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Prologue: The Victor.

(Sorrel's POV)

4 left. The girls from 1 and 2, both aged 17, called Vikara and Melanie-Lee, the boy from 2 aged 18 and called Tobias and the girl from 11, aged 16 and called Coniine .

The moment my sister was reaped into the 67th games, I knew that I wouldn't see her again. I obviously hoped that I'd see her, but deep down, you always know the truth.

But when Coniine received a whopping 9 in training, I knew that she had two things... Skill and a chance. She ran into the cornucopia and grabbed a familiar weapon called a crossbow and shot down 4 tributes in the bloodbath.

She survived and it's merely 5 days later when there's 4 left. Now she's in the final and there's a big show down in their icy arena. The gamemakers lured the 4 of them in with a wall of ice and now there's polar bear type mutts.

The next thing we see is the mutt eating Vikara whole and Tobias shoots Melanie-Lee. But it's Coniine who shoots Tobias when he's not looking. She's taken up in a hovercraft and the screen goes off.

"She won!" Trills Mama in between floods of tears as Huck pats her back with a smirk on his face.

"Go sissy!" Trills little Thorn.

"MY SISTER IS A VICTOR!" Screeches Val as she runs out the cottage screaming.

"WE'RE GONNA BE SO FUCKING RICH! Oh, and well done Coniine," Grins William.

Yes, she'll be back with us in a few days... Thank god.

Next, about a day later, it was the victors interview. Coniine is dressed in a sleek long strapless dark black dress that has a cut bit up her right leg. Her gorgeous long frizzy black hair, like mine, was down in all it's glory with tiny black roses in it. Then she's in black stilettos and her caramel chocolate brown skin is scarred in various places, but I think the Capitol has attempted to cover that up... Then she's skinny. Like anorexic dying skinny. I mean, we're poor so we're all skinny; but not THAT skinny... I can't bear to remember what she went through in the games.

Her and Caesar talk some "small talk" and then it's time to watch the highlights of the games. First we see the bloodbath, then the best parts of the games. Coniine is in many of them though. How the careers hunted down tributes and mutts, how Coniine was so close to being dragged under icy water by a 6 metre black seal mutt, how Coniine never missed her target, how the tributes from 7 decided to hunt the careers, until they failed miserably and much more. After the highlights, Coniine has her victors crown places upon her head and then the screen goes off.

2 days later, the train comes into the district 11 station and out comes Coniine. Her face is motionless and vacant, she looks terrible. Even when we all hug her and talk to her and cry, she just stays motionless. She waves to our district, exactly the same as she was with us, her family.

We then are let into our new home in the victors village. We all run upstairs and grab a room, but save the best for Coniine. But all Coniine does is sip old tap water while she sits on the floor staring at the fire. I wanted to hug her and talk to her, but mother told me not to, with tears glistening in her eyes.

That night, I couldn't sleep in my glamorous bed. So I decided to go into Coniine's room. I don't bother to knock, I just push open the door. But to my greatest surprise, I see her sitting on the floor under her window sill.

Coniine sat there. Complete and utterly naked. Holding 2 things... A bottle of vodka which is half drunk and a knife. I then see her sunken low, lifeless eyes staring at her arm. Her arm... Long, thin crimson red bloody lines all up her right arm...

I ran over to her, I threw the bottle across the room and removed the knife from her hand. But that was when I saw her hair. The majority of her dark long hair is lying on the floor beside her and her hair still left on her head is cut short above her ears, all in horrid jagged lines.

I was only 13, but I knew I needed to do something. I grabbed a fluffy sky towel and pressed it hard against her cuts and I stuck my finger down her throat a little to make her puke up the vodka.

She looked at me, with damp eyes and gives me a very weak smile as she says. "Sorrel... What have they done to me..."

"I don't know Coniine... I don't know..." I sob.

"Can you do something for me?" She asks softly.

"Yeah, anything. What is it sis?"

"Find me someone. Someone who will... S-sleep with mmee... P-please,"

I can't say no. But I don't think it's right to say yes... I just nod and dash off. I know that I will find at least a few men who will take Coniine. I run out the house and walk over to the orchards. I look up at all the guys doing the night shift.

I look around for someone who I and Coniine know... Also someone poor, well to be fair, everyone in the district is poor.

"Pst! Fen!" I say upwards.

A confused dark face looks down at me. "Sorrel?! What the fuck are you doing here?!" He then jumps down from the tree and he's face to face with me. Well it's more like my face to his chest since he's so tall. He's so large and muscular for a 18 year old...

"Listen. You love Coniine don't you? As a friend, of course?"

"Yes," He breathes. "She's my best friend. Why?"

"Well... She's in really bad shape. And... She just asked me to get her someone. S-someone... Who will, have sex with her..."

He shakes his head pitifully. "Oh no... M-me?"

I nod. "Please Fen. Do it for her. We'll pay you..."

"No, no. I can't..." He hesitates.

"No, Fen. You NEED to do this for her. Please?"

"Hmmm... Fine,"

I sneak Fen in the house and I lead him to Coniine. When he sees her, he kneels down by her and starts sobbing.


"Fen. Stop it. Please will you?"

He swallows roughly before nodding. He then pushes his mouth hardly onto Coniine and then lifts her onto the bed. He starts feeling her and starts stroking her legs and down below. Something inside me tells me that he really loves her and he wants to do this, but then I don't believe myself. I know he really is doing this for her... He then removes his clothes and pounds into her.

That is the moment when I see my sister smile properly for the first time since the games.