high class people," Oliver admonished. "You've got to look nice!" Oliver tugged Matt's sleeves to the proper length and smoothed his jacket, ignoring Matt shoving his hands away.

Frankie tapped on Oliver's shoulder to get his attention, gesturing to the now open door. In the doorway stood a butler. He motioned them inside to a grand, but dark, entry room. Oliver smiled and walked inside, nodding at the butler, with Frankie and Matt following behind him.

As if out of nowhere, Natalia and Sergei appeared on the stairs leading into the room. They stared with hard eyes at Frankie and Oliver, before Natalia finally spoke, brushing a stray strand of light blonde hair behind her ear.

"Shall we go to the parlor for tea, Mr. Kirkland and Mr. Bonnefoy?" She asked in a stern tone. Oliver and Frankie quickly agreed, Oliver trying to chit chat with Natalia, while Frankie stayed silent, simply smoking his cigarette.

Matt sighed after they left. He didn't want to get married to some hard-faced noble related to Natalia Braginski. In fact, he didn't want to get married at all. He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. It was then he noticed a piano in the corner of the room. He shrugged and walked over to it, hands gliding slightly over the keys before he sat down and began to play. He'd never been professionally trained, but a neighbor by the name of Roderich had taught him one song. His fingers glided over the ivory keys. He did not notice the girl standing at the top of the stair case listening to him play.

Katyusha was attracted to the entry room by the sound of the old piano playing. Standing on the stair case, she could see the man she was supposed to marry. He was quite handsome, with wavy golden hair pulled back into a ponytail, save for one stubborn curl bouncing in front of his face, and a well sculpted face. His eyes were a shade of rust, not quite red but not quite brown. He was quite good-looking, but he was still not him. She walked down the stairs quietly, holding her dress with one hand. As Katyusha approached Matt, he finally looked up and saw the short-haired platinum blonde.

"Hey! What are you doing there!?" He yelped slightly, slamming down on the keys on accident. Idiot. It's her house, Matt. He thought, inwardly smacking himself. Katyusha just waved her hands about.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to interrupt!" She apologized, frantically flailing her arms and making her breasts jiggle madly. Matt shook his head and sighed for the umpteenth time that day.

"Agh, whatever. I take it your Katyusha?" He asked, trying to appear polite. Katyusha nodded, bringing her arms back to her sides.

"You can call me Katy though. Or Kat. Everyone does. Except my siblings," She explained, smiling slightly. Matt nodded.

"My name is Matthew James Williams. I try to go by James, but everyone just calls me Matt," He responded. His eye seemed to twitch a bit when he mentioned no one calling him James despite his wishes. Katyusha smiled and gave a small giggle before silence over took them.

. . .

. . .

The silence stayed until Natalia came back into the room. "Katyusha? What are you doing in here? The wedding rehearsal is soon! Come!"

~*3 Hours Later*~

The priest Lovino growled once more. "For the love of tomatoes, get it right!" He snapped at Matt. Matt suppressed the urge to hurl insults at the Italian man. He took a deep breath and started again.

"With this hand, I will lift your sorrows.

"Your cup will never be empty, for I will be your wine.

"With this candle-"

He reached out the candle to light it. It wasn't lighting. WHY WASN'T IT LIGHTING!? Matt released an angry hiss at the stupid candle. He tried to light it again. Still, it would not light.

"FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!" Matt yelled, practically snapping the candle in half. Katyusha reacted quickly, pulling his hand back and lighting his candle with her own. He gave her a whispered thank you.

"With this Candle, I will light your way through the wine-"

"IDIOTO!" Lovino yelled. "The vows are simple! Do you just not want to get married!?" He screeched and questioned. Matt glowered at the smaller brunette.

"Just try again," Katyusha offered quietly. Matt swallowed his anger and exhaled.

"With this hand, I will lift your darkness-"

"YOU DAMN IDIOT! IT'S 'WITH THIS HAND, I WILL LIFT YOUR SORROWS. YOUR CUP WILL NEVER BE EMPTY, FOR I WILL BE YOUR WINE. WITH THIS CANDLE, I WILL LIGHT YOUR WAY THROUGH THE DARKNESS.' IS THAT SO HARD!?" Lovino snapped. The priest put a hand to his forehead. "Did you even remember to bring the ring?" He asked in an exasperated tone.

Matt glared at Lovino. "Of course I did," He replied angrily. He took the ring out of his jacket, holding it between his thumb and index finger. Lovino sighed with relief.

And then, the ring popped out of his hand and rolled across the floor.

Of course. Because, why would anything want to go right for our dear Matt?

Matt slid across the floor after it, lit candle still in hand. He did not think twice of grabbing it even after it rolled under Natalia's dark blue skirts. Natalia's small shriek was unnoticed by him.

"Got it!" He proclaimed as he pulled away from Natalia.

"HER SKIRT IS ON FIRE!" Someone screamed. Immediately, everyone rushed to put it out. It was quite a panic, with everyone moving in a flurry. Cries of "Get a bucket!" and "Stamp it out!" fled around the room.

All was suddenly stilled when a glass of wine was poured over the flames, then tossed back. It landed flawlessly on a pillar, standing upright. Everyone's eyes in the room flitted to the man who the wine glass belonged. Before their eyes stood a mysterious man, with dark copper hair that had a peculiar curl going off to the right side. His striking violet eyes had a mischievous gleam to them, along with a hint of sharp cunning. He wore a fine brown suit, making him an official looking man.

"Who are you?" Sergei questioned, cocking a thin eyebrow. The mystery man gave a scoffing laugh.

"My name is Luciano Vargas, and I came for the wedding. It appears I am too early though. Pardon my mistake, I never have been good with dates," He explained, giving a slight bow. Matt wasn't sure why, but something in this new man's voice made him distrustful. "And it seems to me our groom is having trouble."

Instantly, all eyes were focused on Matt. Matt's own eyes flitting over everyone as he grew increasingly uncomfortable. His right eye began to twitch.

"I'M NOT DEALING WITH THIS CRAP RIGHT NOW!" Matt declared in an infuriated tone, running over to the door and kicking it down. He ran from the church, into the forest lying outside of it. No one reacted soon enough to stop him, and after he left, Katyusha turned to everyone and started apologizing profusely for Matt.

A/N: Hey there! It's me, Apple, again. Guess who came up with a new story? :D That's right, me! Well, this is Corpse Bride/Hetalia. It will be a multi-chapter fic. Just how many chapters? That's what I'm not so sure about. Whenever I reach the conclusion I suppose. Anyway, here's who's who:

Oliver Kirkland - 2p!England

Frankie Bonnefoy - 2p!France

Matt Williams - 2p!Canada

Natalia Braginski - 1p!Belarus (I know her last name isn't Braginski, but I made it that to tie them together. Matt is still Williams because if he has two dads, that = adopted, so I'm just guessing he kept his actual name.)

Sergei Braginski - 2p!Russia

Katyusha Braginski - 1p!Ukraine

Nadezda - 2p!Belarus (I just thought she would fit, okay?)

Lovino - Romano/South Italy

Luciano Vargas - 2p!North Italy

That's all. Have a nice day.