This is a crack pairing i have been dying to do, most or all pairings in this story are crack so if you want something different than the usual you have found the right place for you.

I wanted to do this story and the idea in my head is awesome. Throwing this prologue out there to see if there is any interest. The pairings will be crack but fun however if no one is interested in seeing what happens when the races are threatened with extinction then I will abandon the story. If you like the idea and want more please review so I know there is interest=)


He stood on top of a pile of rubble studying the decimated landscape. Buildings that had once stood proudly over Karakura town were no more, all that was left was piles of concrete and brick to remember them by, and the smell of fire and dust filled his lungs as he took a deep breath in wondering why he had survived the tragedy. His brows knitted together as his sharp brown eyes scanned the terrain, it was a veritable wasteland, the trees were nonexistent and all that remained was burned twigs in piles, the earth was brown like it had been overcooked and in the distance he saw there was smoke. . .The last thing he remembered was passing out after fighting. His world had gone black and he had hit the ground and now he had woken up to this. He began to dig through the rubble, scared of what he would find and fearing the worst.




Unable to breathe

He gasped for air as he came to realizing he was pinned deep beneath something. His long, slender fingers grasped at whatever it was that was resting on his stomach not allowing his lungs to expand and with a might heave he thrust it up and off him only to be met by more resistance. He felt slightly better as oxygen seeped into his deprived body, stilling himself and simply breathing for a few moments he relaxed, he couldn't see anything other than a sliver of dusky light above him which he figured must be the way out. He couldn't sense anyone else around him, was he truly on his own? With a huff he slowly began to navigate his way upwards using his long legs and lanky body to slither through the debris, he felt cuts and blood on his body and a sharp pain on his left side as he felt warm sticky fluid seep down. Shit, he closed his eyes remembering his last battle with the psychotic shinigami. How had he survived? And more importantly what had he woken up to?